Christmas Thoughts For The Intellectual: Matter is Mist-ticle — Reality is Mystical!

Christmas Thoughts For The Intellectual: Matter is Mist-ticle — Reality is Mystical!
–Everything around you is made of tiny, empty energy balls (called atoms) spinning at the speed of light. Scientists say that the content of all the atoms in the universe is about the size of a walnut. Everything else is energy and empty space.
–The vastness and grandeur of the entire physical universe is a charade that could fit in a human hand. (Get a hold of that!)
–So what is real? Not the material world. Matter is mist-ticle! Reality is mystical.
–Thoughts, ideas, rationality, love, emotion, principles, proofs, meaning, concepts, justice, intellect, consciousness, insights, comprehension, and ideals contain no atoms, no mass, no mist-ticle material “reality”. All of those things are intangible — mystical. However, almost all humans accept and/or live like those things are real.
–One day the universe will dissolve like snow, But the mystical behind the material, remains! What is it?
–Atheists deny it. Agnostics doubt it. Buddhists and other pantheists believe that it is an impersonal force or intelligence. Hindus and other polytheists believe it is a symphony of intelligent, supernatural beings. Muslims, Jews, and other theists believe that it isn’t an “it” at all, but rather, is an intelligent, personal being who created the universe.
–Christians believe that this personal being has joyously revealed Himself by clocking Himself with atoms; becoming a human being; restoring our ability to know and relate to Him; conquering death; giving us the power to love, follow, and obey Him until our atomic earth-suits die; and preserving forever those who live for Him.
–That’s what Christ*mas is all about!

atom linesatom with cross

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Church interruptus — letting the Spirit interrupt us and disrupt our program during a church service.

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When Church is a Symphony — Glory Falls!

When church is a symphony–glory falls!
The Gospel of Jesus is a symphony!
One man can’t play a symphony,
No matter how smart or anointed he may be.
Fully communicating God’s Gospel symphony
Requires members of the body of Christ
Functioning in harmony together,
Each one hearing and obeying the living Jesus Christ.
One has a song, one has a testimony,
One has a prayer; we’re all God’s symphony!
(Read the sheet music @ 1 Corinthians 14:26.)

when you come together B

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Merry ChristNU? (The real meaning of Christmas.)

Merry ChristNU!  Christ wants to be born in U this Christ*mas!  (The New Testament calls Him “Emmanuel” which means “God with us.”

Some people leave Christ out of Christmas and spell it
I think I will leave mas out of Christmas and spell it
Is Christ living in U? (“Christ in you; the hope of glory.”)

So many people think and/or hope that the Christmas holiday will make their life better. The living, resurrected Jesus can and will make your life better if you let Him!

Christmas is the season for Christaholics to spread the intoxication of God’s “new wine”!

Christ formed in you

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Let the Spirit’s wind blow through ordinary people!

Perhaps churches should let the Spirit’s wind blow!


There is spiritual wind within you and when released it will blow your mind. Participatory church releases the inner wind of the Holy Spirit as everyday people

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Catherine Booth Quotes On Being Led By The Spirit And His Urgings

How do you know if you are right with God?  Paul of Tarsus put it this way:  “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”  Are you being led by the Spirit? Are you obeying the Spirit’s inner promptings, leadings, guidings, and urgings?

Here are several comments about being led by the Spirit from Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army:

“If people would only be obedient to the urgings of the Spirit, they would never lose those urgings.”

“Will you obey the urgings of the Spirit?  Will you give up your reasonings?  Will you give up your likes and dislikes, and obey?  If you will, then He will come to you more and more.”

“Those who are in fellowship with Jesus, those who are walking in the light, those who have the Holy Ghost; know how the Spirit is leading them.”

“God will hold you responsible for obedience to the teaching of His Spirit.”

“Those who have really been converted and have become backsliders in heart, frequently confess and bemoan their unfaithfulness to the monitions (warnings) of the Spirit.”

“Oh! see to it that you get awake and keep awake, and be willing to follow the Spirit’s teaching, in everything, at all costs and sacrifice.”

“Lord, if You will, revisit me with those urgings of Your Spirit which I used to have, I will obey.”

“Lord, speak for Yourself; powerfully work on the hearts of your people and awake them.”

“The leading, teaching, and urging of the Holy Ghost is the condition of effectual prayer.”

“God is raising up a people who know how to testify what God has done for them.” –Catherine Booth (co-founder of The Salvation Army).
*****Every Sunday at The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship Center in Nashville, TN, we live out that quotation. Rather than a 1-man sermon, ordinary people show and tell what God has done as prompted by the Spirit! It’s always amazing. Come see . .

catherine booth book

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Collaborative Church — Participatory Worship For The 21st Century!

Collaborative Church?

Collaborative church — a gathering of Christ-followers where everyday people collaborate with the living, resurrected Jesus Christ by sharing testimonies, prayer requests, gifts of the Spirit, encouraging words, Scriptures, songs, exhortations, etc., as prompted by the Holy Spirit; resulting in cooperative learning, spiritual growth, an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.Collaborative Church?

Collaborative church happens when Christ-followers gather together under the actual and direct leadership of the living Christ.  Collaborative church teaches trust. We learn to:
1) Trust the heart-promptings of the Holy Spirit;
2) Trust the Holy Spirit’s ability to personally lead and direct a meeting; and
3) Trust one another as we see ordinary people share and shine forth in God’s beauty.

If God can keep your heart beating without your help.
If He can keep you breathing without your following a breath-by-breath program.
–Then God can lead a church service without human help or programming!

Perhaps churches are called to be Jesus-centered (not pastor-centered) communities that empower & make disciples of all believers, not just a “select few”!

General André Cox, international leader of The Salvation Army) speaks out for Jesus-centered, collaborative church:
–“As Salvationists (soldiers of The Salvation Army), we are keenly aware that our places of Christian worship are not retreats from the world for a select few. Rather, they are bridgeheads of God’s Kingdom into the world – Jesus-centered, grace-filled communities serving others selflessly. Our churches are places in which Christ’s disciples can be resourced, empowered and enabled to fulfill the Great Commission – in word and in deed.” –General André Cox (speaking with Pope Frances at the Vatican in 2014.)

General & Pope

(The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville, Tennessee, 37207, practices collaborative church every Sunday morning at 10:45.  Check it out.)

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