got God’s glory? (Let the Spirit steer it!)

got God’s glory? (Let the Spirit steer it!)

With despair everywhere, we desperately need a perspective that peers past the pain that persistently pounds us and beholds the glory of God! But flesh and blood cannot reveal God’s glory to us. No man, no matter how big his church or how famous his ministry or how comforting his words, can reveal God’s glory. Only God’s Spirit can do that

All the plumbing in your house won’t give you a drink, if the water is cut off!  Nothing you can do, will satisfy your soul, if God’s glory (His living water) is cut off!

As the New Testament describes the glory that God put on Moses’ face after He had been in His presence, it says: “… will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious?” Perhaps it is time for “the ministry of the Spirit” — for the church to set aside Sunday morning programming and let the Spirit steer it.  Instead of presenting a pre-planned program, we could let a church meeting be programmed by God’s presence prompting people to participate.

Our experience of 6 1/2 years of unprogrammed, participatory church meetings at The Salvation Army Berry Street has proven that the Spirit can indeed steer it!  When a group of people gathers in Jesus’ name, listens to His Spirit, and says and does what He tells them, God’s presence fills the room and miraculous things begin to happen.

(You can see the Spirit steer it every Sunday morning at The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville, 37207, @ 10:45.)

God's glory

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Programmed by God’s Prompting Presence

Perhaps instead of presenting a pre-planned program, we could let a church meeting be programmed by God’s presence prompting people to participate.  That would help us learn to let Jesus live on our lips and in our lives.

All the plumbing in your house won’t give you a drink, if the water is cut off! (And all the human programming ever designed for a Sunday morning church service won’t change human lives without the convicting presence of the Holy Spirit!)  Nothing you (or other people) can do, will satisfy your soul, if God’s living water is cut off!

Pre-planned programming places our trust in human performance, rather than in God, Himself.  Therefore we need to AKSG — Always Keep Seeking God! — both as individuals and as  churches!

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Community, Spiritual Combat, & Brain Chemistry

Two things that can change your cranium (brain) chemistry:  1) Experiencing church as caring community (like a support group); and 2) Consistent combat against your spiritual enemies.

When the church gathers, the Holy Spirit wants to freely circulate among us like a whirlwind, rearranging things according to His plan.  However, we tend to prefer that He steps aside and lets us follow our own program.

Let’s open up our hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and allow His breeze to blow among us as we share songs, revelations, testimonies, teachings, Scriptures, & spiritual gifts with one another!

And let’s learn to close our hearts to our spiritual enemy.  Sometimes tormenting thoughts assail me and I must rebut them will all my might! However, with all the resistance I can muster and with the living Jesus Christ actively strengthening me in the fight, inner peace prevails!

Continually contemplating contrary circumstances will create confusion in your cranium’s chemistry and cause you countless discouragement.  (That’s why Paul of Tarsus taught: “Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise; think on these things.“)


With Christ, we can overcome!  Know Jesus, no fear!  No Jesus, know fear.



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Nashville Salvation Army Needs Bell Ringers for 2014!

Paid or volunteer Salvation Army Bell Ringers are needed in  Nashville, Tennessee for the Christmas season of 2014 between Thanksgiving & Christmas.  Paid workers will work an 8 hr. shift between the hours of 10:30 am. and 9:00 pm. in South Nashville, Green Hills, Donelson, or Hermitage.  (Full-time or part time.)

Pay is $7:50 per hour.  We need people with transportation who can be friendly and kind with the public.

To arrange an interview, contact me, Sgt. Steve  Simms, at or 615-405-4013.

Individual volunteers are also needed for 2 hr. or 4 hr. shifts.  We also need groups to take a location for an 8 hr. or 10 hr. shift.


(If you know anybody who would benefit from this announcement, please forward this to them.  Thanks so much for helping us spread the word.)


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A First Time Visitor Writes About The Salvation Army Berry Street

–A First Time Visitor Last Sunday Talks About His Berry St. Experience!–

“We were blessed to attend Berry Street Salvation Army. This is a church which operates totally at the Holy Spirits bidding. We experienced an overwhelming ministry of love which flowed not only from the pastor, Steve Simms, and his charming wife, Ernie, but from everyone who attends. Pastor Steve calls it ‘sermon free’ church because he doesn’t deliver a sermon, but talks about what the Spirit is doing in the lives of those attending and the church, then he turns the mike over to anyone else who wishes to share a testimony or prayer need, or a word from the Spirit. So, we must respectfully disagree about it being sermon free church, for we heard a number of inspiring sermons that morning. I once asked a traditional church pastor if he would like to have a church like the book of acts where everyone had opportunity and encouragement to participate, and he said the people were not ready for it. I wish he could experience Berry Street Salvation Army. Ordinary people ministering to ordinary people. We left KNOWING we had experienced Christ there.” –William Pratt

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The Catherine Booth 4-Part Challenge

The Catherine Booth 4-Part Challenge (From her book Papers Practical on Practical Religion.)

1)  Break out of the standardized church pattern imposed by tradition and routine. Catherine Booth said:  “Churches have stereotyped forms, refusing to come down from the routine of our forefathers, although this routine has ceased to be attractive to the people, nay, in many instances is the very thing that drives them away.”

2) Allow people to listen to the Spirit’s promptings and obey His leadings during church meetings.  Catherine said:  “Oh, how much the Lord’s people lose through disobedience to the leadings of the Spirit!”

3)  Encourage and let people openly and honestly share from their heart during worship meetings.  Catherine said:  “So greatly does God delight in honesty of heart in His people that He never fails to give the power of the Spirit to those who exercise it (honesty of heart).”

catherine booth

4)  Let church meetings be actively led and directed by the living, resurrected Jesus Christ rather than by a man, a program, or traditions.  Catherine said:  “People need to be brought into contact with a living Christ.”


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Smile! I bet you feel better already!

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