Why I Want To Quench The Spirit

I want to quench the Spirit (even though the Bible says “quench not the Spirit“) because:

1)  The Spirit tells me to do inconvenient things that I don’t want to do and/or that are out of my comfort zone.  (For example, He frequently tells me to pick up other people’s litter off the ground.)

2)  The Spirit won’t let me enjoy my wrongful choices, but stirs up my conscience, continually making me aware of my sinful behaviors and thoughts; and clamoring for me to stop them.  (He won’t let me get by with much — sometimes He actually tells me to slow down and drive the speed limit.)

3)  The Spirit prompts me to say and/or do things that I find to be humbling, embarrassing, lowly, wild, and make other people think that I’m weird.  (Not too long ago He told me to literally wash a friend’s feet.)

4)  The Spirit wakes me up in the mornings with strong words burning in my heart and tells me to post them on my blog and on Facebook, even though those words might offend someone and/or get me rejected.  (One of my best friends tells people, behind my back, that I’m rigid and legalistic.)

5)  The Spirit prompts me to say and do nice things to people who offend me, hurt me, and/or intentionally do me wrong — to actually pray for His blessings on them — and to let go of any “right” that I feel that I have to be offended by what they say or do to me.  (I recently had a plumber charge me much more money than I thought he should to replace a faucet and I felt cheated.  Now, every time I take a shower, the Spirit tells me to pray for God’s blessings on him and his company.)

6)  The Spirit tells me not to watch TV shows, movies, or other media (or listen to music) that promote vulgarity, disrespect, meaningless violence, casual sex, bad attitudes, meanness, self-destructive behaviors or other things that go against a lifestyle of daily following and obeying the living, resurrected Jesus Christ.  (That drastically limits my media consumption.)

So can you see why I want to quench the Spirit?  To ignore Him?  To drown out His voice?  (And those are just a few reasons.)

However, although I greatly want to quench the Spirit, I love God more than my own desires, so, although it sometimes hurts a great deal, I often choose to deny my own desires and to do what the Spirit tells me, anyway.

And lest you think me a hero, I’m not doing anything that the lowliest soldier doesn’t do much better than me.  Even the lowest ranking soldier obeys his/her commander rather than his/her own desires.  A soldier doesn’t want to wallow in blood and guts and receive excruciating pain by being shot or having a limb blown off; but he or she does it because she/he values a cause more than her/his own desires and personal comfort.

If a soldier, for her/his country, will faithfully obey commands that she/he doesn’t personally want to obey; why don’t more Christ-followers obey the uncomfortable/painful commands of the Spirit, even when they don’t want to?

quench not the Spirit





About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. I have written two books: Mindrobics: How To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life and Your Sperm Won--Experiencing Your Value As A Championship Human Being. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I lead a non-traditional church in Nashville based on open participation and Spirit-led sharing. We long to see the power and passion of the early church come to life in our time.
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10 Responses to Why I Want To Quench The Spirit

  1. Michael Humber says:

    Right On!

  2. Linda Meeks says:

    Excellent, but humorous words of wisdom. Amen. Do not quench the Spirit.

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