Robin Williams Made Me Think About Suicide

I’ve been thinking about Robin Williams‘ suicide. Suicide is tangible evidence of the invisible evil forces at work on us all. Humans have been programmed with a survival instinct. It is not natural for us to override that programming and take our own life. Animals don’t do that, why do humans? Because we are continually attacked by invisible evil forces that constantly strive to overcome us, make us hopeless, and coerce us into self-destruction. Jesus put it this way: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Although this invisible battle is real, there is a power that can overcome it in you and carry you to victory — to hope, peace, love, joy, significance, and meaning. The power is a Person — the living, resurrected Jesus Christ. He’s ready to fight in you and through you to give you “life to the full.” Let your battles, pain, and despair drive you to Him, not to self-destruction!

robin williams 3

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Going back to the future (in the Spirit)

Yesterday I stood on the spot where I first encountered the living, resurrected Jesus Christ in the lobby of Ellington Hall at The University of Tennessee Martin. On that spot 44 years ago, God put a blazing fire in my heart and today my passion for Him is still burning ever stronger!

When I first encountered the living, resurrected Jesus Christ while standing on that spot, I was swept up in a campus spiritual movement of love, friendship, passion for God, spiritual revelation, community, confession and repentance, compassion for others, openness, tears, rejoicing, celebration, spiritual warfare, bold proclamation by ordinary people, mysticism, and great hunger and thirst for God. The movement burned brightly for awhile and then faded away. But it has never left my heart. I’m soaring in the Spirit, hungering and thirsting for God, seeking more of His presence and His power that will release a spiritual contagion that will spread around the world and infect millions with passionate love for and obedience to the living, resurrected Jesus.  


I believe that a great spiritual awakening is about to begin in Nashville that will shake our city and the nations!

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Whose Drone Are You?


Christ-followers are called to be God’s drones, soaring though life, obeying The Wireless Connection That Never Fails! Whose drone are you?

(“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” –Paul of Tarsus–Romans 8:14.)

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Robin Williams — “Words & Ideas”

Robin Williams’ words and ideas brought joy, humor, inspiration, and entertainment to so many people. Yet he, himself, was overcome by despair. So sad.

No matter how good and successful our lives may look to others, we all need the comfort of inner peace and contentment. Life can become unbearable without it.

robin williams

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”  –Rudyard Kipling


A few more thoughts:  Perhaps we should call it suisad instead of suicide.

Please don’t let yourself get that sad. Sadness is a great enemy of humanity! Never surrender to it. Never agree with sad thoughts and feelings that lie and tell you that there is no hope for you. Fight them with passion. Continually fill yourself with positive thoughts– daily reading positive books, continually repeating positive affirmations. Get help from friends, doctors, counselors, a support group, and God! Self-destructive feelings can be overcome! I’ve struggled with negative and depressing thoughts and feelings since childhood. With God’s help and your determined, persistent resistance, you can push them away from your heart and mind!

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ABC’s New TV Show “From Hell” — Really?

“From Hell” — Really?

ABC has a new TV program — “From Hell.” From the promo it seems to present people’s frustrations, pain, and misery as a form of mass entertainment. My thoughts:

* Other people’s suffering doesn’t entertain me. It breaks my heart.

* So what kind of a society is entertained by people’s troubles?

* If a Christ-follower mentions Hell, they are called narrow minded, fundamentalist, judgmental, and/or mean spirited. So why not ABC?

* Christ-followers want to share the good news that God has provided a way to avoid Hell, not to make money off of people’s Hell-like circumstances.

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A highly planned program without personal interaction would make for a boring family gathering or party. What about church?

sleeping in church

What about church?  A highly planned program without personal interaction would make for a boring family gathering or party!

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This Little Light Of Mine–What If We Let It Shine In Church Meetings?

Churches sometimes teach the children’s song, This Little Light Of Mine.  It goes:  “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.  Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m gonna let it shine.”  However, then we teach just the opposite to adults and children in our church services.

When church meetings continually train people to only sit quietly and listen, and not to speak out and share their insights with one another; aren’t we training Christ-followers to hide their light?

If you hide your light in the dark of night, darkness immediately removes your sight. Jesus put it this way:  “No man, when he has lighted a lamp, covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed; but sets it on a lampstand, that they who enter in may see the light.” –Luke 8:16.

Perhaps church should train Christ-followers to shine their light by training them to listen to the Holy Spirit and then to share their insights with one another during church services. If believers are too intimidated to share their light with one another in the loving environment of church meetings, how will they ever get the courage to share their light with non-believers in secular settings?

Need training to share your light?  Come visit The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship Center in Nashville, Tennessee, where, instead of a 1-man sermon, regular people show and tell what God has done — Sunday mornings at 10:45 and Tuesday nights at 6:00 — 225 Berry St. 37207.


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