Seeing The Invisible In Organic Church

God’s not dead — He’s the world’s best at running church services. When human leadership steps aside and allows God to lead, church services enter into a dynamic new dimension as ordinary people, prompted by the Spirit, show and tell what God has done. Try it and see for yourself!

Participatory church shows you the invisible! How?
–You see the invisible move the visible.
–In nature, you see the invisible wind stir the leaves.
–In participatory church, you see the invisible God stir people and prompt them to share amazing things from the heart.

wind blowing leaves

Here’s an amazing fact: Participatory/organic church created the most amazing growth of Christianity in history:
–After the Communists took over China in 1948 they arrested almost all of the country’s pastors and held them in prison for 20 years or more, thinking that this would kill Christianity in China. However, just the opposite happened. Ordinary believers began to minister to one another and to evangelize nonbelievers.
–After many decades of intense missionary work, there were fewer than 3 million Christians in all of China in 1948. Today it is estimated that there are 100 million Christians in China. (Check out the YouTube video series “Jesus in China.”)

Participatory church will help you do this . . ;.
“Say yes to the situations that stretch you and scare you and ask you to be a better you than you think you can be.” –Annie Downs

Participatory church has a mystical profundity that powerfully presents the presence of Christ through everyday people!

“I suspect a major reason why the kind of participatory worship Paul recommended to the church in Corinth (see 1 Corinthians 14:26) is so rare is fear. What might happen if the Spirit was allowed to work in the congregation free from control by one or more leaders and from cultural constraints? It seems so much safer to keep things under human control.” –Bill Samuel

Perhaps it is time for interactive church services!
“Our broadcast world is quickly giving way to an interactive world. One-way broadcasting is being replaced with multi-way conversations. People no longer passively consume media, they interact with it. They talk back, through Twitter, Facebook, text messages and more.” –Kevin D. Hendricks

If you are in the Nashville, Tennessee area, experience participatory church at The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., 37207 on Sunday mornings at 10:45.

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How To Give To The Salvation Army Online Red Kettles

You can support The Salvation Army by giving at the Online Red Kettle @ this link:

This kettle was set up by Berry Street & Friends, a Salvation Army Corps in Nashville, Tennessee. The proceeds go to support the ministry and outreach of The Salvation Army Berry Street in East Nashville. Thank you for your support.

You can also start your own Online Red Kettle at the link.


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Paper Angels Movie (Jimmy Wayne & Angel Tree)

paper angels2

I attended the world premier in Nashville of the new movie, Paper Angels, written by Country singer Jimmy Wayne. What a well done and inspiring movie! The story is built around the Christmas Season and The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. Everybody should see it!

Jimmy Wayne has had 7 Top 40 Country Music singles. Jimmy grew up in and out of foster homes and was a beneficiary of Angel Tree. He wrote a novel, Paper Angels, about the program and how it helps tens of thousands of children around the world every Christmas. The movie is based on the book.

Jimmy has also just released a book about his life called Walk To Beautiful.

The TV premier of Paper Angels will be Sunday, November 16, at 7:00 pm. on UP–Uplifting Entertainment. Don’t miss it!

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Puzzle Pieces, Potluck, & Permitting Every Person (Not Just The Parson) 2 Participate

“Daddy, look at my puzzle,” said a little boy carrying a single puzzle piece.

“That’s not a puzzle, son,” the father replied. “That’s just one piece.”

puzzle piece boy

When we focus a church meeting on the performance of one, single piece, week after week; perhaps the Father says to us: “That’s not My church; that’s just one piece.”

Perhaps church isn’t just one parson preaching, but every person participating. (See 1 Corinthians 14:26)

Perhaps prayer isn’t saying to God that you want your way. Perhaps prayer is to lay down your way for God’s way.

Where ya stay?
Faith’s not what you say; it’s where you stay.
So stay with Jesus night and day!
Obey Him all the way!

When church permits every person (not just the parson) to participate; amazing things happen. For example on Sunday, November 9, 2014 at The Salvation Army Berry Street in Nashville, Tennessee, a racially, age, and socioeconomically diverse group of people actively showed genuine love for one another. After beautiful praise and worship morning, the Spirit led us to spend most of our meeting time together laying hands on and praying for one another. There were hugs, encouragement, tears, gifts of the Spirit, and an awesome sense of community.

Afterwards we shared a great pot-luck meal together. There were about 38 adults and 43 kids. People stayed around, enjoying the love of one another until 3:00 pm. I am so blessed to be a part of this!

If you are in Nashville, come and visit us sometime. Sundays @ 10:45 am., 225 Berry St., 37207.

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Is Physical Reality A Holographic Phantom — A Mere Illusion?

It is a matter of fact that matter (everything in the physical universe) is a mere illusion. An atom is 99.9999% empty space. In reality an atom, the building block of matter, is nothing but a force field — energy rushing around empty space at the speed of light.


Scientists say that if every atom in the universe was to collapse into its subatomic parts, the total size of the universe would be about the size of a walnut. (Based on that idea, I figure that if everything in the world, including you, collapsed into its subatomic parts, the world would be so small, it couldn’t be seen.)

Think about it. The whole world is in reality, so small you can’t even see it. The rest is mere energy creating a grand phantom that seems real to us all.

Thus, the objective world doesn’t exist, at least not in the way that we see it, experience it, and “know” it. In spite of its apparent physicality, everything around us is in reality, no more real than a hologram. Everything that we believe is materially real, our whole natural world, is – in fact – an illusion

Concerning reality, we humans understand very little. There is a deeper degree of reality that science is not privy to. It is a more complex dimension beyond our intellect, accessible only to our inner being, our heart, our spirit. This dimension has been called intuition, faith, mysticism, spirituality, love, and God.

Untold millions of humans have testified how the living, resurrected Jesus Christ has connected them to another dimension of reality, transforming their perspective and their life. The physical world is the illusion, fading away before our eyes. Jesus is the reality — “the way, the truth, and the life.”


In this quote, a scientist ponders whether God is as real as a table:

“No scientist has ever seen an electron. No scientist soberly thinks that anyone ever could. In fact, ‘electron’ is simply the name for a set of things that happen under certain circumstances. Yet nothing is more ‘real’ to a scientist than an electron. Chairs and tables and rocks — these are in fact not very ‘real’ to a scientist, if he is thinking deeply. A table, viewed with the precise tools of the atomic physicist, is a shadowy, swirling set of electric charges, these electric charges themselves being very vague and elusive. So viewed, the table completely loses its large-scale illusion of solidity. A scientist is just the one who should not say that God is ‘unreal.’ For the scientist knows that the everyday reality of the table and the rock is an illusion, and that reality is in fact a very subtle, evasive, and somewhat abstract business.” –Warren Weaver, Ph.D.

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The Phantom Commandment Challenge — Church Without A 1-Man Sermon?

– The Phantom Commandment Challenge

The Phantom Commandment says: “Church shall contain a one-man sermon.” However, I can’t find it anywhere in the Bible.  Can you find the Phantom Commandment (or any statement that resembles it) in the Bible?

It’s difficult to see God working when people silently sit in a church service, however, when they share and show what God has done (as prompted by the Spirit), the sounds and sights shine like neon signs and show God’s glory!  Participatory church reveals tremendous treasures hidden in humble human hearts as regular people share their insights and inspiration.  Here are 3 quotations that back up my point!

“Why have our gatherings become centered around a sermon? Why does the body of Christ, the royal priesthood, sit passively listening to the same person speak week after week? There is nothing wrong with a good sermon. But are we missing out on something better?” –Jonathan Hutton

“Our churches are still structured in such a way that we do it to them, not inviting them to create worship with us. So, if that’s the case, there’s really no space for people who’ve been formed by our participatory culture in our churches.” –Dr. Ryan Bolger

“Leonard Sweet urged pastors to wander into the Sunday morning congregation and engage the people in interactive preaching. He alleged it is the ‘height of arrogance’ to believe that ‘God has given me a sermon to give to you, but you don’t have your own sermon to throw on the table.’ He said churches need to embrace the shift from performance to participation.”  –Thom Schultz

And one more quote from the only Christian denomination I’ve ever found, that doesn’t obey the 1-man sermon, Phantom Commandment — the Quakers:

“The Quaker ‘Meeting For Worship‘ is a form of church service that has no fixed, prearranged character. People gather at the appointed time ‘on the basis of silence.’ Out of their silent waiting may flow spiritual messages, vocal prayer, Bible reading, or ministry — from anyone who feels called to participate.” –Richmond P. Miller



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If U R not 4given, then U R not ready 4 4ever! R U? Heaven is 4 real!




If U R not 4given, then U R not ready 4 4ever! R U? Heaven is 4 real!

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