Collaborative Church — Participatory Worship For The 21st Century!

Collaborative Church?

Collaborative church — a gathering of Christ-followers where everyday people collaborate with the living, resurrected Jesus Christ by sharing testimonies, prayer requests, gifts of the Spirit, encouraging words, Scriptures, songs, exhortations, etc., as prompted by the Holy Spirit; resulting in cooperative learning, spiritual growth, an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.Collaborative Church?

Collaborative church happens when Christ-followers gather together under the actual and direct leadership of the living Christ.  Collaborative church teaches trust. We learn to:
1) Trust the heart-promptings of the Holy Spirit;
2) Trust the Holy Spirit’s ability to personally lead and direct a meeting; and
3) Trust one another as we see ordinary people share and shine forth in God’s beauty.

If God can keep your heart beating without your help.
If He can keep you breathing without your following a breath-by-breath program.
–Then God can lead a church service without human help or programming!

Perhaps churches are called to be Jesus-centered (not pastor-centered) communities that empower & make disciples of all believers, not just a “select few”!

General André Cox, international leader of The Salvation Army) speaks out for Jesus-centered, collaborative church:
–“As Salvationists (soldiers of The Salvation Army), we are keenly aware that our places of Christian worship are not retreats from the world for a select few. Rather, they are bridgeheads of God’s Kingdom into the world – Jesus-centered, grace-filled communities serving others selflessly. Our churches are places in which Christ’s disciples can be resourced, empowered and enabled to fulfill the Great Commission – in word and in deed.” –General André Cox (speaking with Pope Frances at the Vatican in 2014.)

General & Pope

(The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville, Tennessee, 37207, practices collaborative church every Sunday morning at 10:45.  Check it out.)

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Nashville’s “Singin’ Bell Ringer” — Curtis Littlepage

Curtis & Gnash

Our Berry Street “Singin’ Bell Ringer,” Curtis Littlepage, makin’ music with Gnash (the Nashville Predators Hockey Team’s mascot) at the Green Hills Kroger in Nashville during the 2014 Christ*mas Season.

Curtis spreads contagious joy as a bell ringer by singing Christmas songs all day long. Almost everybody who passes by either smiles or sings along with him.

Let’s all learn from Curtis and spread some joy around today!

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(Are we inner wimps, gone with the whim?) Our culture teaches us to be inner wimps, gone with whatever wacky whim which whizzes through our thoughts or emotions; rather than spiritual soldiers standing strong and soaring in the Spirit!

Gone With The Whim?

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Room In The Inn in the 21st Century Church?

Is there room in the inn in the 21st Century church?
–Is there freedom for unprogrammed movement of the Holy Spirit?
–Are everyday people allowed to share from their heart when prompted by the living, resurrected Jesus Christ?

room in the inn2

room in the inn

The New Testament teaches that the living, resurrected Jesus Christ is present when Christ-followers gather in His name (see Matthew 18:20).  So rather than following our own programming while consigning Christ to a stable in the back of the room, perhaps we should allow Him to be the One to personally lead and direct the meeting.

Since the spiritual insights of all the people present in a church meeting are far greater than any message prepared by just one man; perhaps we should allow those present in the meeting to freely express what God puts on their hearts.

Check out this:  21 Blogs For Christmas.

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Red and yellow, black and white . . . Prenatal Lives Matter.

all lives matter

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Volleyball is like participatory church — full of action!

church volleyball

Participatory church is like volleyball — full of action. The living Jesus Christ freely moves around the room and prompts individual people to respond to Him, releasing love, faith, passion, trust, confidence, belief, joyful smiles, and a sense of family through out the room!

We try to teach children to take turns . . .
So why don’t we take turns in church meetings?

Perhaps churches have a “duty” to let people participate in their services.  Catherine Booth (co-founder of The Salvation Army) thought they did. Here are her words:
–“Give me man, woman or child, with the Holy Ghost, full of love and zeal for God, and I say it is a great strength and joy to that convert to testify in the church, and it is the duty of the church to give him the opportunity to do so.” –Catherine Booth

see for yourself

Come and see if these things be so!
–See if the living Christ, Himself, can lead a church service (without a human program), by prompting various people to speak.
–See if participatory church releases an amazing awareness of God’s presence.
–See if people of various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds can show heart-felt love for love for one another.
* See For Yourself * every Sunday @ 10:45 am., 225 Berry St., Nashville, TN 37207 @ The Salvation Army Berry Street.  

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Joy Wells or Sad Trails (got God’s glory gushings rushing through U?)

Joy Wells or Sad Trails

Jesus said that His followers,
Would experience ongoing
“Rivers of living water,”
(Flows of His own spiritual life)
God’s glory gushers,
Pouring out from deep within us
No matter what’s going on
Around us.
But we’ve been culturally trained
To cap those wells
And let our circumstances,
Cut off His flows.
And so it goes –
Sad people with capped joy wells,
We struggle to cope,
When all we need
For radiant hope
Is waiting to be released
From within us.

rivers of living water flow

got God’s glory gushings rushing through U?

Go with God’s flow!

Captured & conformed by the clamor & commotion of the culture?
Or shaped by the still, small voice of the Spirit?

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