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Zip Line To God

Participatory church is a zip line to God.  (So don’t sit in the tree; step out and soar in the Spirit.) “Our faith should not be in the sermon, it should be in the Holy Spirit Himself.” ~Martyn Lloyd-Jones “Being … Continue reading

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Good God! We Miss The Obvious!

God’s glory is prominently posted in all parts of the physical world. Yet we ignore Him and call it evolution. God’s protection has shielded us all through many dangers, toils, and snares. Yet we ignore Him and call it luck. … Continue reading

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Anybody can do “his own thang,” but, my gosh, it takes great guts to do God’s thing! (Give us guts, God!)

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God & Caffeine

–I have never seen caffeine, but I’ve seen how caffeine works in other people and I’ve experienced how caffeine works in me. –I have never seen God, but I’ve seen how God works in other people and I’ve experienced how … Continue reading

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God is not a seasoning to occasionally sprinkle on your life. God is the source of and the reason for your life — a 24/7/365 necessity.

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When church meetings are built on, focused on, and actively led by the invisible Presence of God, power is released and lives are visibly transformed and the invisible Presence of God is made visible through His people.

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The World’s Greatest Expert

Paying too much attention to what men say (and preach) can distract you from what God is saying to you.  The world’s greatest expert on God is the Holy Spirit.  And He is the world’s most effective preacher/Bible teacher.  Are … Continue reading

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