Jesus’ inner energy changes perspectives

Steady streams 
Of inner energy
Entered me
When Jesus
Entered my heart.

Delight & felicity
Aren't found through folly
But forged by faith.

Jesus can make
Joy the norm
In your life.
Even in a storm.

How can church members be of one heart and one mind, if they only hear from one preacher and not from one another? We don’t need somebody to continually tell us about Jesus. Instead we need to continually experience Him for ourselves.

If we’re not growing closer to Jesus and becoming more like Him, then we aren’t following Jesus. I find amazing joy in reading the Bible and being in awe of the truths it shows me as it connects with my heart.

When people experience and testify about Jesus, they get far more excited about Him than if they just hear a talk about Jesus. Wealth, entertainment, sex, intoxication, power, fame — these aren’t the way to lasting joy and contentment. Jesus is the way.

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Training to follow God’s navigational app

People train for sports and train for war, but where are those who train to hear and follow the risen Jesus? Jesus is the way. We need to train to follow Him like we follow a navigation app.

When we make Christianity academic and clerical, it becomes archaic, anemic, and less authentic. Biblical Christianity is a heart matter and a Spirit-led lifestyle, not a head trip.

To make disciples is to train people to passionately follow and obey the living Jesus. All hearing and no application (doing of the Word) makes a church service a spectator event instead of disciple making relationships.

Reading the Bible is powerful. Just be sure you go to God’s app store and download the applications. Be a doer of the Word, not just a reader or hearer.

If you receive a love letter, you probably don’t want an expert to lecture you about what it means. The Bible’s your love letter. Savor it in your heart! Apply it in your life. Follow it like an app.

The Bible says that Christians are called “to live in the grace of Christ.” Gal. 1:6 (Not just use grace as a ticket to Heaven.)

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Be conscious of Jesus / have Jesus in your conscience!

If you feel like 
You are doing
Life without a soul,
Let Jesus
Make you whole.

The goal of your conscience isn’t to make you feel guilty, but to heal your soul. When you color outside your conscience the lions of guilt roar in your soul. Even if you quiet them they still silently devour your inner peace. Cruelty doesn’t become acceptable because it’s done prenatally or to people you’ve been taught to look down on.

Christ-followers are called to be led by the Holy Spirit working in their conscience, not by their desires, feelings, opinions, fears, culture, or traditions. As long as Christians do our own thing instead of surrendering fully to Christ’s will, we will continue to be divisive and divided.

Those who passionately love and surrender to the risen Jesus connect heart-to-heart at a level that transcends race and politics.

Compromised Christianity is a composite of God’s truth mixed with society’s falsehoods and a self-focused lifestyle. Christ is like the sea. Do you hear about the sea, sit by the seaside, or swim in the sea?

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Jesus leads a world-wide theocracy — the body of Christ

Too many sermons tell people what they want to hear, instead of telling them what they need to hear. As churches go further into entertainment and error, it’s vital for Christ-followers to surrender to the Spirit and stay in the Bible.

People learn better by effort than by words, by application than by lecture. Too often, church requires neither effort or application. Most churches seem to think that only one person in the congregation is smart or spiritual enough to speak on Sunday morning.

Religious hierarchy tends to restrict direct access to the risen Jesus by requiring people to follow a chain of command. Churches are religious organizations run by people. The body of Christ (ekklesia) is a spiritual organism, led directly by the living Jesus.

The body of Christ is a theocracy, with Jesus as the Head, living in and directing each of His followers. It’s not a hierarchy. Religious hierarchy breaks down when people learn to follow the direct leading of the Holy Spirit and the words of Scripture. God wants the supernatural gifts of the Spirit to flow thorough all Christ-followers so that we can minister to one another.

The brighter the Light of Christ is allowed to shine in a body of believers, the less they feel a need for hierarchy. If we can avoid the hierarchal aspects of church and its top down agenda, the Holy Spirit will have much more freedom.

Jesus warned of many false prophets. Stay close to the Holy Spirit and Scripture to avoid being influenced by them. The Bible talks about those who “have tasted the heavenly gift.” Have you?

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Lively spectacles or liturgical spectators

If Christianity doesn’t cause people to feel deeply and passionately about Jesus, it’s not the Christianity of the Bible. Jesus wants His people to be fired-up spectacles of His glory, not religious spectators of His story.

Jesus promised His presence whenever we gather in His name. However, notice the names on church buildings, church signs, and church programs.

When you feel like your life is cracking up, that’s a good time to look for rays of God’s light to shine through. Yet, some people prefer the dullness of darkness instead of the brightness of light.

Joy makes life delightful. Christ in you will dispel your folly and make you jolly (with “joy unspeakable”). Listen to Jesus inside of you and the inspiration He gives will surprise you with radiant Light.

Daily interacting with and following the living Jesus is exciting, adventurous, joyous, and challenging. Christ calls us to be His crew. All hands on deck!

All huddle and never running plays, makes church a spectator sport. When we meet to freely give Jesus heart-felt praise and let Him call the plays, the body of Christ goes beyond religion to reality.

Casting call! Let Jesus assign and direct the parts you’re supposed to play in the glorious mystery of the body of Christ.

Liturgy advice: There’s literally no need for a “Call to Worship” and a “Benediction.” The Bible says to, “Rejoice in the Lord always.” “Been-addiction” is the belief that Jesus has been active in the past but isn’t very active in the present (cessationism). A talk about the sunrise, no matter how eloquent, is nothing like experiencing the sunrise! (The same with the Son-rise!)

Did the Bible predict social media? It says: “There are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception.” The Bible says grace “teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives.” Be who God made you to be, not who feelings try to force you to be!

For a handbook to help you go beyond liturgy: Search for: Beyond Church–An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible–Ekklesia.

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Jeepers Creepers (a light-hearted poem)

Jeepers Creepers 
(a light-hearted poem)
People trend to be
Spiritual spelunkers,
Cave creatures,
Creeping through darkness
Avoiding God's light.

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Quick thoughts for strength and power

If you win with a guilty conscience, deep down, you know you really lost.

Pride isn’t strength. It’s a bluff to cover-up weakness. True strength often comes in disguises: kindness, compassion, tears, forgiveness, vulnerabliity, humility, and openness.

Strong people aren’t dependent on other people’s approval or respect.

Kindness in the face of hostility requires faith and love. Retaliation only requires anger and offense.

Rude people need love. Retaliation just makes them ruder and ruder. The Bible says that we “must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone.” 2 Timothy 2:24

Only the weak can thrive with God. The strong think they don’t need Him.

To live with your heart shut down is to miss out on life’s most amazing experiences. To keep an kind, open heart in a cruel, uncivil world requires much courage.

The greatest strength is surrender to God. (“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”)

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