Can we be inspired by funny church names?

Religion has sawn the body of Christ into tens of thousands of different Christian churches, denominations, and organizations with many different names. However, Jesus prayed in John 17 that His body be one, even as He and the Father are one. He also wants believers to meet in His name.

There are so many organized churches that many of their names are funny. I googled “humorous church names” and found these: Angel On Fire Chapel Of Peace, Church Of The First Born, Halfway Baptist Church, Cowboy Church, Original Church Of God, Hell Hole Swamp Baptist Church, Fire Baptized Holiness Church Of God Of The Americas, Old German Baptist Brethren New Conference, and Affirming Pentecostal Church International.

Babylon Bee even got in on the action by posting some pretty funny fictional names for churches: Holy Grounds (a coffee house church), Jiffy Church, Any Greek Word + Church, and The Church That’s All About You.

Perhaps those humorous church names can inspire us to get back to Jesus’ vision for His body. Instead of identifying ourselves as a part of a fraction of the body of Christ, let’s just be part of the eternal body of Christ that is not divided into religious organizations. Let’s recognize our oneness with every Christ-bearer around the world. Let’s receive anyone who has Jesus living in her/him as our Christian sister or brother!

How can we do that? The book ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House can give much light on that subject. Check it out at

ONE sawn apart

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Dormant Christians don’t do much for God.

Pastor-dependency makes Christians drift into dormancy as they decide to “let the pastor do it.” It’s dangerous to delegate your spirituality to a pastor, because Jesus wants a direct relationship with you.

Let Christ take the lead in your relationship with Him–not vice versa. If you are dependent on a pastor on Sunday morning, how will you stand for Christ without that person, the rest of the week? However, if a group of people meets and engages in Holy-Spirit-prompted dialogue, God’s light begins to dissipate our spiritual smog.

The highest place a Christian can be on earth isn’t high in a pulpit above other Christians, but low at Jesus’ feet! Knowing about Jesus is fine; but letting your life be about surrender to Jesus is spectacular! A mind informed about Christ can answer Bible questions; but a heart in love with Him blazes with His glory! It’s much easier to learn facts than it is to live truth!

A Christian (like all people) has the right to listen to Jesus and read the Bible for herself and not just accept a leader’s ideas. God can and does use sermons. However, He also wants to use the testimonies the insights of ordinary people, if church will just let them speak. Pastors would be truly amazed at the anointed things Christ has shown the people they preach to, if only they would let them speak up.

Unfortunately, church members are encouraged to be seen in church services, but they usually aren’t allowed to be heard there. You can’t interact with Jesus if you’re unaware of His presence. (But you can listen to a sermon about Him.)

The most dangerous fake news is to be told that you are right with God, when you aren’t. Only the Holy Spirit can confirm that you are right with God. What does the Spirit say about you? Don’t let anyone else give you assurance that you are right with God. Only God, Himself, can do that! “Flesh & blood” can’t reveal it. God’s holy nation (1 Peter 2:9) is not built on a human oration, but on supernatural revelation (Matthew 16:17).

People love to get caught up in things; events, politics, sports, work, etc. I love to be caught up in Jesus! If unbelievers hear Christ calling them to repent and follow Him (and they do), surely believers can hear Christ talking to them.

People who claim to preach Christianity should be held accountable to the Bible. We must have both biblical and spiritual discernment. It’s easy to replace common sense with nonsense.

Don’t be dormant. This link can help you come alive!

dormant Christians



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Theologian Emil Brunner taught that Christianity drifted away from ekklesia & into church.

“A hashtag does not change anything. It’s a hashtag.” –Shonda Rhimes

Here’s a fresh, new hashtag for those who want to go beyond church as usual:  #Makechurchekklesiaagain

To read some quotes from Brunner click this link:

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Twitter lets anybody tweet. Could church do that?

Somehow the New Testament concept of the priesthood of all believers was turned into a religious audience of passive receivers. However, when a preacher does all the church talking, he is eventually surrounded by people who have nothing to say.

Think how boring Twitter would be if only one person was allowed to tweet. Church reminds me of that.

Church has trained people to believe that Christianity is passive–sit and believe
a little bit. But Jesus said: “Follow Me!” House churches can be just as controlled as institutional churches. Let’s all let the living Jesus, Himself, lead us!

Church is like a box of chocolates where one piece gets unwrapped but the rest go stale in the box. Church calls people “laymen” & treats them like they’re not “qualified” to speak about God. All a one-man talk and no interaction makes church passive, restrictive, and contrived

Church is a weekly showcase of the same person’s speaking ability, while everyone else is required to just sit & silently listen. Jesus said “Make disciples.” So why does church make an audience full of spectators? Christians are called to be disciples of Jesus, not of a man, organization, or denomination.

Church says come, sit, and listen. Jesus says “Come and follow Me!” (How can we follow Jesus when we aren’t allowed free expression?) Church considers “the pastor” to be the only member suited to preach, thus missing out on the spiritual insights of the many.

Church is built on religious explanation. Ekklesia is built on spiritual insight and inner revelation. To keep doing church the way you’ve always seen it done is kind of like the movie Groundhog Day. Following Jesus is not being a weekly spectator at a religious routine. It’s daily pursuing a rigorous relationship with Him.

When people meet to unveil their hearts and gaze at the resurrected Jesus, ekklesia happens!  When someone is present, he can speak for himself. When Christians gather, Christ is present. Let’s allow Jesus to speak in and through whosoever He choses to.

Ekklesia is like a handbell choir where Jesus prompts each person when to play her/his part. Christianity isn’t about one-man religious explanations. It’s about powerful and ongoing Jesus demonstrations

Breathe in, breathe out, be kind. It’s amazing how we humans complicate the simplicity of life! When you’re in the dark, you can’t see what is around you. (Same with spiritual darkness.) You’re heart is a green house. What ya got growin’ there?

Hey, if you would like a handbook about how to #Makechurchekklesiaagain, click on this link:

Twitter's not boring


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Do you have the sanity to hear & obey Jesus & your conscience?

Joy Behar said on The View that hearing Jesus is a sign of mental illness. However, the Christian saints demonstrate that hearing Jesus is the greatest sanity on earth! Today the world desperately needs the sanity of people who will listen to and obey their conscience; listen to and obey the risen Jesus; and listen to and obey the moral principles of the Bible!

The ongoing mass shootings in the United States have people continually asking why? Those horrendous acts of evil and cruelty are breaking our hearts and we want something to done to stop them, but what?

For someone to plan and then to randomly murder as many people as they can, demonstrates a complete disconnection from of any sense of conscience. People with any connection with conscience couldn’t do that.

However, in the 21st century, people’s conscience is under constant attack through incessant moral relativism; a constant barrage of evil words, sounds, and images; and an almost deification of pleasure and self-satisfaction at any cost. We need a restoration of conscience in our culture!

It’s time for some common sense about conscience. The wisdom in these quotes from the book ONE, used to be common sense in Western culture. If we don’t return to that wisdom, horror-filled evils will only expand.

“A person’s conscience will object and accuse when an action may be harmful to themselves or others. It sounds an inner alarm to keep them from going further.”

“The conscience leads a person away from that which is harmful, and toward what is beneficial. Nerve endings in a person’s fingers help prevent their fingers from getting seared; however, if those endings are damaged and a person has no sensitivity to heat, their fingers could catch on fire without the person being aware. In the same way a person’s conscience can be seared so that it has no more sensitivity.”

“When a person denies his conscience for too long, it can become seared. That person becomes susceptible to receiving and accepting all sorts of harmful and evil things. A seared conscience will open a person up to demonic spirits and activities.”

To learn some powerful ways to activate the human conscience, google: ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House.


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The Beatitudes backwards (“Don’t be” attitudes)

How unfortunate are the spiritually passive for they miss out on the greatest aspect of life.

How unfortunate are those who act like they’ve got it together, for they are never comforted.

How unfortunate are those who refuse to cooperate with others for theirs is a lonely existence.

How unfortunate are those who have no desire for righteousness for evil will gradually trick and entrap them.

How unfortunate are the unforgiving for they shall be eaten up with bitterness.

How unfortunate are those with an unclean heart for they will see wrongdoing all around them.

How unfortunate are the trouble makers for they shall always be seen as a nuisance.

How unfortunate are those who are continually praised for they think they are better than they really are.

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When is a church not a campus?

A “satellite campus” sounds more like an earth-orbiting university than a church.

Now that some churches are calling themselves a campus, does that mean you have to register and enroll to attend?

When church is called a campus does tithing become tuition and sermons become lectures?

So many churches are using the word campus to describe themselves. Whatever happened to being the family of God?

God wants to revamp us and take His body beyond being a church campus!

Let’s get off the campus fling and make church ekklesia again! Learn how to do that @



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