A fruit of the Spirit smoothie

Sensing Jesus’ presence is much more powerful than just listening to someone talk about Jesus being present. Virtual reality can be fun; but Jesus reality is healing & life transforming.

“Self-focus” never satisfies, but “Christ-focus” is continual joy! Set pride aside & let the risen Jesus be your guide.

Shrink self.
Obey Jesus.
Live in victory.

Let God whip up a fruit of the Spirit smoothie in your heart!

Church trains you to shut your mouth. God says “Open your mouth & I will fill it. There should be no “gag order” on the people of God.

To silence Christ-followers in church tends to also silence them in daily life. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” Before we can “shout it from the housetops” we need to learn to speak up in church. Letting people speak up in church trains them to speak up for Jesus in daily life.

The Spirit is our power source. If we shut Him down by silencing people, we’re left with human programs. When the Spirit says “Speak up,” fear or protocol shouldn’t keep us silent.

Ekklesia is people meeting under the direct leadership & control of the risen Jesus. “The ekklesias of God are instructed by Christ.” –Origen 230 AD (What about today?) However, requiring silence in church puts a lid on people’s giftings and shuts them down. Let’s go back to before church & experience ekklesia! http://amzn.to/2mhIpmO. That church attenders swap churches so much in USA says some are looking for ekklesia.

Lets you be a
Full participant
Not just a recipient.

When we confine worship to a humanly designed program we miss out on Divine choreography. If we let a worship meeting get out of human hands & into God’s hand, glory falls.

Who is the best leader to follow? The living, resurrected Jesus! When human leaders step aside & give up control to Jesus, His leadership manifests.

Most church bulletins leave out the most important name of all: Jesus Christ. Perhaps a “church” with only one speaker is like a “choir” with only one singer. Nations last for years, decades, or centuries. Jesus reigns forever! If Jesus rose, like Easter celebrates, why don’t we let Him be the leader in church?

If a behavior’s causing you pain, don’t try to medicate it away. Stop doing it! If happiness isn’t happening in your heart, don’t give up — give your all to Jesus! Much of the good that is done in the world is motivated by love for the risen Jesus!

The Bible is an amazing read. It’s so much more than “human writes.” The best opinion poll ever? The Bible. It’s God’s opinion! Open it & see. Christianity is supposed to be more than casual religion & occasional church.

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Hang your hang-ups on the Cross


You’ve looked to many things for happiness. Why not pursue the risen Jesus? Don’t be afraid to read the Book that makes fear disappear! Here’s why the “World English Bible” never mentions church: http://amzn.to/2me8rYd.

Without intimate heart connections with the living Jesus & with one another, church is just another meeting. But there’s tremendous power in small, Jesus-led groups, “where two or three gather in My name.”

Beyond religion taught by man, there’s faith revealed directly by Jesus. (Gal. 1:12) When Christ-followers meet & rely on the Spirit, an invisible Leader takes over.

Be solar powered — soak up the Sonshine! The risen will Jesus refract the light of faith right in front of your spiritual eyes.

Hope in the risen Jesus is infinitely more reasonable than hope in a lottery ticket. To hope in the lottery instead of hoping in Christ, is to choose preposterous odds. His truth needs no validation–no name dropping–no appeal to hierarchy.

We can hang all our hang-ups on the Cross and be set free! (The picture on this post is the Berry Street Cross. Drive by and see it for yourself @ the corner of Berry & Meridian streets in East Nashville — 225 Berry St., Nashville 37207.)

Don’t just talk to God. Listen with your heart and let Him talk to you


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“God loves everybody,” but what’s that mean?

Some folks talk about God’s love to try to justify their rebellion against His love. They say things like, “Love wins,” and “God loves everybody,” but what do they mean? Is God’s love a blind sweetness that ignores our faults, condones our rebellion, and approves our wrongdoing? Surely not.

God loves you (and everybody) so much He doesn’t want you (or anybody) to obey self-destructive desires. He has so much better for you.

Life works better when we follow God’s love instead of following our own desires. Try it and see. To stop rebelling against God’s love is to discover incomprehensible peace & joy.

God loves everyone, but everyone doesn’t cherish, honor, and obey God. To do what I want to, when I want to, is to reject God’s love.

When you love God, you put God ahead of self. You obey Him rather than your own desires.

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It’s time for Bible based reformation!

Don’t be afraid to read and  trust the Book that makes fear disappear! Some people claim to “demythologize” the Bible. I want the Bible to demyth me!

The Bible is like 3D movie glasses. It makes the living Jesus jump off the pages.

The Gospels show Jesus’ earthly lifestyle. Let’s live like He did. The Bible’s red letters are what Jesus said. Let’s believe His words and do them.

The book of Acts shows how early Christ-followers functioned. Let’s apply it.

Let’s let the Epistles, New Testament letters, align us with the truths about Jesus. The Bible’s “one anothers” instruct us to minister to each other. Let’s obey them. Let’s give up our religious agenda and let God’s glory flow through ordinary people.

The Bible is our God-given hand book. Let’s be faithful to it. 1 Corinthians 14:26 gives Christ-followers hands on experience ministering to one another. Church sets people down to listen. 1 Corinthians 14:26 gets people up to testify.

The best comfort food isn’t loaded with sugar or grease. It’s the Bible! -Jer. 15:16 Let’s reform church (and our lives) by aligning our beliefs & practices closer to the Bible.

God’s will is not being done “on earth as it is in Heaven.” That’s why Jesus prayed. And that’s why we have the Bible, to help us align our thoughts and actions to God’s will (repentance).

500 years after the Reformation, Western Christianity is in decline. It’s time for a new reformation? If Luther could reform the way church is done, we can too.

Let’s remember the Reformation’s 500th by reforming church to 1 Corinthians 14:26. Let’s give up our agenda and let God’s glory flow.

Christ called for followers. We cry out for leaders. Perhaps we need to follow Him! Jesus said “Follow Me.” It’s easier to follow religious men than to follow Jesus.



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The Universe is far too complex to have been produced by time & chance.

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Reformers wanted:


Reformers wanted: Learn more about the Greek New Testament concept of ekklesia at http://amzn.to/2lSpYsF.

Could a church where only 1 person speaks be like a choir where only 1 person sings? Perhaps a meeting of the body of Christ, like a choir, needs to involve many voices, not just one.

If Luther could reform the way church is done, we can too. Let’s remember the Reformation’s 500th anniversary by reforming church according to 1 Corinthians 14:26.

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Fasting, rebellion, evil & the will of God


Fasting is a spiritual discipline that can help you realign your will with God’s. In your daily war of wills, which will will usually win? Your will or God’s will? God’s will is not being done “on earth as it is in Heaven.” That’s why Jesus prayed for God’s will to be restored to earth.

To refuse to align yourself with God’s will is to embrace rebellion against Him. God didn’t create evil. Rebellion against God’s will created evil. “Repent” means “align your thoughts, words, & actions with God’s will.” Fasting helps do that.

Experience prayer & fasting & ordinary people flowing in the Holy Spirit on Sat. Feb. 18, 2017 at The Salvation Army, 225 Berry St., Nashville 37207 between 10 & 4.

Seeing the risen Jesus flowing in a group of regular people, transformed my life. It will do the same for you. Come see!

After the fast I will post a report on this blog post. I invite you to come & fast with us on Saturday & and then share your experiences in the comments on this post.


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