Logical thoughts about mental health

Mental malware makes maintaining mental health difficult. Don’t just protect your devices from malware. Also protect your mind.

Some thoughts produce inner peace; other thoughts wreck mental health. It’s important to notice the difference.

Medication can numb tormenting thoughts but the risen Jesus can drive them out and replace them with an inner flow of peace. If you think that this isn’t logical, just remember that it’s inconsistent to say that belief in God isn’t logical while embracing the irrational belief that feelings determine gender.

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Jesus’ resurrection isn’t an annual event

The resurrection of Jesus is not an annual event. He rose once and lives forever! Hang out with Him everyday! Easter verbiage is a poor substitute for resurrection vitality.

Commemoration is for people and events in the past. Why commemorate the Resurrection? Experience the presence of the risen Jesus every day. If we’re not continually experiencing the risen Jesus and hanging with Him, we’re missing out on the essence of Easter.

Jesus is as alive during Lent as He is on Easter Sunday! Lent says, “Take weeks preparing to look back two millennia to Jesus’ resurrection.” Meanwhile Jesus stands at the door & knocks. Why wait to celebrate and experience the risen Jesus? Do it 24/7/365! To be spiritually offline (disconnected from the risen Christ’s internal network) is to be naïve to the reality of the resurrected Jesus.

Easter can be a nice religious experience, but Christ, continually living in and flowing through you, is revolutionary and miraculous. The resurrected Jesus is present in the present! His resurrection isn’t something to be commemorated, but to be experienced in the now! (When you experience the risen Jesus everyday, Easter Sunday seems rather redundant.)

If church isn’t training you to directly experience ongoing interaction with the risen Jesus, then something’s wrong! Jesus is the living Door Knocker, taping on your heart. Open up and let Him be the healing for all your heart’s broken pieces.

Christians believe that a pastor can single-handedly run a church service. Why don’t we believe that the resurrected Jesus can? It’s good for Christians to meet to hear a talk about Christ. It’s better to come together and surrender to His resurrected presence and power.

Without openness to the immediate pleadings of the Holy Spirit, Christianity drifts into compromise. Christian explanations fall far short of Christian experience. Don’t just learn about Christ; get to know Him personally!

King David said: “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Is the risen Jesus your Shepherd (Pastor)? When Jesus lives inside of you, you don’t have to look for Him in church.

I love hanging out with Jesus and having ongoing conversations with Him. Church tries to wrap Jesus up in theology and protocol, when all along, Jesus is wanting to wrap us up in His resurrected presence!

As an unbeliever I was surprised one day by the presence of Jesus and have been captivated by His glorious friendship ever since. Why not Let Jesus irrigate your mind & heart with His living water and transform them into an inner garden of inspiring thoughts and dreams.

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Thoughts to help you get radical

I met Christ in the Spirit-led atmosphere of the Jesus Movement and never adapted to programmed, preacher controlled meetings. That’s one reason I think differently than institutional religion does.

I find a religionized Jesus to be tame, benign, and boring, but the real Jesus to be wild like the wind, contagious, and life-shaking! I have a passion for what religion thinks is impossible — Christians meeting without human control, completely led by the Spirit!

Some preachers act like Christ is limited to Heaven; others like He’s stuck in a church program. He’s not! Jesus is the Super Charger. You can’t stay plugged into Him and not get charged up!

When church is full of compromise, the results should be holy outcries, not religious disguise! Perhaps it’s time to take off religious brakes (and human programming) and let the living Jesus do whatever He wants to do in Christian meetings!

If church pursues the comfort of the crowd rather than the vitality of the Spirit, compromise crowds out conviction and commitment. Jesus radiates power and vitality. That’s what we all need–not talks about Him–but His radiant reality surging through our heart. (Religious talks should never be substituted for dynamic demonstrations of the Spirit’s power. See 1 Corinthians 2:4.)

Building a church around one man is like trying to build a house with one nail. The Bible says, “Teach and admonish one another.” After years of a preacher speaking to you, maybe it’s time to let Jesus speak through you. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” (The Bible is a practical handbook to be lived out, not a doctrinal textbook to be examined, analyzed, and picked apart.)

The “let the preacher do it” mentality creates religious formality and quenches the Spirit’s vitality. The purpose of preaching should be to train people to personally interact with the risen Jesus, not just to give information about Him. When you make in person friendships with people, you don’t demand proof of their existence. Make friends with Jesus!

The Bible writers wrote to bring you into their experiences, not just to tell you about them. I encounter Christ in its pages. Perhaps we have trouble letting Christ control our lives because we haven’t seen an example of Christ’s direct control in church.

Some preachers act like Christ is limited to Heaven; others like He’s stuck in a church program. He’s not! Perhaps it’s time to take off religious brakes (and human programming) and let the living Jesus do whatever He wants to do in Christian meetings. (The most I have seen preachers involve people in sermons is to make them repeat things: “Say, ‘This sermon’s gonna be good!'”) Religious hierarchy can create uniformity but it can’t create heart-to-heart unity.

Trying to fit a relationship with Jesus into a Sunday script is like trying to fit a marriage relationship into a script. It’s a disservice to present Jesus as a mere historical or religious figure when He is more alive and present in the 21st century than any of us are! Sweet sermons, fog machines, liturgy, pomp and circumstance, and/or cool campuses, can’t make dry bones live.

Church seems to have become an army confined to camp. It appears to be self-quarantined from the risen Christ, continually hearing the Word without doing it. The prophets spoke boldly against the practices of ancient Israel. The modern church needs that kind of prophets!

Don’t just go to church. Be obedient to the risen Jesus, everywhere you go!Religion is a poor substitute for intimacy with God. The greater the grace a person has received, the greater the godliness in their life.

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Doing the Crazy Bible Stuff!

Here’s a series of videos that will get you doing the stuff — the crazy Bible stuff!


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My selfie (me, not a self-made pic of me) gets me in trouble

“Me” is a tiny word that can cause treMEndous problems. An effective way to make yourself unhappy is to go through life continually asking, “Am I happy now?

A missionless life is often unhappy. If you really want to pursue happiness, it’s best not to drag self-focus along with you.

Without self-inflicted pain and torment, we’d all be much happier. True self-love exercises self-restraint, self-control, self-discipline, and self-denial, to avoid self-torment and self-destruction.

Self-pity makes itty bitty things look like monsters. However, to lose sight of self (even for a few moments) is to experience amazing liberation!

Self-seeking is like a dog chasing it’s tail. Self-forgetfulness in a great cause is like a dog on a fox hunt.

The key to stop stressing: Self-focus is depressing but Christ-focus is refreshing. Don’t ask, “What’s in it for me?” Ask, “Am I in it for Christ?” I’ve found that the best thing I can do for my own peace and joy is to forget about myself and focus on closely following the risen Jesus.

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The inner Bible interpreter

The best interpreter of the Bible is the Holy Spirit speaking directly to your heart — not a preacher, commentary, FB post, Tweet, or Google search. Think outside yourself. Read the Bible daily and let Christ give you fresh, new points of view.

Jesus paid the full price for your guilt, sin, and rebellion against God, so you don’t need to bargain for a pardon. Just surrender and follow Him daily.

Discipleship is experienced not taught. It’s a Christian contagion, not a church curriculum. Trying to keep Christ’s fire in your heart private, is like trying to keep a giant oil geyser in your backyard private.

Reading the Bible with an open heart stirs my soul and connects me with the risen Jesus much more than hearing a sermon does. Early Christians experienced Jesus and wrote His words and their experiences with Him, in a miracle releasing book. Read it and see.

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Church “attendance-citis”

Attendance-citis? “Religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance.” –William Booth

Beware of attendance-citis — attending church without attending to the voice of the living Jesus. Attendance-citis makes Christianity an appendix to life, not it’s main focus. Scripture warns against attendance-citis. It says; “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.”

Attending church without actively depending on the risen Jesus can lead to a sever case of attendance-citis. Here are 5 symptoms of church attendance-citis: 1) boredom, 2) nodding off, 3) obligatory attendance, 4) guilt for not going, and 5) spiritual passivity (being “a hearer of the word but not a doer of the word.”)

Hearing sermons, without hands-on, practical training in how to live a Spirit-led Christian life, often leads to church attendance-citis. Institutional attendance-citis infects a church when counting attendance becomes more important than people experiencing the presence of Christ. When getting people into church is more important than getting the risen Jesus into people, that’s institutional attendance-citis.

If 90% of your Christianity is just showing up for church, you may have individual attendance-citis. You might have attendance-citis if you attend church regularly but obey Christ irregularly. You might have attendance-citis if you’re continually showing up for church without growing up in Christ.

Church attendance-citis counts people instead of holding people accountable to actually live a Christian lifestyle. Surrender to and obedience to the Holy Spirit cures attendance-cities. (However, it might also get you thrown out of church.)

Christians are wired for the Holy Spirit, but many have flipped the circuitbreaker. To practice religion but miss the reality of the risen Jesus is like hearing talks about aerodynamics but never flying. Heads up! Look beyond religion to the Head of the body of Christ — the living, resurrected Jesus!

Don’t drydock your faith and settle for attendance-citis sermons about sailing. Learn to freely sail with the Holy Spirit’s wind! A wave on the sea needs no human control; neither does a wave of the Holy Spirit. “Quench not the Spirit.” (The Bible never says, “Quench not the program, the preacher, or the protocol.” It says, “Quench not the Spirit.”)

God’s Presence is more important than program, preacher, or protocol. Perhaps most of our time in church should be focused on Him.

Biblically Christianity is about following the wonderful Savior, not about looking for a wonderful pastor. Perhaps we don’t want to understand the Bible, because if we let its words touch our heart, we may feel obligated to actually follow it and put an end to attendance-citis.

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