Big bucks for EpiPens

Like some TV preachers, the maker of life-saving EpiPens, Mylan, is bringing in big bucks.  Mylan has been strongly criticized for continually raising the price for a two-pack set of EpiPens.  It is now more than $600, which is 600 percent higher than the $100 that it cost in 2008.

Do they need to raise the cost to keep from going broke? Hardly! News reports have said that Mylan has already made more than a billion dollars off of EpiPens.

EpiPens are truly amazing and life-saving. Ever since I was stung by some yellow jackets about 3 years ago and had an allergic reaction, I have been carrying an EpiPen. I appreciate that it can save my life. However, is it right for a company to continue to escalate the price of something that many people depend on for their very life?

The living, resurrected Jesus Christ is like an EpiPen. Keeping Him always with you will save your life. And unlike EpiPens, His price doesn’t continually go up. You don’t have to fork over more and more money to TV preachers or religious organizations in order to carry Jesus always with you. His cost has already been paid.

Learn more about how to carry the living Jesus with you at this link.


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Christ called audibles are transformational

An audible is when a quarterback in football calls out a change in the programmed play right before the ball is snapped. Perhaps churches should let the living, resurrected Jesus be our quarterback and call out audibles during worship meetings.

Letting Christ call audibles would transform church meetings. They would no longer be a predictable routine, following the exact same format week after week.

If a football team will allow its quarterback to change plays at the line of scrimmage, why won’t churches allow the living, resurrected Jesus to make last-second changes in the Sunday morning program? (I can’t think of any good reason not to allow Jesus to make audibles, can you?)

So how does the living Christ make audibles? He prompts someone present in the meeting to say or to do something that isn’t on the program. I believe this happens often, however, the traditional Sunday morning format that is controlled by one man in the front of the room, has trained Christ-followers to sit passively and to ignore the audibles (promptings) of the living, resurrected Jesus. The Bible calls this “quenching the Spirit” and commands us not to do it. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:19.)

Christ called audibles can chance church-as-usual into the dynamic New Testament concept of ekklesia. Perhaps we should begin to encourage Christ-followers to listen to and obey Christ’s audibles in church meetings. “”Do whatever He tells you.” –John 2:5

“Only silence within yourself makes your inner tunes audible.” ―Kristian Goldmund Aumann,

“A Christian’s heart for God should be like a teakettle on a flaming stove burner—hot to touch, visibly steaming, and audible.” ―Elizabeth George


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Salvation Army “War Cry” Review of “Beyond Church”

War Cry, the national magazine of The Salvation Army USA wrote:

Beyond Church Takes You Past Sunday Worship

Have you ever wanted something more in life? Something more than religion? More than ‘church as usual?”

In the Western world, traditional church is in decline, Salvationist author Envoy Steve Simms points out in his groundbreaking book, Beyond Church, Christians can now be divided into two groups of millions: “Dones” (those done with church) and “Nones” (those who have no church affiliation).

Perhpas it is time for more than church. The thesis for this book is found in the oft-forgotten biblical word, Ekklesia. Simms invites you to go “beyond church” and experience Ekklesia, defining it as “Heaven’s ‘City Council.'”

But Ekklesia is not just a theological concept, Simms says, it is also a practical and living reality. Modern English language Bibles quote Jesus as saying, “I will build My church.” But in earlier versions, Jesus says, “I will build My Ekklesia.”

Simms argues that for hundreds of years this biblical word-switch has affected how the body of Christ has come together for worship. So what does Ekklesia mean?

Ekklesia  was the name of the city council in ancient Greek city-states. It was a democratic, interactive, participatory body of equal citizens sharing their concerns and needs with one another.

With a foreword by Major Stephen Court (USA Western Territory), the book is a plea to move past politics and hot-button issues and to awaken to the vibrant life and possibilities of godly community.

Get a copy here.

The Southern Spirit magazine of the USA Southern Territory also reviewed Beyond Church. Read their review here.

War Cry review A

How This Review Came About . . .

While the National Religious Broadcasters Association was meeting at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, it came to me one afternoon to take a few copies of Beyond Church to the NRB convention and pass them out.

I wasn’t a registered delegate and didn’t really want to go pass out books. However, I obeyed the prompting and went. As I was walking around Gaylord Opryland I saw a man in a Salvation Army uniform. I started talking with him and found out that he was an editor at War Cry. I gave him a book and he thanked me. I said: “If  you like it will you review it in Way Cry.”

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If the Gaylord Opryland donkey could talk

(Get your copy here.) If the donkey in Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee could talk he might say . . .

beyond church balaam's donkey

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Spontaneous vs. Spiritaneous


To be spontaneous is be unconstrained by fear or tradition and to be willing to act on an inner impulse or inclination, without planning or external stimulus.

To be Spiritaneous is to be unconstrained by fear or tradition and to be willing to act on an inner prompting of the Holy Spirit, without planning or external stimulus.

To live Spiritaneously is to hear the inner voice of the Holy Spirit and obey His leadings. The New Testament puts it this way: “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” –Romans 8:14

For centuries Christians have met together to passively sit and listen to a formal presentation of pious platitudes presented by one man. Perhaps it is time for Christ-followers to begin to meet together and be Spiritaneous according to the New Testament concept of ekklesia as described in 1 Corinthians 14:26.

Come on! Let’s be Spiritaneous. (Too much programming quenches the Holy Spirit.) Only by Spiritaneity can you be who God planned you to be.

Learn to be Spiritaneous with us @ The Salvation Army Berry Street in Nashville, Tennessee. We meet every Sunday morning @ 10:45 — 225 Berry St., 37207.


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Church programs or ekklesia fire?

God's fire cross William Booth

Question: What would happen if church meetings were built on people stepping out in faith and sharing from their heart — instead of being built on people passively watching a highly programmed presentation?
Answer: God’s fire would fall and His Spirit would take control of the meeting transforming lives.

The body of Christ is a “royal priesthood.” Every Christ-follower is a priest, called to serve God and to minister to people. There are no spectators (whose only job is to sit quietly and listen) in the body of Christ. Church as usual sets people up to be spectators, however, Christ wants to fire people up to be passionate participants who actively speak out in worship meetings and spiritual warriors who release God’s love and purity in their day to day lives.

If you see a church
Beginning to obey
1 Corinthians 14:26;
You will soon see
An ekklesia aflame for God! (What’s an ekklesia?)

It’s time to trade our programs for God’s fire!
“Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
To burn up every trace of sin,
To bring the light and glory in,
The revolution now begin,
Send the fire today!”
–William Booth

Experience ekklesia and God’s fire every Sunday morning at The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville 37207 on Sunday mornings at 10:45.

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Does American religion deny the freedom of speech?

Does religion restrict the freedom of speech?
–The First Amendment to the American Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech.
–So given such freedom, why do American churches almost universally follow a form or religion that only allows one person the freedom to talk about religion during worship meetings and denies the freedom of speech to everyone else present in the meeting?
(This is an especially important question considering that the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 14:26, teaches that everyone present in a worship meeting has a right to speak out.)

Religion is a circuit breaker that shuts off the power of the living Christ and attempts to replace the dazzling spotlight of Jesus’ presence with a dim candle of church programs and a monologue of religious platitudes

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