Colorful race adventures

This Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for my interracial adventures and my new book about them.

Read about my adventures crossing the color-line:
* selling black history books door-to-door in a race riot;
* getting a haircut from Oprah’s dad;
* being a white pastor in a black denomination;
* praying on innercity streets with drug dealers & gang members.

Check out: Off the RACE Track–From Color-Blind to Color-Kind.

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To focus on a man’s talk (called a “sermon”) rather than on Christ’s presence is to settle for a 2nd-hand account instead of a 1st-hand experience.

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Playing the erase card

Play the erase card. Forgive people who have hurt or offended you.

Disrespect makes fairness difficult. People who disrespect others reveal their own insecurity and fear.

Two or more people won’t ever agree on everything, but their disagreement never needs to be disrespectful. Disagreement mixed with respect is healthy. Disagreement mixed with disrespect is destructive.

There’s no pecking order for skin-color, making one better than another. Contrasting colors create beauty! (Ask an artist!)

Let’s apply logical thinking to the subject of race and get beyond this type of illogical thinking: Saying that someone of mixed blood (black & white) is part of the black “race” but not the white “race.”

Life is much more fun when you see people’s skin color as a blessing and not as a threat. Rather than approaching people of another skin color with apprehension and caution, approach them with appreciation and joy.

If we would erase the myth of race and not leave a trace, we could embrace all shades of people with heart-felt color-kindness. However, erasing the parts of history that we don’t like puts us in danger of retracing them in the future.

When Christ tore down the “wall of partition” between Jew and Gentile, He welcomed every color of people as equals in His kingdom. Biblical Christianity overcomes racial and ethnic divisions, fully embracing believers from “every kindred and every tribe.” If any group should overcome racial division and demonstrate loving multiculturalism, it’s followers of the resurrected Jesus.

God doesn’t have a favorite color. Heaven is the most ethnically and racially diverse place in the universe. Do you want to go there?

Race is a cloudy myth
That hovers over America
Like a persistent fog,
Refusing to lift.

Get beyond the myth. Search Amazon for: Off the RACE Track book.

off the race track soundtrack

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election and mean talk

Politicians say, “I’ll fight.” Perhaps it would be better if instead, they worked together for the good of the country. Voting nowadays isn’t easy. In many races there are rude and hostile people representing both parties.

Perhaps America needs more than electoral change. Maybe we need to change how we see each other.

God wants us to love one another and not to be mean because of politics or skin color. Dare to lovingly cross lines and be kind! Voting is fine, but unless we Americans change out thinking about race we’ll keep having the same racial problems.

Be a nonviolent patriot for the Kingdom of God — giving your full, courageous loyalty to Christ and His supernatural government.

Publicity is powerful. It prompts behaviors, sells products and gets votes. Perhaps we should stop publicizing violence.

Life goes better if instead of reacting to people by taking offence, we show kindness and try to understand them and their viewpoint.

Jesus implants in His followers a new heart of humility, tenderness, and compassion, that speaks the truth in love. Let’s unite against violence by no longer watching violent shows and no longer speaking with hostility that could incite it.

When a church service became a one-man monopoly and made the members spectators, it set aside the need to depend on the Holy Spirit.

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History of the race card

People with similar personalities have much more in common than people with similar skin color. Get out of the race box. Color outside the racial lines. Get my new book “Off the RACE Track” on Amazon.

If you look back at America’s race tracks, openly and honestly, some of the things you learn will break your heart. Although the Declaration of Independence says we are all created equal, for two centuries America enforced legal inequality.

In the 1600s color was defined as, “a way to separate people.” Perhaps it’s time to redefine it as, “a way to appreciate people.” If America had treated short people and tall people differently for centuries, keeping them in separate neighborhoods, we’d have a short/tall problem today.

When was the race card first played in America? When laws were passed to establish and protect color-based human enslavement. However, the color of the skin has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the person within. Making skin color a way to categorize people was an unwise idea that has caused much pain through out American history.

Colorblind? It’s okay to notice people’s color, but it’s not okay to treat them disrespectfully because of it. To heal America’s racially charged society, perhaps we all need to humbly search our history and discover how we got to this point.

I don’t believe the myth that says that black people are scary. During three summers of selling black history books door-to-door I was never harmed or even threatened by a black person. However, I did have a white guy pull a gun on me for being on his front porch. And I had two white policemen harass me, threaten me to “get a bondsman” to avoid jail, and take me to their station, all because of “soliciting.” I kept responding kindly and they finally let me go.

Race is a myth, created by Europeans as an attempt to justify human trafficking. The idea of skin-color-based racial divisions was rare or nonexistent in the ancient world. Ancient Jews saw two “races” — themselves and everybody else. Red, yellow, black, white — we’re all “Gentiles.”

The melanin within human skin creates various colors, but society’s racial regimen is a myth. Slavery and legal segregation are gone, but many of the myths that maintained them still linger.


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Insults, race, disagreement, politics, and history

It takes no brains, no heart, and no character to call someone a demeaning name. However, if you feel a need to insult people who disagree with you, perhaps you’re not very secure in your beliefs.

It’s easier to insult people you disagree with than to understand them. However insults always produce divisive results. I find that kind people who disagree with me are easier to get along with than unkind people who agree with me.

Under every human skin color, there’s a heart that can be touched by the same things that touch yours. Honest heart-contact heals racial divides Spice life up; become close friends with people of a different skin color than your own.

The eye sees color and puts up a wall. The heart sees a person and flows with compassion. The race track is a way to categorize by skin shade and keep people confined in color categories.

Many of America’s laps on the race track are hidden in history and that keeps us confused about race. American history, as traditionally taught, has been abridged, ignoring many of the accomplishments and sufferings of minorities. But, how can any of us understand America’s racial problem if we don’t fully know its history?

The way to overcome racism is to overwhelm it with love, compassion, and kindness. I wish one of America’s major political parties would put kindness as a plank in their platform. Political unkindness is often insecurity masquerading as fake confidence.

When I keep myself in the vicinity of serenity, my life goes much better! Our violent, hateful culture desperately needs the tree of life. We need to speak, watch, and listen to life, not hatred and violence. Making prenatal human life disposable appears to have devalued human life in all of its stages.

Pushy, power politics that bullies and forces it’s way over opposition, is not good for a democracy. Let’s be kind, not insulting.

Check out my new book, Off the RACE Track–From Color-Blind to Color-Kind at this link.

Off the Race Track frog legs

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Explaining “Off the RACE Track” in only 40 SECONDS

Are you ready to jump some tracks?

Here’s the Amazon link.

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