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"Selfianity" promotes self-focus

Christianity calls us to self-denial. Selfianity promotes self-focus. Some people want Christianity when it’s convenient and an escape clause when it’s not.

When Christ is only a theory, we’ll grow spiritually weary. When He’s living within, we’ll overcome our sin.

Can you hear God now? “Whoever belongs to God hears what God says.” –Jesus (Accept no substitutes for the living, resurrected Jesus Christ.)

Church should be where the human love of hierarchical power is replaced with the power of God’s supernatural love. Early Christianity wasn’t a professional career for a few believers, but a calling for them all to obey the living Jesus. The most effective Christian leaders train people to surrender to, to follow, and to obey the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Jesus left His tomb empty. Now let him fill you (not just your preacher) with His living presence. The greater your awareness of Christ living in you, the greater your peace and joy. Search for: The Joy Of Early Christianity.

Silence your conscience by turning away from wrong and doing right, not by medicating it or denying it. The Bible calls that repentance.

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Let thoughts fly instead of missiles

Good and evil are not defined by national borders. Both can be found in every human heart. We humans tend to focus on perceived, external threats to our well being, while often ignoring or defending threats that live in our own heart. (By the way, have you noticed that the people who plan, start, and run wars are rarely the people who fight and die in wars?)

Pride often pushes peace aside. International confrontations can be defused by kindness and understanding or stoked by pride and control. However, as long as nations take pride in their wars, peace will be hard to achieve.

History shows that humanity easily gives up on peace and embraces war, often using justifications like rights or defense. However, war reveals the wickedness of mankind as we inflict death and destruction on ourselves and each other. Even a famous general said, “War is hell.”

If peace was waged with as much money, effort, organization, training, and enthusiasm as war, this world would be a better place. Countries need a peacitary, a government funded, trained and sponsored corps of nonviolent peacemakers (as large as their military) to give us an effective alternative to war.

It’s hard to imagine peace that makes militarism unnecessary. Most people won’t even try. However, organized non-violence has been proven an effective alternative to war. Here are two examples: Indian independence and American civil rights. Perhaps children play war and not peace, because there are almost no role models for peace. We need more Gandhis and MLKs.

A true nuclear proliferation treaty would prohibit any nation (and anyone) from making any more nuclear weapons. Let’s try that!

Taking turns killing people is a deadly way to handle disputes between nations. Repeated retaliation between nations leads to an ever growing tally of death and destruction on both sides.

Early Christianity trusted in the risen Jesus and His spiritual weapons. See 2 Corinthians 10:4. Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” not, “Kill your enemies if you think they might be about to attack you.” To be nice to people (whether you like them or not) costs you little (except your pride) and will make the world a better place.

“Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran.” –CBN News. Let’s be careful not to stop it!

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Jesus advocates peace

Jesus says, “Bless those who curse you.” Wouldn’t that be an interesting policy?

Jesus says, “Do good to those who hate you.” Following Jesus is much harder than most people think.

“Love your enemies.” If Jesus really means that, we’ve got a long way to go.

Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Perhaps we should pay more attention to them.

You can experience much more inner peace by trusting God than you can by trusting human governments and politicians.

Some thoughts are promptings from God, others provocations from the devil, and some expressions of self. Use discernment.

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Christianity needs more "heartials" and fewer facials

Facials are fine, but what we all really need is heartials. When Christians gather with a “minister to me” attitude instead of a “let’s minister to one another” attitude, we miss much that God has for us. Perhaps a group of Christ-followers directly led by the Holy Spirit is more powerful than a group led by a mere man.

To be “led by the Spirit” and to “quench” the Spirit, are opposites and can’t be done at the same time. Pride can easily be led by self and/or by sin, but it takes surrender and humility to be consistently led by the Holy Spirit.

To “led by the Spirit” is to be aware of and to obey God’s inner promptings. To “quench” the Spirit is to ignore or disobey them. Christianity is a Spirit-empowered lifestyle, not just lessons learned by listening. Relationship with Jesus is about surrender to Him. You can learn a lot about Jesus, yet still be in rebellion against Him

Being called a pastor doesn’t make a person any more (or less) qualified to minister to people. When members of the body of Christ are unresponsive to Jesus, the Head, the result is spiritual paralysis. Just because you don’t have (or assume) a religious title, shouldn’t hold you back from daily following & obeying Jesus.

The body of Christ isn’t an audience. It’s God’s family–His people coming together heart-to-heart. When people are trained and allowed to step out in SPaction (Spirit-prompted action), church opens the door to miracles.

God’s grace is a free way out of bondage to sin, not a free excuse for continuing in for sin. Search Amazon for: The Joy Of Early Christianity.

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More compassion would make a better & more peaceful world

Compassionate thoughts and feelings come from God. If you follow them, they will lead you to Him. A lack of compassion for others frequently cause us to get distracted by and entangled with self. Life is better when we choose compassion, when we continually learn to cultivate it, not to curb it,

To have compassion is to be aware of other people’s pain and to want to help ease it. Compassion is to feel the distress of others, so strongly in your own heart, that easing their suffering becomes important to you. Compassion cuts thru unkindness and replaces it with deep concern and caring.

Indifference allows cruelty. Compassion dispels it. Practice compassion by allowing yourself to see people with your heart open to genuine concern and caring for them and for their needs.

When we’re deeply hurting, we need compassion and appreciate those who show it to us (whether or not we like or agree with them). It’s hard being a human. Show some kindness and compassion to struggling people.

Every time we refuse to feel and show compassion, we harden our heart. Blame blocks compassion. It’s popular to verbally “put others in their place,” however, to understand others, you need to put yourself in their place. Unkindness toward others typically reduces their kindness toward you.

We can’t blame and show compassion at the same time. The desire to control others will also cut off your compassion for them.

Too often we see compassion as a fleeting emotion, but Jesus calls us to a lifestyle of compassion. True greatness is to be filled with compassion. The goal of Christian compassion is to show and connect people with the love and healing of the living Jesus Christ.

When you have compassion for people, you can’t bear to inflict more pain on them, but instead you want to help relieve their hurts. Compassion is an important part of joy.

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New wineskins for Jesus

Jesus talked about the need for new wineskins. New wineskins allow room for the body of Christ to manifest supernatural heart-connection between Christ-followers. Old wineskins have hardened into religious systems and traditions.

Systems are great and help humans function in orderly ways, however, Christ calls us beyond religious systems into new wineskins that create close relationship with Him. The old wineskin of sermons tell people what to do, without giving them any hands-on training in doing it.

New wineskins are rare and hard to find. I wrote a book about them. Search Amazon for: Beyond Church.

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