Google in your soul

When I Googled in my soul, I found these thoughts:


A radiant hope, riding in your chest, makes life delightful!

Catch a wave of hope rolling through your heart and ride it all the way to joy.

Don’t give up hope. Give in to the will of God.

You know more than you know you know. Listen to the still, small voice within.

If you will follow a GPS, why won’t you follow your conscience?

Your conscience can show you where you’re wrong & how to make things right.

When conscience is ignored, it slowly fades away.

We’ve been falsely taught to look to others for approval, not to our own conscience.

Guilt comes from being at odds with your own conscience; not from others.

If you wear your shirt twisted, you’ll be uncomfortable. Same with your conscience.

Overriding your conscience is like driving blindfolded.

A clean conscience is one of the coolest things there is.

Our culture has taught us to obey our feelings & ignore our conscience.

Conscience is almost never mentioned in our culture. We ignore it to our peril.

If I didn’t listen to my conscience, I’d be caught up in lots of bad behavior.

Obeying our conscience can save us from a lot of self-inflicted misery.

Align your desires to your conscience; not the other way around.

Don’t let your wait be wasted. Trust in the Lord!

Hearing God with your spiritual ears will shrink your fears. Are you listening?

When you lose yourself in helping others, you open a pathway for inner peace.

A fresh idea in an ancient book can renew the impact of church–1 Corinthians 14:26.

When Christ-followers sit silently in church, we miss hearing Christ through them.

Christianity’s not based on a weekly talk, but on hearing & obeying the risen Jesus.

Christ’s body is
Called to meet
As a community
Of mutual ministry.

The smell from Hell
Is like a yell;

Let Heaven’s gate
Irrigate your heart
With living water,
God’s new wine.

Satisfaction begins when self-focus ends.

A “me first” attitude fumbles around in the awkwardness of self-consciousness.

Christianity should not be a blend with societal norms, but a departure from them.

Concede the need to lead and learn to humbly follow wisdom.

A discouraged heart stumbles and falls, even when the road is paved with gold.

Consumerism offers no real hope; only countless distractions that slowly disappoint.

A drug high is nothing but a momentary chemical denial of inner misery.

It’s who you are on the inside that counts–not how you appear to others.

When Jesus separates the sheep from the goats, which will you be? Why?

What’s happening around you is not as important as what’s happening in your heart.

Nothing will ever fully satisfy you, if you don’t find inner peace.

If you will ask your phone to talk to you, why won’t you ask God to talk to you?

Inner pain can only be healed by letting God change you from the inside out.

Like a wind dancer air puppet, zestfully moving around, the Holy Spirit animates me.

Others need you as much as you need them.

Is a road sign that says “WRONG WAY” judgmental?

Make a course correction. Take a step in the right direction.
Guilt denied eats at your insides. Guilt confessed & forgiven feels like Heaven.

Yes to women in ministry-not a few ordained women but let all believers be ministers.

Schools and churches lecture to dispense information. Teams train to work together.

The pulpit could be shared by all, not restricted to one man (or one woman).

Christ-followers are called to be light; not lite.

Are you transformed to be like Jesus or conformed to be like the culture? -Rom. 12:2

Go ahead and Google God on the search engine in your soul.




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Quoting my thoughts

These thoughts went from my mind to meet you online. Sometimes I quote others, but these are some self-quotes Thanks for browsing through them.quotation-marks

Jesus is available to you. Are you available to Him? Jesus’ first message was “Repent,” meaning turn away from rebellion & toward God.

Everything’s moving through time, except God. Anchor to Him! If your back’s toward God, you’ll be unaware of His presence. To assume God doesn’t exist because you’re unaware of Him, is illogical. To believe God doesn’t see you, because you don’t see Him, is unfounded.

Without love life languishes. Jesus releases waves of love from within–love for God & love for man. Don’t let your heart be hacked by unkindness and hostility. Sometimes people call others “unloving” because they confuse love with approval. To approvingly watch someone self-destruct is the very opposite of love.

Faith needs faithfulness. If you really believe something, you live like it is true! Grace is transformational. When embraced, it produces Christ-like character. To think you are right with God, if you aren’t, is a great deception.

Grace without truth is merely sentimentalism. Grace doesn’t ignore sin. Like Jesus did with adultery (expanding it to include lust in the heart) grace expands the definition of sin. If we are good people we don’t need grace because we can stand on our on merit. Only bad people like me need grace. Jesus expanded the definition of adultery (and other sins) so that we would realize that we all need forgiveness. Love and grace don’t deny sin. Instead they offer forgiveness from past sin and the power to overcome present sin.

A fresh way for Christ’s body to meet will open new doors for the Spirit to work. Meetings that focus people’s attention on one man, distract attention from Jesus. Christ-followers are called to trust in and depend on the risen Jesus, not clergy. When you get an “urgie” to call on a clergy, try calling on the risen Jesus instead.


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Encountering Reality in the ER

No human is fully awake to the love and relationship that God has for her/him. Scripture says God is able to do “exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think.” It also says “Awake you that sleep.”

I recently got a wake up call. For a couple of weeks my chest has been aching a little and I was noticing that my heart was beating irregularly from time to time. I was also having a tingling in my face. I contacted my doctor and set up an appointment with him. He said that if the irregular heartbeat happens again, I need to go to the emergency room. Early Saturday night, it began again; so Ernie took me to the ER at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville.

Very quickly I was put on a gurney, flat on my back, with electrodes on my chest and a port in a vein. Because my grandfather had died with a heart attack and because one of my younger brothers had a light heart attack two years ago, people were taking my symptoms very seriously.

Suddenly I was in the hands of strangers who were doing strange things to me like shooting liquids up my vein and giving me a pill to take. I let them do whatever they wanted to. Later that night they did a brain scan, but they said that it didn’t show anything. (I wonder where my brain was hiding?) (The next morning they even shot radioactive material into me so I might be glowing the next time you see me.)

Wake-up call 1) Strange how I can have such trust in strangers and let them do whatever to me; when I sometimes struggle with what God wants to do with me. Who knows what God would do if I would surrender to Him as completely as I surrendered to the ER staff.

Wake-up call 2) My time to obey God and let Him use me in this world is limited and could expire at any moment. I need to be about our Father’s business wholeheartedly, not just partially.

Wake-up call 3) Every moment is a gift that I need to deeply appreciate it. One day that series of momentary gifts will be gone. Every second of our lives is more precious than gold because even all the money in the world won’t buy another second when your time has come.

Wake-up call 4) I am so blessed with good health, good quality of life, a wonderful wife, good family, good friends and coworkers, good job, good opportunities to share the Gospel and love others, a lot of godly people who are ready to pray for and support me, and in so many other ways! Thank You, Jesus!

The tests in the ER didn’t show anything wrong with my heart, but they wanted to keep me overnight and do a “stress test” the next morning. A cardiologist talked with me and said if the stress test turned out okay, that he would “reassure” me and send me home, but if not he would want to do an invasive dye test. The stress test showed that my heart is normal so they assume that my symptoms were the result of emotional stress.

Wake-up call 5) Let go and let God. I need to rest in God and wait on Him to work in and through me, and not try to force things with my own will and determination.

Everyday is a gift. I am grateful to have this day to live, to lovingly interact with others, and to follow Jesus. And I’m glad that Jesus is my, doctor — my Chief Medical Officer.

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Party like Christ is real (& present)


Christianity’s a lifestyle of passionate love for and growing obedience to Christ! People want parties to be extemporaneous, not stuffy. Why not church? We understand people getting impassioned about so many things. Why not Christ?

A mind-made message, enters your mind; but Jesus wants to remake your heart! Assurance of salvation must come from hearing Christ’s voice, not from a man. Our soundbite culture needs to see heart-felt enthusiasm for Christ–not mere words. In worship, all people & their names should disappear behind the risen Jesus!

People trained to sit unmoved in church, often live unmoved by the Gospel. When church fails to create a climate contagious with Christ, it relies on methods.  When Christianity becomes a methodology, it loses sight of Spirit-led relationships. Jesus gave us no method for meeting because He, Himself, is the method (the way).

If we are not deeply stirred by God, how can we stir others? Share what Christ shows you, not what you hear or read from a religious celebrity. Church can take the most important & exciting news in history & bore people!

When people gather to experience Christ working in their midst, miracles happen. A single word from God spoken directly to your heart is worth a thousand sermons. Christ-followers need to hear burning words spoken directly by the risen Jesus!

He who controls mic access, controls the meeting. Let’s let Jesus be the mic Man! Without assurance you’ll lack endurance. Christ-led meetings reveal Jesus’ reality.

Some folks try to avoid Hell by explaining it away. I prefer to stay close to Jesus. Christianity teaches thoughts & behaviors have eternal consequences. Choose wisely. Some people say there’s no Hell. But what if they’re wrong? (Does that ring a Bell?) To warn people of dire danger is loving, not cruel. That’s why Jesus warned of Hell. The world says “Give ’em Hell!” Christ says “Love your enemies!” No one seems to object to the word “Hell” unless it is used theologically.

We humans miss up our lives, Jesus restores & redirects. Will you let Him? Jesus came to save; the devil to destroy. We can choose who to follow. Evil loses and will be forever separated from God. Jesus can save us from evil. Surrounded by hatred, violence, terrorism, self-abuse; many deny that demons exist.

What good is the theology of Heaven without Heaven in your heart? If you like these ideas, you’ll love my book, Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible–Ekklesia.


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Jesus, be our CEO!


Let’s huddle up around Jesus & then let everybody do what He tells them to! Christians need to obey the risen Christ. A divided house can’t stand.

Saying, “Jesus is Lord (Absolute Master),” we must let Him be Lord of His own body. When we say, “No,” to Jesus, He’s not our Lord (Absolute Master). There’s only room for one Head (one Lord) in Christ’s body — Christ, Himself!

Members of Christ’s body have direct contact with Him & “obey God rather than man.” When Christ-followers gather as His body, we should let Him be the literal Head! Let’s not restrict Christ to being a mere figurehead. “Let Jesus take the wheel” & personally control meetings of His body!

Without full surrender to the Head, the body of Christ won’t function properly. There is only room for one Head in the body of Christ. Christ’s body is called to gather & surrender control, agendas, & programs to Him.  When the body of Christ disobeys its eternal Head, it malfunctions. If Jesus isn’t allowed to be Head when His body meets, then someone else will be. Christ’s Headship of His body is not intended to be theoretical but operational!

Are you seeking the invisible government of God? Mt. 6:33. Jesus wants you to give your all for God’s government. God’s government is within us, but we, too often, rebel against it. Without surrender and obedience to Jesus, we’re rebelling against God’s government. We try to replace God’s government with self-will & human hierarchy. God wants our unconditional surrender to His direct rule and authority in our life.  You control your body, let’s let Christ control His body!

Fruitfulness comes from faithfully following & obeying the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Contagious enthusiasm for Christ spread the Gospel in the 1st century; not programs. Church could be a green light, letting people freely flow in the Spirit, instead of a stop light requiring people to merely sit and listen.

Is your heart quarantined from the living, resurrected Jesus? Let’s all submit to Christ as Head of His body & give up our control. Make your life fascinating. Fasten your heart to the risen Jesus.

Cindy Jacobs is confirming these ideas taught in my book, Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible. God is calling His people back to the Greek New Testament concept of ekklesia!

Cindy said: “Many will teach on the ekklesia from their pulpits and in their conferences, inspiring the people of God to arise and be the called-out ones. There will be a strong anointing on the ekklesia to root out and pull down the gates and walls of the enemy.” Get “Beyond Church” @

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Say, “So long,” to going solo

Church services are tame; but 1st century worship meetings were wild. (See Acts.) When Jesus got connected to religion in people’s minds, Christianity became passive. Religion is tame, but follow & obey the risen Jesus & you’ll never be the same! Team Jesus is a spiritual restaurant where you “taste & see that the Lord is good.” Flying spiritually solo will keep you so low, but Team Jesus will lift you up! Church leaves people alone in their thoughts. Team Jesus connects their hearts.

Christ-followers are meant to soar in the Spirit together — not to have our wings clipped. Pain is an opportunity to let go of the flesh & embrace the Spirit. Meeting with others while being intoxicated on God’s New Wine will ease your pain and fill you with joy radiating from within.

Spiritual knowledge without spiritual life is powerless. “Send the fire, today!” When we won’t mind Christ and do what He says; we don’t have “the mind of Christ.” Spiritual reality is infinitely more important than head knowledge or physical appearance. Let’s bring the risen Jesus out from behind the shadows of lofty religious leaders.

Good people obey God joyfully. Too often I obey reluctantly & grudgingly. God uses whatever we offer Him, but life is much more effective when come together with others and obey Him.

God’s looking for spiritual laborers, not passive attendees. Jesus said: “The laborers are few.” Let’s ordain all Christ-followers as ministers! To learn to be spiritual laborers, we need hands-on training, not just lecture. Besides “praying for laborers,” let’s open up church & let people speak out for God. Most Christ-followers have heard enough to change the world. Now let’s do it! But let’s always remember that boldness without a kind heart is meanness.

Learn more in the book Beyond Church or visit The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St. in Nashville, Tennessee (37207) on Sundays @ 10:45 am.


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Do we need less human leadership & more Jesus’ Presence?

Leaderless meetings are chaotic; but when we let Jesus lead us it’s miraculous. Christ-followers should be animated by Jesus; not atrophied by acquiescent religion! We are to follow the Way — the living Jesus, not a routine.

Churches don’t need a celebrity spokesperson with a fancy title. Jesus said: “My sheep hear My voice.” Beyond routine religion, there is a revolutionary relationship with the risen Jesus. Go beyond routine religion and soak up the Son shine!

The body of Christ is not a religious program or a church service; but a family! It’s beautiful when the family of God gathers as equals, without a program! A “New Wine” party is when Christ-followers meet to partake of the Holy Spirit and let Him lead them.

Expecting God to follow a religious program puts the program ahead of Him. “I am the Way,” means Jesus, Himself, is the program — the “order of worship.”

Spiritual knowledge without spiritual life is powerless. “Send the fire, today!” When we won’t mind Christ and do what He says; we don’t have “the mind of Christ.

Let’s get our minds off of temporary things & onto the permanence of Jesus. Doing this may require us to go to the prayoffs. (Prayoffs: when you are attacked by bad thoughts & pray them off of you.) Bad thoughts thunder; good ones tiptoe. Prayoff the thunder & watch the gentle dance. Christ-followers are light-hearted — brightly shinning from within with God’s love.

Life is short; death sure. It’s time to pursue Jesus Christ with your whole heart! If God is stirring your heart in a new direction, it’s time to boldly share it.

Learn more about these concepts @ Or see them in action at The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship Center in Nashville, TN: Sundays at 10:45 am., 225 Berry St., 372o7.



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