An eclipse isn’t permanent. Don’t stay in the darkness!

Whatever we let eclipse the Son causes us to walk in darkness. An eclipse is never meant to be permanent. Don’t stay in the darkness! We all need God to kneed us. The question is, will we let Him?

Align your life with the Lion of Light & cry out hope. We all need God to kneed us. The question is, will we let Him?

If your life is bogged down, perhaps you’ve jumped off God’s track for your life. There’s nothing like sharing your heart with a group of people who listen attentively and compassionately to you.

To follow & obey Jesus once in a while falls far short of biblical Christianity. Bible knowledge turns to frost in cold hearts; but it burns like fire in those who are hungry for God.

Pain, anger, and disappointment are bad counselors. Seek out & listen to love instead. When people open their hearts to God & to one another, they grow & heal!

When people are listened to, they begin to heal. In ekklesia we listen to one another. Ekklesia lifts the veil of performance & respectability & allows people to connect heart to heart!

Ekklesia creates a space where people can take off their masks & be real. Before humans invented therapy and support groups. God invented ekklesia.

To avoid vulnerability is to quench the Holy Spirit. Perhaps we like for church to be programmed because that protects us from vulnerability to God and to one another.

Where there’s humility, vulnerability, and authenticity, God shows up! To commemorate Christ in the past but miss His reality in the present is unfortunate.

When we no longer need to be powerful, we can experience Jesus in amazing ways. Words passed from head to head lack the impact of words shared from heart to heart.

Spirit-led, open sharing is healing. Not allowing people to speak can hinder their healing. How can Christians “bear one another’s burdens” if we meet in passive formality & act like we have no burdens? Perhaps church could allow people to unburden themselves & to open their hearts to one another.

Connection & community happen when people feel heard, not when they are lectured.

I’m not perfect & I’m not enough. Without the risen Jesus, I’d fall apart.

Many people are breaking down under the weight of untold stories. They need people to compassionately listen to them. Hurt often masquerades as anger. Mad people are hurting real bad!

You can’t teach a plant to grow. You cultivate & nurture it. People are like that. Is it possible that a contrived & controlled worship environment confines people’s capacity to connect with God?

When someone voluntarily becomes vulnerable in a group, authenticity breaks out! People who are courageous enough to be vulnerable inspire others to open up. It’s powerful when God uses one person to minister. It’s even more so when He uses a room full of people to minister to one another.

One person doesn’t have to lead church all by himself. 1 Corinthians 14:26 shows another way we can do church.

Listen to your Creator, not your critics. If you listen to & obey God when He whispers, you won’t need to hear Him scream. Read the Bible daily. To kneel, be real, & humbly appeal to God; will heal you! Try it & see how you feel.

Need counseling? Quietly read the Bible listening to the Holy Spirit as you do. The feeling of breaking down is the first step
toward breaking through. (“Blessed are the poor in spirit.” –Jesus)

Negative, unkind, & vulgar words have that kind of impact on the speaker & the hearer. Why trash yourself & others with words? How can “mature language” and “potty talk” mean the same thing? After all, what’s “adult” about abrasive or vulgar language?

To repent is to repair your wrongful words, thoughts, attitudes, & behaviors so that you no longer continually repeat them. To accept ideas unconditionally is to blindly surrender yourself to their influence. Ask, “Do I want to be shaped by this idea?”

When I’m wrestling & resisting worry because I refuse to wallow in it. Take your worry, twist it, and turn it into trust in God!

Forget who you want people to think you are. Who are you?

rainbow with ernie

Last week as Ernie and I struggled with discouragement, hurt, and anger, we went to a mountain top in Ridgecrest, NC and saw an amazing view. Ernie began to read aloud this Scripture that was on a wooden sign to our left. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” As she was reading, this rainbow suddenly appeared in front of our eyes! We were so amazed and blessed that we began to cry.

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95 Theses 4 Reformation #14: Disregard people’s social status, wealth, education, race, power, or the lack thereof.

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95 Theses for Reformation Day #12 & #13

95 Theses #12:

The body of Christ is not an organization, but a spiritual organism!

95 Theses #13:

Drop titles & allow everybody to interact with one another as equals before God.

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Why so much evil in the world? People like us.

Perhaps there is so much evil in the world because there is so much evil in our human hearts. That would mean that the key to reducing the evil in the world is to let the living Jesus override the evil in our hearts.

You can’t be good. You can stream the risen Jesus and let His goodness flow through you. So the next time someone tells you, “Be good,” say, “How about I let the living Jesus be good through me, instead?”

A man named Paul tried to be good, but couldn’t. Then he let the risen Jesus be good through him. (See Romans chapter 7)

Joyful holiness is not experienced by trying to be good. It comes from humbly streaming the goodness of Christ through your life.

We need more than talks about spiritual weapons. We need to train together & practice using them with one another. I want to see church become a gym where we meet to spiritually workout & train to obey the risen Jesus together. Try reading something from the New Testament with a few believers & then taking turns doing what it says.

It’s good to meet & hear teaching about the Bible. It’s also important to meet & train together in implementing the Bible and in overcoming our inner evil through spiritual warfare.

Christ is inviting people to rediscover the Greek New Testament concept of ekklesia. It’s based on 1 Corinthians 14:26. Ekklesia is emerging in the body of Christ. People are meeting to hear & obey the risen Jesus together.

A disappointment is not a reason to get depressed or to throw a fit. It’s a calling to look forward to God’s next appointment for you. Speak the truth in love. Don’t be silent, but don’t be mean.

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95 Theses 4 Reformation #11: Teach that spiritual authority comes from surrender to God, not from position or title.

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Skin color, statues, & stuff

Skin color’s a dumb thing to focus on! So much pain was released when it became a way of evaluating people. Let’s quit judging people by their “color.”

Eye color, hair color, skin color; does any of it really matter? God just looks at the heart. Why don’t we all do that?

So what about historical statues and other symbols that commemorate people who embraced, supported, and defended abusing and trafficking people because of their color? If we truly want a society built on equality and love, it seems to me like we would need to move on and leave those things behind.

There’s no such thing as race in the body of Christ. We’re all sisters & brothers.

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Good is good all the time; but we’re not!

God is good all the time; but we humans aren’t. Let’s love each other anyway. It would be nice if church offered on the job training in hearing & obeying Jesus.

Much of Jesus’ teaching can only be learned by doing it. You don’t learn how to love or forgive or testify or encourage or pray, from lectures. You learn those things by doing them.

Don’t be a lone ranger. Follow & obey the world’s greatest pastor–the risen Jesus. To begin to cooperate with the risen Jesus (who is working in your heart) is to experience indescribable peace & freedom. Rules & authority are inadequate substitutes for cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

The more we humbly express our love & our spiritual insights, the closer we get to God & to one another. Open, Spirit-led sharing releases amazing caring & the heart felt bearing of one another’s burdens.

When Christians meet to minister to one traininganother, they begin to experience the Holy Spirit’s on the job training. Holy Spirit led, interactive workshops, provide hands on training in living out Jesus’ teachings.

To hear to Jesus speaking through a group of His followers, humbly sharing their hearts, is to taste of Heaven.

People appreciate the gift of being able to share from their heart with others. The body of Christ is connected at the heart. Let’s take the time to experience & cultivate that deep connection with one another.

If you feel like you’re standing still, at least your still standing! Be encouraged and take a step in a positive direction.

Don’t get stuck in hurt. Get stuck in passion for Jesus! When you’re hurt & don’t understand, humbly stand “under God’s mighty hand so that in due time He may exalt you.” 1 Peter 5:6

Hurt is a call to find comfort and healing in Jesus. The echo of pain that pierces your heart will soon fade away, if it’s not amplified by anger.

For spiritual on the job training, check out this.

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