Live from the empty tomb, it’s Jesus Christ!

Live from the empty tomb, it’s Jesus Christ!  Is Jesus in the room or in the tomb?

When Christ-followers gather in His name, the living, resurrected Jesus is in the room. We can 1) talk about Him like He’s still in the tomb. Or, instead, we can 2) roll away the stone of human control and programming, and allow Jesus, Himself, to directly run the meeting!

Two ways to celebrate Easter:
1) Go hear a talk about how Jesus rose from the dead;
2) Listen to Jesus speak to you and then do what He says.

May the Biblical Head of the church (the living, resurrected Jesus Christ), be the actual, literal, and operational director (head) of every meeting that calls itself a “church” on Easter and every other Sunday through out the year!

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Easter Means Jesus Is Actively Engaged In The 21st Century

What does the risen Jesus do today? In the 21st Century, Jesus . . .
* Transforms hopeless people into passionate, faith-filled Christ-followers!
* Takes captives to feelings, cravings, and compulsions and sets them free!
* Speaks to people and gives them amazing insights and instructions!
* Makes the Bible come alive and burn in people’s hearts!
* Releases people from guilt and shame and gives a fresh start!
* Gives people power to live a victorious, fulfilled life.
* Manifests His presence through supernatural gifts of the Spirit.
* Heals both emotional trauma and physical illness.
And . . . * Directly leads church meetings, like a conductor directing an orchestra.
– However, the living Jesus will do few of these things if we resist Him, intentionally disobey Him, and/or disbelieve Him. “Quench not the Spirit!”
? Will you let Jesus work on and in you?

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Early Morning Thoughts On Good Friday (2014)

Thoughts (About Death) In Bed Between 2:30 and 3:30 on Good Friday Morning
–Yesterday while my wife and I were walking outside, a prophetic friend called me and I put him on speaker phone. He told us that the night before he had dreamed that I had died. About that moment, my wife gasped and jumped to the side. I looked down and my foot was about a foot away from a long black snake that uncurled and slithered away into the grass.
–My friend didn’t know what the dream meant, but he was concerned about my safety. These thoughts came to my mind.
–For the past 5 years my heart has been breaking about a situation. A couple of years ago, God told me “to die to it,” to lay down my longings and desires for the situation and trust Him. Almost every day, I have to lay it down and “die to it.”
–When I was a new Christ-follower and in college, I was being deeply tormented over another painful situation and although I can’t sing very well, I wrote a song: “Watching your old man die, makes you want to cry; Seeing all your hopes and dreams, take their wings and fly, And I know that old man, his name is ‘myself,’ But I can’t help him now, he belongs to someone else. ‘Cause Jesus, I gave myself to You, Said You could do whatever You want to; But watching him die, is such a painful thing, Although I know, new life it will bring. And it’s hard to say ‘Lord, have Your way;’ That old man sticks around and says he’s gonna stay. He moans and groans in agony, till I just can’t bear to see. Then he grabs me by the hand and says, ‘Save me, boy, I’m your old man!’”
–Once I taught for three months in a Bible college in India. The entire time my stomach was extremely messed up. Although I continually fought them, I was tormented with thoughts that I was going to die there. Finally I boldly preached to the students (and a local church) that the enemy cannot kill a believer before his time. That moment the tormenting stopped. (And I did make it home.)
–Today is Good Friday 2014. And this morning I’m going to the funeral of the son of a friend. Later today, I’m planning on seeing the new movie: “Heaven Is For Real.”
–I am so thankful for Jesus who laid His life down for us all. In fear and torment, frustration and pain, brokenheartedness and despair; He is able to comfort us, to carry us, to strengthen us, to revive us, to sustain us, and even to release His peace in the midst of all life’s desperation.
Cling to Jesus. He’s for real. He’s alive. And I couldn’t make it without Him!

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Experince An Online Participatory Church Meeting

You can experience organic church online at our Organic Church Video Group every Sunday night at 9:00 Central. Just click on the link and follow instructions.

Also, you can experience organic church right here in Nashville on Sundays at 10:45 am. and/or Tuesdays at 6:00 pm. at The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., 37207. Here’s a link to our Facebook page:

The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville 37207.

The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville 37207.

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Who’s Smarter Than A Preacher?

Who’s smarter than a 5th grader?  Oops, I mean than a preacher?  Everybody together being led one by one, by the Holy Spirit, to share their wisdom with each other.

Traditionally only one person is allowed to do all the teaching/preaching in a church meeting . . . However, it has always seemed to me that a group of people taking turns sharing insight with one another would collectively have much more spiritual wisdom, than even the world’s smartest/wisest solitary individual.

In the Protestant Reformation God took control of the Bible away from religious professionals and gave it to ordinary people.  Perhaps in the next reformation God will take control of church meetings away from professionals and let ordinary people show and tell what He has done.

Come hear the inspired, collective wisdom of ordinary people at The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville, 37207 on Sundays at 10:45 am  –  where everyday people show and tell what God has done.

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Anybody can do “his own thang,” but, my gosh, it takes great guts to do God’s thing! (Give us guts, God!)

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Self-focus blurs your perspective and leaves you living in a lonely haze. God-focus gives clear insight and brings joy and delight into view.

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