Listening to the subtle voices of bad spirits causes much pain.

The evil in the world (& in our own heart) demonstrates the reality of bad spirits. Everyone is subject to the attack, torment, temptation, & seduction of bad spirits. The ultimate goal of bad spirits is the ultimate defeat of you and others. Bad spirits try to get us entangled in self-focus–a tiny thing to get wrapped up in. Jesus believed in the reality of bad spirits & even drove them out of people. Bad spirits try to keep you from Jesus; because Jesus can give you power over them.

Bad spirits often entice us to follow self-destructive feelings rather than wisdom. When people choose self-destruction over self-preservation, bad spirits are at work. Destructive spirits are real. They often manifest in our thoughts & emotions. Destructive spirits like to use obsession & compulsion to torment people.

Destructive spirits steal your inner peace and replace it with torment. However, you don’t have to passively allow bad spirits to torment you. You can resist them!

Bad spirits speak in human hearts directing us toward evil. They try to convince us that we are right, even when we’re wrong. Listening to the subtle voices of bad spirits causes much pain. They are are inner impostures calling evil good. To surrender to & obey bad spirits can be pleasurable, but the end result is misery. Bondage to bad spirits starts small but slowly grows into strong shackles. Though demons are invisible, you can see their destructive impact all around you.

Three voices speak in human hearts: 1) ours, 2) bad spirits’, and 3) God’s. Can you tell the difference? Bad spirits are tricky. They disguise themselves as our inner voice, tricking us into obeying them. It’s very easy to mistake the voice of bad spirits for your own voice. Much inner pain comes from not resisting the torment & deception of bad spirits. Many psychological problems result from cooperating with those negative inner voices. Most conflict (and violence) is instigated & maintained by bad spirits. Much bad language comes from people repeating words bad spirits put in their mind.

To avoid deception by bad spirits, we need God’s Spirit, His discernment, & the Bible. That’s because bad spirits like to entangle themselves with our psyche so that we don’t even notice them. Bad spirits trick & manipulate people in many various & subtle ways. Be on guard.

Prayer & fasting can help you defeat tormenting spirits. Honest confession & accountability to a trusted friend can also conquer bad spirits. Learn how to meet with a group of Christ-followers that overcomes bad spirits at this link.

To overcome bad spirits takes training, discernment, resistance, persistence & God. It’s much easier to deny the existence of bad spirits than it is to defeat & overcome them. The timid avoid spiritual warfare. It takes boldness to banish bad spirits!

I’ve never doubted the existence of demons because I’ve fought them all my life. To win outward victory, but lose to inner demons, leaves a person still in misery.

bad spirits.jpg

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Are you happy now?

Self-focus forfeits happiness. Asking, “Am I happy?” opens the door to unhappiness. A key ingredient in the pursuit of happiness is self-forgetting. You are the one who is painting the canvas of your life. How you doing with it? Could you use some help?

Perhaps ancient Greek civilization has something to teach 21st century Christians about happiness. Greek city councils were called ekklesias. All citizens were invited & anyone present could speak in the meeting. Jesus & His early followers used the same word for their meetings.

Perhaps we need a focus-shift demonstrated in those New Testament groups. As Christianity became programmed, it lost the spontaneity of the early ekklesias. Ekklesias are greenhouses for spiritual growth in & through regular people. If Christ-followers are family, why not meet like family, without a precise program?

Ekklesias meet to focus on the risen Jesus and to actively share God’s love with one another. They give us a present from the past: the presence of the risen Jesus. Ekklesias are Christians professing their faith as prompted by the living Jesus; not one professor teaching a course. Ekklesias train ordianry people how to spend time with Jesus. A day spent without Jesus is a day of distraction from the world’s greatest hope.

“The ekklesias of God are instructed by Christ.” –Origen in 230 A.D. It’s time for the recovery of ekklesias in the body of Christ. .

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Pics beyond the church norm

Searching for living water? Check out Beyond Church.

Beyond Church living water statue

It’s beautiful to go beyond church as usual and let the risen Jesus be the One in charge of the meeting!

Beyond church flowers

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Jesus’ death & Resurrection is a counter-cultural demonstration of non-violence

The New Testament was (& still is) counter-cultural. Read it & see! In the New Testament, the Zealots used violence; but Jesus loved even unto death. Who impacted Rome the most?

The Bible is full of testimonies about and demonstrations of nonviolence, that many people have never even read. Jesus taught “Love your enemies.” Soldiers, following government orders, killed Him.

War causes & celebrates death. Jesus overcame death. War bombs – “fails, falls flat, flops, ruins, wreaks havoc & even blows people up.” War blows up the very things that Jesus died to give us: love, mercy, humility, peace, joy.

Returning evil for evil launches snowballing evil; but love slowly melts evil. Jesus fought and overcame evil with sacrifice, love, and truth with humility. He showed that spiritual weapons are the most powerful (yet most ignored) weapons.

nonviolence Zealots

Good Friday honors Jesus’ demonstration of non-violence & love for enemies. Pharisees used religion & politics to get Jesus killed but God had the final word! Violence & evil did their best to destroy Jesus, but we know the rest of the story! Jesus became undead so He can live in human hearts that surrender to Him. God turned our violence against Jesus into a timeless, worldwide movement of love.

Doing violence to others contradicts the words of the Prince of Peace: Matthew 5:38-39 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

MOAB: The mother of all bombs is the violence in human hearts. Jesus overcomes evil by transforming human hearts. Jesus came out of the tomb. Will you let Him out of your box?

In this dangerous world,
The best protection
Is to hope in Jesus’

The empty tomb
Was like a womb
For resurrection life!

Too often religion
Tries to re-entomb Jesus
Behind ritual & programs.

Let the risen Jesus
Roll away the stone
That blocks your heart.

Jesus left the grave
To be the Way
To eternal life!

Church presents religion.
Ekklesia facilitates experience
With the risen Jesus.

Darwin theorized about “natural selection.” Jesus demonstrated Resurrection! Reflection on the Resurrection will overcome your feelings of dejection!

The Resurrection has a deep connection in my soul. The Resurrected Jesus ejected me from misery and anger & infected me with joy and love. Have you detected that the Resurrected Jesus is knocking on your heart’s door? Is your life built on the rock that never rolls — Jesus’ resurrection?

Some people hunt for eggs on Easter. I prefer to hunt for the risen Jesus! There was a man who wouldn’t stay dead and therefore He still is alive-Jesus Christ!

Focusing on trifles stifles your soul. Hope & despair dance in your psyche. Which one is your primary dance partner?

The Bible is the fitbit for your soul. Read it daily to keep your heart healthy. Don’t accept what’s wrong just so other people will say you’re right.

Loving community offers protection against violence.

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Everyday Easter sayings

If Jesus is alive on Easter, then He’s alive every single day of the year!

Experience Jesus — the Uncorpse — at #UnconferenceNashville, June 23-25.

Jesus ceased being deceased!

He rose to make heroes by living His life in & through ordinary people like me & you.

This Roman fatality opened the way to immortality! (Who is Jesus Christ?)

Jesus didn’t rise to create a religious holiday, but to be our living Lord!

Jesus is the Eternal Leaper over the grim reaper!

Jesus is the Uncorpse — alive forevermore!

Jesus left His tomb empty so that He can fill your empty heart!

Jesus rose up, rocked the tomb & rolled the stone away.

Looking into Jesus’ empty tomb has emptied many people of their unbelief.

To attend church on Easter is one thing. To live a resurrection life is another.

Don’t just hear about Him. Experience the death-defeating Jesus for yourself!

Resurrection reality reverberates in my soul.

When I met Jesus, I realized that He wasn’t dead anymore.

There’s no high like the risen Jesus flowing through your soul!

Go beyond remembering the Resurrection to hanging out with Jesus live.

Jesus’ resurrection reveals the real world. This temporary world is passing away.

Running on empty? The empty tomb says, be empty of self & full of the risen Jesus.

Everyday is Easter! (Experience the risen Jesus every single day all year long!)

When Jesus rose up in victory; death went down in defeat!

The death-defeating Jesus turned “The End” into “The Beginning.”

Jesus’ resurrection overcame the casualty of human mortality.

It’s easy to live like Jesus is dead and gone. Wake up to the reality behind the Resurrection!

Jesus experienced death & then made a U-turn, coming back to live forever!

They carried Jesus’ dead body into the tomb, but He walked out on His own!

Jesus defeated the doom & gloom of His tomb!

Two “roses:” Jesus rose from death & then rose into Heaven.

Let the risen Jesus explain the Scriptures to you & your heart will burn within.

Don’t exchange the risen Jesus 4 Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Services, Candy, Clothes, Etc.

When I met Jesus

When they thought He had
Breathed His last breath
Jesus got up from death!

Death was undone
When it tried
To take away God’s Son!

One day the Son rose
From a Judean tomb
Never to set again.

I believe in the Resurrection
Because the Resurrected One
Is my constant companion.

The last chapters of
Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John
Claim & proclaim
Jesus is alive!

Easter calls us beyond church as usual to something altogether different, ekklesia!

Without the Resurrection, ekklesia is impossible, because it requires a living Jesus.

A risen Jesus can personally & directly lead us when we gather in His name!

Ekklesia is an informal, unplanned, participatory God-gathering led by the risen Jesus.

Learn how to experience the risen Jesus in ekklesia.

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“No Fear” by Tony Perkins

The book, “No Fear — Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth”, by Tony Perkins, starts out on the wrong foot. It begins with a lie!

The very first story Perkins chooses to tell about someone “standing for truth” is about an 18 year-old woman named Lila (wonder if Perkins is telling the truth about her name) who goes into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and says: “I’m fifteen years old and I am pregnant by my boyfriend who is twenty-three years old and I need help.”

Not only is “Lila” lying, she is hiding a recorder under her T-shirt. Perkins says: “The tale had been crafted carefully because such a scenario was not only a lie, it was a felony under California law.” Lila’s purpose was to deceptively entrap the person at Planned Parenthood into incriminating herself, and because Lila’s deception “previals,” Perkins highly praises her.

However, later in the book Perkins contradicts himself. He says: “If the stand we take is motivated by a need to ‘win’ an argument or prevail over those we oppose, we may win the battle but lose in the long run.” He also quotes another one of his courageous young people as saying: “There’s a way to take a stand for your faith without attacking others. That doesn’t mean that we back down from our convictions, but that we hold to them in a loving way–in a way that respects even those who oppose us.”

Even though the other stories are inspirational, I had trouble being inspired by them, because of Perkins praising the use of sin to fight sin. If you are looking to be inspired, I’d recommend another book.

no fear book

This review was written in exchange for a free copy of the book from Blogging For Books.

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Experience Jesus live!

If your life keeps going from gags to glitches, perhaps you need God. There’s no time like when you’re aware of Christ’s presence. Experience Jesus live!

To bow before God is to rise above self. Pride is an “I” full of self-focus — pr”I”de. For inner peace–minimize self & maximize Jesus! Christianity is to turn away from self and follow the risen Christ instead. Although human nature prefers self-defense, Jesus calls us to self-denial. Like a soldier setting aside self-concern to obey his commander, humility obeys Jesus!

I lost my religion when Jesus became my best friend & made the Bible come alive.

Hanging out with the risen Jesus is adventurous, astonishing & addicting. When I met Jesus, He led me to the Bible & made it come alive in my soul ever since. Now I’m addicted to Bible reading because it’s one place I meet with the risen Jesus. When Jesus in my heart connects with Jesus as revealed in the Bible, my spirit soars.

I’ve never used Bible commentaries. I prefer to listen to Jesus as I read it. If you let Him, Christ in you will interpret the Bible & it will teach you to stay close to Christ. The Bible helps you know if a thought is from God, self, or the devil.

So many things that I read about in the Bible, have happened in my life, that I’m convinced it’s true. The Bible’s not fantasy. It works amazing things both in my heart & in daily life. Scripture shows that Christianity is so much more than what we commonly experience. The book of Acts shows the 1st Christians experiencing God’s fire, power & miracles. We can, too!

To be sure you’re hearing the voice of Jesus, check it out with the Bible. Jesus tells us to stop doing wrong. We prefer to justify our wrongdoing.

Need a heart-mend alignment? Take your heart to the risen Jesus. Too often we humans focus on hardware (physical existence) & ignore the software our soul. A comfort zone is a place to hide from God.

Without moral virtue, love’s on shaky ground. The more we love Jesus, the more we will act like Him. You don’t have to approve of people’s opinions/behavior to show them love & kindness. Christians are called to be captured by Christ, not by their contemporary culture.

Church = people looking at a podium. Ekklesia = people ministering to one another. Ekklesia (Greek city council) is a forgotten word Jesus used to describe His body. Jesus said: “I will build My ekklesia (ancient Greek town hall meeting).” The Christ-follower’s heart is the house of God (not a religious building).

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