4 Responses to God Is Not A Theory But A Demonstrable Reality

  1. sherwood8028 says:

    There Is a problem with – God. Most folks, many Christians in fact, have a concept that God is an old man waiting to “get” them if they do wrong. He is – in current lingo, the Man! And worse, he appears to be the One who denies even their most urgent requests.

    The problem seems to me, one that arise when some confuse Jewish theology with Christianity.

    Our world may have had its inception with the advent of Adam and Eve, but the Christian’s life began with their understanding that – “I have been crucified with Christ…. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:28)

    I lived for almost 45 years – in church. A believer that the preacher knrew more than I would ever know about God, so I let that govern my life. Then, a crisis arose in my life and I tutned to the God of the preachers and discovered, God was not only real, but He led me to put my trust in His Son, in particular – at that time, and His victory over sin at Calvary. I was redeemed by that blood.

    And since that very event filled day, Christ has become my ever present teacher of all things pertiment to life and always, my friend indeed and in the midst of my every need.

    And since, He and the Father are one, I live, respectful of the Father, put I share the problems of the day with His Son.

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