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Dancing With God (The Holy Spirit 3-Step)

Dancing With God (The Holy Spirit Three-Step) I am reading through the Book of Acts for the fifth time in two months and asking God to show me why the early church had so much more passion and power than … Continue reading

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Christ in you is . . . (not the hope to cope; or the hope to just get by; or the hope to get blessed with some money; no, no). We need to realize that “Christ in you is the hope of glory!” God longs to visibly demonstrate His holy Presence and His glory in and through believers . . . if we will genuinely surrender to His will and allow ourselves to become undone before Him; if we will truly give up our plans, our programs, & our control.

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Conscience, Moral Principals, Judgments, Right Conduct, & Shame

Quotations from the book, “Knowing Right From Wrong,” by Thomas D. Williams: “In the depths of our consciences we recognize the existence of a law we did not write, but which we feel we must obey.  We have the power … Continue reading

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News On The Street — (Sun., Feb. 26 @ Nashville’s Berry Street)

News On The Street from Sun., Feb. 26 @ B.S. Yesterday at Nashville’s Berry Street several people shared stories about how God has asked them to surrender various parts of their life to Him.  Near the end of the meeting … Continue reading

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Christ is visibly manifested in the church not when we merely hold meetings about Him; but when we actually encounter His Presence in our midst, individually listen to Him, and then obediently do whatever He prompts us to do in the meeting.

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The purpose of the church is not to present people information and songs about God but to visibly manifest the power and presence of the living, resurrected Jesus Christ.

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Show And Tell — A Powerful Tool For Improving Your Life

Show and tell —  it’s not just for kindergarten and early elementary school.  It is a powerful tool for improving your life that works wonders for people of all ages. For instance, when people are stressed out, caught up in … Continue reading

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