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The Way To Grow Is To Go

People grow when they go into positive action.  If they sit still too long, they atrophy. The way to grow spiritually is to go with God’s flow — to hear and do what the Spirit of God says to you.  … Continue reading

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What’s Needed In Contemporary Ch__ch? u r (You Are Needed To Be An Active Participant Rather Than A Spectator!))

If you compare contemporary church meetings with how they did church in the New Testament, you will notice that something seems to be missing nowadays.  What’s the difference between the early church and the modern-day church? Paul compares the New … Continue reading

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Hey Church, We Are Family . . . (Do We Act Like It?)

Perhaps the church can learn from family . . . The Bible teaches that church is family — a body of believers bound together in spiritual kinship.  Church is hearts connected in love for Christ and for one another.   The … Continue reading

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Congratulations! The NFL Draft Chooses You To Be A Playmaker

Congratulations!  You have been chosen in the first round of the 2012 NFL (Need For Love) Draft by Jesus Christ to be a playmaker for the International Kingdom Of God.  Now, learn your playbook (the Book of Acts) and do … Continue reading

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What Involves Various People Speaking But Only 1 Person Talking?

What involves several people speaking but only one Person talking?  A Spirit-led, participatory church meeting. It is truly amazing.  Various people spontaneously (as led by the Spirit) share words of encouragement, insights, testimonies, Scriptures, prayer requests, spiritual gifts, prayers, and … Continue reading

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A riddle: Other than the wind, name something invisible that can knock on your door? Look up the answer in the Book of Revelation; chapter 3, verse 20.

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Hereeeeeeee’s Jesus!

Would you like to see God’s glory in your life and in your church?  The key is not a conference or a curriculum, not a program or a performance, not marketing or methods, not a better strategy or harder work.  … Continue reading

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A Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Words

When I was a boy my dad had a book called:  Eloquence in Public Speaking: How To Set Your Words On Fire by Kenneth McFarland.  It was about how to put sparks in human hearts and it helped to create … Continue reading

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WIJD? What Is Jesus Doing?

WWJD?  What would Jesus do is a good question.  But here’s a better one:  WIJD?  What is Jesus doing in your life today? . . . talking to you? . . . guiding you? . . . changing you? . … Continue reading

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Is There A Better Way To Study?

In the Western world we study to effect our intellect more than our heart.  Our minds swell while our hearts are shrink-wrapped in an endless roll of facts and figures.  Is there a better way to study?  Yes. Paul of … Continue reading

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