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95 Theses for Reformation Day #12 & #13

95 Theses #12: The body of Christ is not an organization, but a spiritual organism! 95 Theses #13: Drop titles & allow everybody to interact with one another as equals before God.

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Why so much evil in the world? People like us.

Perhaps there is so much evil in the world because there is so much evil in our human hearts. That would mean that the key to reducing the evil in the world is to let the living Jesus override the evil … Continue reading

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95 Theses 4 Reformation #11: Teach that spiritual authority comes from surrender to God, not from position or title.

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Skin color, statues, & stuff

Skin color’s a dumb thing to focus on! So much pain was released when it became a way of evaluating people. Let’s quit judging people by their “color.” Eye color, hair color, skin color; does any of it really matter? … Continue reading

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Good is good all the time; but we’re not!

God is good all the time; but we humans aren’t. Let’s love each other anyway. It would be nice if church offered on the job training in hearing & obeying Jesus. Much of Jesus’ teaching can only be learned by doing … Continue reading

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(Road to Reformation Day #500, Oct.31) 95 Theses #10: Receive all who have a heart to follow Christ, as brothers and sisters.

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For the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation — 95 Theses 4 Reformation #9: Drop the terms “clergy’ & “laity.”

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