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To ignore belief in God is to choose to be ignorant of one of the most important factors of human history.

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God Still Makes Change That Sets The Captives Free

Where did that strange question come from as I sat bored in church one morning?  “If you were born a Hindu, what would you be today?” Here’s my testimony.  God still makes change that sets the captives free.  Hearing God’s … Continue reading

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You Will Answer To God

Why is it such a popular thing to ignore and/or deny God nowadays?  Is it because of advancements in science?  Hardly.  Science cannot prove or disprove God. In a world gone awry with whims and cravings; self-interest and surrender to … Continue reading

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Hearing God’s Voice Made Me An Agnostic

I believed that I was a believer when I was an unbeliever.  What I thought I knew about God and about Christ (doctrines that I had been taught as a passive listener); I didn’t really know. So how do you … Continue reading

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