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Statues & Knees (a paradox)

A poem about statues and knees: With statues we honor Men who took up arms In violent rebellion Against America; But we dishonor Those who simply kneel To protest police shootings Of unarmed men.

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Taking down statues or putting them up?

As debate and conflict rages over statues of Confederate leaders and soldiers, some are crying, “Take them down!” while others are shouting “Keep ’em up!” So how about a compromise. How about leaving the statues up, but also putting up … Continue reading

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Gone With The Whim (And They Don’t Give A Wham!)

Margaret Mitchell’s romantic novel about the American Civil War and Reconstruction, Gone With The Wind, was published in 1936 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937.  Had it been published in the Twenty-First Century, it might have been called Gone … Continue reading

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