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Je suis un disciple de Jésus!

Je suis en Christ!

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Christ-Connections Create Community

Thank God for Christ-connections with other people! As a child and teenager, I felt very distant and isolated from others. I really didn’t know how to connect with or relate to other people very well. I had one friend in … Continue reading

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Beyond Leadership To Overseership

The New Testament concept of overseership moves beyond human leadership:  Leadership says: “I need your attention!”  Overseership says: “Behold the Lamb of God!” Leadership is a human being organizing and/or directing other human beings. Overseership is a human being lovingly … Continue reading

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The Christmas Clause

The Christmas Clause: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son . . .“ Christmas is not just a holiday. It’s a continuous flow of inner peace. Carry Christmas in your heart! Christmas is not an … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights

No man puts up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Christmas lights and then only lets one light shine.  He turns on all the lights and if any light or lights don’t shine, he replaces the bulbs. Perhaps God wants … Continue reading

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E pluribus unum church . . .

E pluribus unum is much more than just a Latin motto of the USA meaning “from many one.“ E pluribus unum is what happens when Christ-followers gather according to 1 Corinthians 14:26 and many ordinary people share testimonies, Scriptures, needs, … Continue reading

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Perhaps Church Needs A New Focal Point

Maybe the focal point of church should be the living, resurrected Jesus Christ — not a human personality exalted above everybody else and controlling everything from the front. God is looking for a generation that will hear and obey the … Continue reading

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