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You won’t learn to listen to and be led by the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) until you leave your comfort zone.

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Two Questions About Human Leadership Vs. The Spirit’s Leadership In Church

Here are two questions about church leadership for pastors and so-called laymen: Question #1: Who is the most capable church leader in the world? Answer: The living, resurrected Jesus Christ present in our midst when we gather in His name. … Continue reading

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Imitator or Radiator? (Awash In The World or Aflame For God?)

Are you a radiator spreading the presence and power of Christ to the people around you or an imitator following the influence of popular culture? Are you transforming your friends, neighbors, coworkers and community by godly influence or are you … Continue reading

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Unprogrammed Church

When a Christian meeting is controlled by Christ, without human programming and agendas, the Holy Spirit takes over and the glory of God is on display for all to see.  However, when a meeting is directed and run by a … Continue reading

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Following The Holy Spirit To Where You Don’t Want To Go

Who wants to go where you don’t want to go?  Jesus told His disciple Peter, that Peter would be led “where you do not want to go.” (John 21:18)  Are you willing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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