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Is there too much agreement in church?

Passive agreement is overrated and often bland. Connecting with people heart-to-heart is much more powerful and fulfilling. Social media trains people to be interactive while church continues to insist on keeping people passive and silent. However, when most of the … Continue reading

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Making Music With Body Parts (God’s Symphony)

This blog is not about finger snapping, hand clapping, knee slapping, toe tapping, and/or armpit playing.  It’s about the church, the body of Christ, functioning as God’s symphony. The New Testament teaches that the church is like a human body … Continue reading

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Should a pastor act like a CEO, calling the shots and running the church like an organization that he controls? Or should the living, present Jesus Christ be the One who is allowed to actively control and direct the church?

Here’s a link to a video I made called: “Organic Church Heals Spiritual Paralysis”  

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