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Alternative Names For Easter

Alternative Names For Easter . . . He’s Back! Day Death Defeated Day Jesus Is Alive Sunday Dead Man Walking Day Who Moved The Stone? Sunday The Risen One Day Life Restored Day Third Day Sunday Empty Tomb Day Return … Continue reading

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Lightning Power Released When The Pope Resigned

The Pope resigned and a few hours later lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Moral of the story? When we move beyond religious tradition and obey the prompting of the Spirit in our heart, great power is released!

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12/12/12 — 12 Out Of The Box Thoughts About Church

Here are 12 out-of-the-box thoughts about church on 12/12/12. 1)  Church is not God in a noose, but God on the loose! 2)  Church is not spectators sitting, but believers battling the forces of darkness! 3)  Church is not a … Continue reading

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Who Will Carry Me When I Feel Like I Can’t Go On?

Who will carry me when I am so weary and/or discouraged that I feel like I can’t go on?  There is Someone who comes as an inner flow — the Holy Spirit. “‘Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has … Continue reading

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Drenched With God / Soaked With HIs Presence

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you . . .”  As I read those words yesterday morning, the picture of a man drenched with water popped into my mind.  I’ve always thought about the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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PP Church — A Power House & A Pillar Of Fire

Should church be more than people passively watching a program?  I found two quotations that say that church should be “a pillar of fire” and a “powerhouse.” “The Christian Church should be a pillar of fire leading the peoples of … Continue reading

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