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We desperately need heavenly politics

Forget Trump and Hillary–America desperately needs the living, resurrected Jesus. Here’s my paraphrase of Jesus’ words in Matthew 3:2: “Line up your attitude, thoughts, words, and actions with God and His will (rather than with your feelings, desires, compulsions, and … Continue reading

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Can church be a caucus for Christ?

Does Jesus call us to caucus? Iowa debt to Christ That I can never repay So I will vote with my life To obey Him everyday! Jesus calls us to caucus, Which means in essence, We gather in His name, … Continue reading

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Running For President / Running In The Salvation Army

–Who is running in 2016? And for what? –Perhaps America’s most important question is not “Who’s running for President?” but “Who’s running for Jesus?” Are you? –There are so many people running for President in 2016. One website lists 25 … Continue reading

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