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New Poll Shows More Millennials Doubt God

A new poll by the Pew Research Center has found that doubts about the existence of God have increased by 15 points during the past 5 years among Millennials, Americans 30 and under.  Here’s a link to the survey: reading

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Materialistic Evolutionists Are Missing Out On Mighty Self-Improvement Methods

Materialistic evolutionists are missing out on some of the most effective self-improvement methods in existence.  Why?  Because they have chosen to categorically eliminate the entire area of spirituality from their life and from their consideration. Materialistic evolutionists are people who … Continue reading

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“He Rose” By The Puny “Easter” Name Is Not The Same

Why do we hide the shocking concept of Jesus of Nazareth coming back to life never to die again, behind the weak words, “Happy Easter,” and then weaken it even more by throwing in eggs, a bunny, baskets, shopping, decorative … Continue reading

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Hearing God’s Voice Made Me An Agnostic

I believed that I was a believer when I was an unbeliever.  What I thought I knew about God and about Christ (doctrines that I had been taught as a passive listener); I didn’t really know. So how do you … Continue reading

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“Race For The Cure” or “A Cure For The Human Race”?

Sin is not a wager — a rolling of the dice with uncertain outcome.  The wages of sin are certain.  Short Term:  “There is pleasure in sin for a season.”  Long term:  “The wages of sin is death.” Fortunately there … Continue reading

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The Legitimate Reason For Rejecting Christ

There are two ways to reject Jesus Christ.  The first is verbal and direct — to openly declare your disbelief.  The second way is more subtle — to reject Christ by the way you live your life, even though you … Continue reading

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