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Beyond Audience-Style Religion

Go beyond audience-style religion And enter the inspiring reality of Ordinary people sharing from the heart As prompted by the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing how God continually confirms the open sharing and participation format at Berry Street! Last Sunday morning … Continue reading

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Ugh * Aha * I see * O me * Sorry * U-turn * . . .

I woke up this morning with this process parading pensively through my ponderings. * Ugh! . . . Disgusted with self & circumstances & hungry for help. * Aha! . . . A shinning moment when light comes in. * … Continue reading

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A Berry Street acrostic

A Berry Street acrostic: B — Beyond E — Entertainment, R — Religion or R — Ritual, Y — You can S — Share T — Testimonies, R — Revelations & E — Experiences, as E — Empowered by T … Continue reading

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Meet Ekklesia (and never be the same)

Church is a group of people meeting to  passively watch a religious program. Ekklesia is a Spirit-directed family gathering of Christ-followers.  = a God-gathering. Church tries to function as a 1-man team (which is an oxymoron). However, ekklesia makes every … Continue reading

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Testimonies, Salvation, #Boundless2015 & The Salvation Army’s 150 Anniversary!

–More than 15,000 Salvationists (members of The Salvation Army) from about 126 countries met in London, United Kingdom, last week for an International Congress called Boundless 2015. The emphasis wasn’t on social services. The focus was on faithfulness to the living, … Continue reading

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The Bible Teaches That Love Is A Fruit Of The Spirit

There’s a popular phrase going around: “love wins.” But what is love and where does it come from? The Bible teaches that love is a fruit of the Spirit. The word Spirit in this quote has a capital S because … Continue reading

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America’s City Named For Trusting Christ

Living during a time period that persistently promotes political correctness and considers the sincere mention of Christianity to be one of its few remaining taboos, perhaps we should think about the city named for trusting Christ — Santa Fe, New … Continue reading

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