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Tag Team Blog # 2 — Your questions about participatory church . . .

I would appreciate you helping me write this Tag Team Blog. Please post any questions and/concerns you have about participatory church in the comments. I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for your help!

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Let God’s Geysers Gush! (A 1-man monologue or mosaic of many messages?)

How may people should be allowed to talk in a church meeting? Did God design church meetings to be 1-man monologue?  Or mosaic of many messages? Perhaps we need tag team time — time for taking turns talking in church meetings. … Continue reading

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Tag Cloud For Spirit-Led (Rather Than Human Programmed) Church . . .

A tag cloud is a visual representation of the frequency of the use of words (tags) to find a website (sometimes called a word cloud or a weighted list in visual form).  What words would be in a tag cloud … Continue reading

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Alternative Names For Organic Church

In the last few years, many books have been written about organic church by people like Neil Cole, Milt Rodriguez, Tony and Felicity Dale, Frank Viola, Wolfgang Simpson, Jon Zens, and many others.  I have read many of the books.  … Continue reading

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Tag-Team Church — A Nashville Prototype

Exploring Tag-Team Church: Definition of tag-team:  Tag-team is an activity where people take turns participating as team members.  The best known use of the term tag-team is in reference to wrestling where it refers to wrestlers who fight as a … Continue reading

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