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Wake Up Church! Present The Pervading Holy Presence!

Should church consist of: A pre-arranged program or a pervading Holy Presence? A man-made message or God-breathed spiritual life? Passively watching a pastor or priest perform or people passionately pursuing God’s Presence and Person? Religious head-knowledge or radical heart-transformation? Being conformed … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Being A Spiritual Wimp (Top 10 Ways To Grow Strong In The Lord)

In today’s tremendously tempting environment, it is important not to be a spiritual wimp.  Maintaining a consistent walk with the Lord requires great spiritual strength. Here are my Top Ten Ways To Grow Strong In The Lord.  However, because this … Continue reading

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The face of Christ, etched behind my eyes, is the pillar of my soul.

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Powerful Words From The Book “Viral Jesus”

Here are some quotations from the book, Viral Jesus — Rediscovering The Contagious Power Of The Gospel by Ross Rohde: “Read through the eyes of a modern Christian, the behavior of the believers in the Book of Acts seems a … Continue reading

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