18 ideas for disrupting the church industry

A disruptive innovation is a creative change that establishes a new market by disrupting an existing market. It gradually replaces established market leaders. The term was coined by Clayton Christensen in the mid 1990s. In addition to uprooting markets, another result of disruptive innovation is “significant societal impact.

In the past few decades many industries have been thrown topsy-turvy by disruptive innovations. One of the early disruptive innovations in world history was Christianity. It was said of the early Christ-followers that they “turned the world upside down.”

Today Christianity is declining, especially in the West. It desperately needs the gumption of a spiritual eruption that will cause an interruption and create a new disruption beyond a mere organizational reformation. Here are 18 ideas about how that can happen.

  1. Christians have been taught that it is their duty to go hear sermons. They need to be trained to hear directly from Jesus.
  2. People sit passively and listen to sermons as if Jesus isn’t in the room. Instead, let’s all recognize and respond to His presence. A windless environment where the wind of the Spirit isn’t allowed to freely flow becomes a winless environment.
  3. Amazing, disruptive things would happen if a church would be so dependent on God, that if He didn’t show up in power, the service would flop. To make that happen, all a church needs to do is to throw away it’s programs, formal hierarchy, and showmanship and rely on the risen Jesus instead.
  4. The typical church service is so well organized that it has no need for God. If a preacher disrupted that comfort zone by standing up, turning control of a church service over to Jesus, and then sitting down and remaining quiet, what do you think would happen?
  5. A famous recovery slogan says: “Let go and let God.” Church says: “Hold on, keep it together, and watch a preacher perform.”
  6. When church is an open forum rather than religious decorum, the Spirit is free to move! If you heard God speak, what do you think He would say to you right now?
  7. Hearing one message directly from Jesus and obeying it would have greater impact on your life than 100 sermons. Listen up!
  8. If Sunday sermons were more effective, every time we heard one we could be radically changed. Instead, we mostly forget them.
  9. Some sermons are powerful and life changing, but in my experience those are very rare. Why are there so few disruptive sermons? We need people to share fiery, heart-felt words prompted by the Holy Spirit.
  10. A talk from a man can never take the place of a touch from God. In our interactive, social media, high-tech world, church needs to move beyond high-talk formality and attendee passivity.
  11. It’s alright to give people a talk about God, however, it’s a lot better if we let God take control and demonstrate His presence. Church’s lack of Sunday service interaction is causing a reaction as people leave in search of honest, heart-to-heart community.
  12. Jesus came to give us light and life; not to set people in a religious rut. We need to root up the ruts!
  13. Maybe church could take a lesson from TED Talks and have lots of different speakers instead of the same one over and over again. Did the last sermon you heard have any lasting impact on your life (or was it soon forgotten)? If not, why would the next sermon that you hear?
  14. Perhaps people in church would learn more by walking out Christ’s walk together in intimate, support-group style community than by silently hearing a man’s talk. The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good,” not “Sit and listen to a talk about God’s goodness.”
  15. Church asks people to show up and listen to a sermon. Perhaps, instead, we could ask God to show up and show out! Those who haven’t heard about the reality and presence of Jesus need to hear. Those who have already heard need to obey his voice.
  16. To grow Christians need more than a sermon and a religious show. We need to actively listen to and obey the Spirit. (Romans 8:14)
  17. Christianity is about forgiveness, not about innocence or denial of guilt. Jesus’ forgiveness helps us admit our fault lines without collapsing under the heavy load of guilt.
  18. When the Bible says, “We who have believed enter that rest,” (Hebrews 4:3) I don’t think it means “sprawl out during a sermon.” Let’s get out of His way, tear up our program, and let the Jesus disrupt the way we gather in His name. (He said, “I am the way!”)

Click here for a book about disruptive innovation in church.


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Perhaps church could meet to function as a unit instead of to listen as a audience.

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Need a life reboot?

When you’re continually bombarded by destructive words and images, refuse to be swept up in their raging current! Toxic people use toxic words. Hopeful people use hopeful words.

When there is a system error in your heart, don’t shift into denial and ignore it. Reboot. Like a rudder, the words you frequently think, say, read, and hear, will steer your life in their direction. Choose well. If you continually use and consume hurtful words, you’ll experience and spread lots of pain.

Wrathful words wound and whack like swords and switchblades. Wisdom withholds them.

Some words and some thoughts are not “acceptable” to God. Think and say Psalm 19:14 words.

When your heart is stashed in cloud storage, you can’t hear God speak, even when He’s really loud.

Too many people let the blights of their past take enormous bites out of their present delights. Try not to do that.

When your life needs technical support let Christ be your IT guy — Internal Transformation. If you’re stuck in a brainstem loop, don’t stay loopy. Give a hoot and reboot!

If hope is out of sight, don’t despair; open your heart to God’s insights. (Go ahead and take a look in His Book!) Without the ongoing light of God’s insights, our conscience can easily be smothered by blight.

Invisible things matter — air to the body, love to the soul. Let people see some invisibility by showing love today! Say what? Say what heals, encourages, and builds people up. Say, write, and post that.

Sometimes compassionate listening and loving conversation are more powerful than a sermon! Rather than giving religious lectures on the living water of the Holy Spirit, perhaps church could let people splash around in it. Instead, after singing praises to God, church then focuses everybody’s attention back on a man. Christianity should be about supernatural living, not just about sermon-hearing.

Sometimes taboo is a good thing. Mass shootings show that when evil is no longer taboo, there’s no limit to the harm a person can do. Maybe we should reboot our lives to God’s moral standards!


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A demonstration of praying over someone


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For the best defense, don’t take offense

Life offers many opportunities to be offended. Try not to take them.

Taking offense is a huge expense that can bankrupt relationships and separate friends. The “take offense — get angry — hold resentment” sequence doesn’t make sense. Perhaps we should stop it.

The best defense of your inner peace is to avoid taking offense. Taking offense cuts off conversation and shuts down relationships.

One of the hardest acts of kindness is to forgive the unkindness of others and to offer them kindness instead of offense. Even when offense is intentionally given, there’s no requirement that it must be taken. (You can choose to ignore it.)

Love goes beyond being offended; to being convicted. Offense says, “They’re wrong.” Conviction says, “I’m wrong.” Love is the willingness to not take personal offense at the wrongful things people say or do, but to disagree with kindness.

By being polite in a rude culture you can sometimes relieve a person’s heavy heart. Don’t let our rude, crude, lewd, unglued, skewed, feud culture intrude your mind and delude your heart.  Insults are not a way to get good results when you’re working with people.

It’s easy to see the wrong doing of others, but our own wrongs wear camouflage. Denial of truth is a display of emotional weakness. It takes courage and maturity to openly admit the truth.

Don’t learn to lose, but learn to learn from your losses. For me mental health requires a lot of inner hard work and ongoing spiritual warfare. However, I need more than just going to church. Church is too often like a fake thermostat. The preacher appears to make adjustments, but nothing changes.

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One drink away

You’re one drink away from an incredible high–an inner spring gushing with phenomenal inebriation. Take the Jesus drink–John 4:14. That drink is served in the kingdom of God. Jesus stood up at a feast and shouted: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.” Thirsty?

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of self can’t coexist in you at the same moment. Which do you spend the most time in?

To be in the kingdom of God is to be under the active and direct control of God’s Spirit. That should be a Christian’s first priority. Let the Holy Spirit control you like a rider controls his horse.

Self-will is a border wall that keeps people from living in the kingdom of God and drinking Christ’s living water. Continual surrender to Jesus grants legal access. We start to live in the kingdom of God when we begin to daily yield to God’s restraint of our free will.

Spirit-controlled people march in harmony, like a well trained marching band. The kingdom of God is anywhere that God is the active, direct, and sovereign ruler. If God’s not directly controlling a meeting, it’s not a manifestation of the kingdom of God. If the umpire tried to program a baseball game, people would be outraged; but pastors program church all the time.

A Spirit-controlled life sets people free from self-deception, self-consciousness, and self-destructive behaviors. However, instead of surrendering to God’s kingdom, many people prefer to just let God have a tiny part of their kingdom.

Jesus said that the kingdom is “at hand.” Will you let it annex you? If your ultimate allegiance isn’t to the living God, then (by definition) you are outside of His kingdom.

Jesus announced and demonstrated the kingdom of God — the direct rule of God in a human life. He defined the kingdom of God as God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. (See Matthew 6:10.)

Ancient Romans said, “Caesar is Lord!” Early Christians said, “Jesus is Lord!” Who is your Lord (absolute master)?

God has always wanted to personally be the Head (King and Lord) of His people. Israel rejected Him and wanted a human king instead. Church usually makes a man the head, too, instead of letting the risen Christ be the Head.

Church teaches people what Jesus commanded. However, Jesus said to teach people “to obey everything I have commanded you.” That’s a big difference! Here’s a kingdom question: Are the currents flowing through your mind and emotions moving you along, to where God wants you to be?

Arrogance makes us unaware of our ignorance. Humility shows us the vastness of our ignorance and opens our hearts to God’s rule.

Jesus can detoxify your mind and emotions and make them pure again. He’s the most powerful cleansing agent there is!

An amazing thing happens when I take a Jesus-drink. Son-shine sparkles on the living water in my heart, dazzling delightfully. (See John 1:9 & John 7:38.)

one drink away


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If you feel the need to go through a minister to get to God, you’ve missed the good news of what Jesus did.

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