Can politically, denominationally, racially, doctrinally, and nationally divided Christians ever be one?

In John 17, Jesus prayed that all of His followers be one. Today there are more than 40,000 denominations, Sunday morning is still the most racially segregated time in the USA, and millions of believers are leaving the institutional church and being called “Dones.” Christians are also greatly divided by politics and nationalism. It looks like Christians will never be one in an organizational oneness. Christian unity will have to be built on heart-connection with the risen Jesus. Learn more @


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Where to find heart connections

Heart connections change lives. Are they encouraged anywhere besides funeral homes & support groups? Yes, in ekklesia!

Ekklesia isn’t another word for church. It’s a very different way for Christians to meet together.

Some people want to argue about the Bible. I’d rather read & obey it & let it burn in my heart & change my life! Instead of chillin’ in the fridge, let’s heat up in God’s spiritual oven.

Is it possible that too much organization can turn the body of Christ into an institutional robot? Let’s meet & do the Bible: pray for the sick; cast out demons; love our enemies; etc. Christ-followers are called to be and to do more than church as usual.

We don’t need programs & talks about our spouse, so why do we try to relate to Jesus, our Heavenly Spouse, that way? When a group gathers for unstructured time with Christ; like a kaleidoscope, He creates beautiful patterns.

Jesus calls us to walk in the light, not to hide in the night. He calls people to follow and obey Him as much on Sunday afternoon as He does on Sunday morning.

This book can help you find heart connections in ekklesia. It’s called Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible–Ekklesia. It’s available at this link.

beyond church heart connections


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My 95 Theses 43-47

My 95 Theses #47:
Don’t pressure or manipulate people by playing (or preying) on their emotions and/or religious sentiments.

My 95 Theses #46:
Use the ancient Christian practice of “the laying on of hands” as an aid to praying over people.

My 95 Theses #45:
Make time during meetings to pray for the physically sick to be healed.

My 95 Theses #44:
Ekklesia isn’t based on age groups. Children & teens may have something from God to share.

My 95! #43 — People need a safe place where they can be real. Let worship be that place.

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When Christians meet heart to heart, it’s ONEderful!

Here are some quotes from the book, ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House that illustrate that when Christ-followers meet from house to house, it’s ONEderful! Google “Amazon’s One Unfolding Purpose.”

“According to New Testament revelation, every believer should be a minister.”

“After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…believers lived and assembled in the joy and freedom of the Spirit.”

“All believers need to become teachers, shepherds, ministers, and good-news-bearers.”

“Believers need to be drawing nourishment from Christ continually.”

“Maturity is not about knowing a lot…but whether the believer is actually participating in the ministry.”

“Every believer is called to teach — and each needs to exercise toward this function. Otherwise, they will remain a babe and never mature. sharing what the believer has learned should begin as soon as a person comes to know the Lord.”

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Church without community is like spaghetti without sauce.

Church without community is like spaghetti without sauce. Church without unity is like unconnected chain links.

You can’t organize or hype-up genuine Christian unity. It comes through surrendering our agendas to the Holy Spirit.

If church meets around a prearranged program, it’s difficult for a leader to allow God’s Spirit to interrupt it, & rarely happens. Perhaps every church could allow some unprogrammed time in worship & just see what Jesus does.

As an expert builder can build LEGOs into incredible things, let’s allow Jesus to build us into an amazing spiritual family. As one LEGO alone can’t be built into anything, but needs to connect to other LEGOs, one Christian cannot be Christ’s body.

The Protestant churches ignore the saints. The Catholic & Orthodox churches honor the saints. God wants us to be the saints and to do the stuff the saints did. After all, it’s good to know the stuff in the Bible, but it’s better to do the stuff. To imply that the Bible is not authoritative or is not capable of being lived out nowadays, is to deny the amazing testimony of the first Christ-followers.

Learning about Jesus is good. Encountering Him is better. Daily trusting & obeying Him is best! No one can adequately tell you how powerfully Jesus works in human hearts. You just have to experience Him for yourself.

Good things happen when people talk with & listen to one another with honesty, humility, & compassion. Words shared in a personal way, heart to heart, usually mean more than words shared in a formal presentation. Heart-felt encouragement is often much more powerful than instruction.

Spiritual life means that Christ is living & actively working inside of you in ways you cannot contain. We want explanations to satisfy our mind. God wants to give us revelations to satisfy our heart.

We try to figure life out. The Bible says, “Lean not on your own understanding.” No individual, meeting, or organization can control Christ. So why try?
Why not just surrender all control to Him?

It’s amazing when Christians listen to Jesus together and then pass on what they heard to one another. We need more than information about Jesus. We need to personally experience and partake of His resurrection life!

Since we can trust God to run the universe all by Himself, perhaps we can do the same with a church service. When church always gives people a program or curriculum, people learn to rely on that more than on the living Jesus.

We not let our trust in Jesus rust & bust. Keep it shinning brightly! Daily read about Jesus in the Bible and watch your faith in God grow!

Sometimes one single step begins a great journey. To get going, get started.

Encouraging words will bounce off your mind; but flourish in your heart. Open up and let them in.

The truth is, lies hurt and wall people off from the real world by entrapping them in deception & myth. A life littered with lies, languishes in legerdemain. Even silent lies distort the truth and quietly deceive.

Lies condemn people to be continually stuck in darkness. Truth lights a path to recovery and new beginnings. Denying the truth never makes it go away. Those who lack the courage to walk in the light & live out truth, litter their lives with lies.

Here’s the truth. When you tally up the good things in your life, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. If you focus on making your life count, you won’t have time to count your problems. Although our attitude matters most in life, we often work on improving it the least. Don’t stop when you fall down; stop when you get where you’re supposed to be.

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95 Theses For Ekklesia #40-42

My 95 Theses #42:
Give people freedom in worship; to kneel, raise their hands, dance, & otherwise respond as led by the Spirit.

My 95 Theses #41: Meet like a support group so people can encourage & minister to one another.

95 Theses For Today #40:
People mean more than a program. If people are hurting, let them stop the program to ask for prayer.

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My (New) 95 Theses for the 21st Century #36-39

95 (New) Theses #39:
Allow people to share their struggles & needs in church so that others can pray with them & minister to them.

New 95 Theses for the 500th Reformation anniversary #38: Create an environment where tears are accepted as normal.

New 95 Theses #37: Allow & encourage the open confession of sin. (James 5:16)

Lookin’ ahead, 500 years after Luther’s 95 Theses: My #36–
Meet in joyful assembly, enjoying Christ in one another.

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