Where the Christmas shepherds drunk (in the Spirit)?

I think the shepherds who saw the herald angels were drunk in the Holy Spirit on Christmas Day. There’s no high like the Most High!

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The illogical labels of “black” & “white”

In America, someone of mixed blood is called “black” instead of “white” or “mixed.” Isn’t that racist?

The false labeling of mixed (black and white) people as “black” goes back to the slavery and Jim Crow racist lie that “one drop” of “black” blood makes a person black. But that’s absolutely untrue. 

Take President Obama for instance. He had a white mother and a Kenyan (black) father so he is 50/50 — just as much white as black. If fact, if we go by the laws of the Old South (which declared that a baby was of the status and race of her/his mother) then Obama is white. So why is he called the first black president?

Perhaps that is because the concept of racial divisions and labeling is not built on a logical foundation, but on an emotional one. For example, at the end of the Civil War, when the American victims of human trafficking were freed, thousands of the slaves looked white. They were 1/32 black, 1/64 black, or even less. Because of the American lie that blacks were inferior, those former slaves, “passed” into the white population.

Christians like to say that history is “His story.” However, if history is “His story,” we should be willing to openly and honestly explore the whole story, not just the parts that make us or our country look good. To create a better future, it’s important that we take an open, honest look back. Here’s a book that does that: Off the RACE Track–From Color Blind to Color Kind.

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Grow some happiness

If you don’t learn how to grow happiness inside of your heart, you won’t find it anywhere you go and nothing you get can produce it. Life goes better when you go better!

Don’t just say the same. Improve your conversation with positive, uplifting, life-enhancing words. 

When you want to do what’s right, go for it. When you want to do what’s wrong, don’t! 

Close your mind to Satan’s “fiery darts.” Open it to God’s “still small voice.”

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Cussing — it ain’t good for you! (Or your hearers.)

Using profanity ambushes you (and your hearers) with negative and self-esteem-destroying thoughts and emotions. Cussing fills your life (and your hearers) with the same destructive words, repeated over and over.

Normalizing profanity is normalizing publicly spewed crudeness, rudeness, and lewdness. It’s not normal for humans to be crude, rude, and lewd. It’s part of the abnormal human condition that the Bible calls sin. 

People who can’t think of anything better and more helpful to say, than profanity, aren’t thinking very much. Using cuss words is a public admission of a lack of creativity. Profanity advertises a limited vocabulary through a lazy, habitual, unthinking use of rude, crude words.

Here are a few quotes about cussing:

“I simply do not think swearing, threatening, or belittling will get you to the place you want to be faster than kindness, understanding, patience, and a little willingness to compromise.” –Rachel Nichols (Frequent cussing causes sensitive people to want to get away from you and stay away from you.) “Profanity and obscenity entitle people who don’t want unpleasant information to close their ears and eyes to you.” –Kurt Vonneget

“The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.” –George Washington (Unfortunately George Washington was a human trafficker so, by definition, he wasn’t a person of sense and character. To learn more about how many of America’s founding fathers practiced human trafficking, go to this link.)

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” –Spencer Kimball

“Profanity is the common crutch of the conversational cripple.” –David Keuck

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Michael Andretti’s racetracks quote

“Running on different types of racetracks is challenging.” -Michael Andretti
America’s race track has taken us in circles for centuries.

To get beyond the race tracks: In the midst of divisiveness, search for the image of God in the people who disagree with you. There’s something likeable in every person. Why not try to find it? Inside every person there are amazing insights, experiences, and strengths, if we will only take the time to look.

When Christians worship in ethnically and racially diverse groups, they show the world what Heaven looks like.

Sometimes we have to take a searching look at the past to free up the future. 
Perhaps it is time to talk about race openly, honestly, and compassionately. For example: American slavery is often considered to be an anomaly instead of a 246 year atrocity. For practical ways to get off the race track, go to this link.

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+-Following Jesus is a long haul, not a quick fix.

Lite year: 365 days with little or no personal or spiritual growth–the road to incessant immaturity. Life goes better if we avoid lite years and instead open our hearts to God’s light. Don’t go through life at the speed of lite, avoiding personal and spiritual growth. Instead, step into the light and stretch yourself!

True greatness is complex. It requires honesty, compassion, moral character, kindness, justice, and humility.

Following Jesus is a long haul (and a long hall) not a quick fix. Don’t just go to church. Go to the living, resurrected Jesus and let Him take control of your life. Did the early Christians meet to passively hear the same man speak every week?

Without an intimate, submissive relationship with the risen Jesus, hearing sermons about Him does little good. JESUS Talks! Listen directly to Him and you’ll never be the same! 

When church fails to manifest the dynamic power and presence of the resurrected Jesus, people “attend” unchanged. Many of society’s problems would be overcome if churches would let the living Jesus take over and run their meetings.

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Elvis, Tupelo, & race

My mother grew up poor in Tupelo, Mississippi, next door to Elvis. In spite of the strong Jim Crow (forced segregation) laws, they played with both black and white kids.

My Southern parents raised me in Arkansas and Tennessee and taught me to be kind and to respect everybody. Because of their influence I was mostly unaware of the shocking reality of racism, until I began to research history on my own, as an adult. Then I discovered many secrets that had been hidden from me in my school history classes and are still not widely known. I share much of what I learned in my new book: Off the RACE Track–From Color-Blind to Color-Kind.

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