Top Ten Ways I Have Grown In Christ

Top 10 ways I have grown as a Christian:
1) Salvation experience;
2) Baptism in the Holy Spirit;
3) Continually, listening to and obeying Jesus’ voice;
4) Daily Bible reading (and doing) with an open heart;
5) Regularly speaking in tongues;
6) Worshipping the risen Jesus with heart-felt passion;
7) Praying with people from the heart / prayer walking;
8) Flowing in the gifts of the Spirit with others (one anothering)
9) Sharing my salvation testimony & hearing other’s share theirs.
10) Reading anointed Christian books by powerful believers from the past 2,000 years and collecting quotes from them;
Bonus) Fasting

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Go off the map — Jesus is the way!

Go off the map. Break out of your programming. Be led by the risen Jesus. He is the way. Follow Him!

Church sits in idle. But ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to start your engines!

True Christianity isn’t a cold case to be lectured about and studied; but a living fire, a burning love for Jesus and compassion for all people!

The most wasted of days is the one without heart-to-heart interaction with the risen Jesus!

How many sermons must a person hear to be a passionate, faithful, obedient Christ-follower? None! Listening to Christian lectures without living a Christian lifestyle is dead.
(James 2:17)

Listening to Christian lectures is not as effective as an interactive laboratory for New Testament one anothering. Live a Christ-like lifestyle; don’t merely listen to Christian lectures. (See James 1:22.) The indication that someone has received the grace of God is a godly life.

Most churches affirm “the priesthood of the believer” but don’t allow ordinary believers to do any ministry. However, there’s nothing like an interactive, Spirit-led, worshiping community joined together, heart-to-heart, with Christ & one another.

You want your leaders to feed you, but you need to feed yourself.”  –Samuel Logan Bringle

Keys Christ

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A few things not said (like this) before . . .

The world has enough crude, mean, vulgar, profane, and disrespectful words and images. Why not say, write, or post something uplifting instead?

My two favorite electronic devices are my mind and my heart. I’m addicted to scrolling through them both for God’s inspiration! I strive to keep all negativity and malware out of both my mind and my heart.

When you’re lying, you’re living in a fairy tale world — your own mythical make-believe land. To get out of your fantasy land, tell the truth.

Every person is a teacher. Some people teach you effective ways to live and some teach self-destructive ways to live. Which do you want to learn?

The way out of intense emotional pain is not suicide; it’s the love, healing, and forgiveness offered by the living Jesus!

It may not be good to fall asleep in a sermon, but it’s far worse to nod off when God is talking to you. God speaks through your conscience. Ignoring His voice is like trying to drive while blindfolded.

No church program or pulpit presentation can compare to the actual presence of Christ. Why settle for less?

When church is led by the Spirit instead of by a human program, it becomes unpredictable. Inherited church that centers around a one-man sermon, may not be the most effective way for Christians to meet.

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All lives matter (or do they?)

You can’t treat me that way! I was worthless and disposable in the womb, but now my life matters. I lived through the womb!!!

I went through the womb and came out of it alive! (I bet you did, too.) I’m so glad that you lived through the disposable period of human life and that your mother chose life for you!

Womb survivors are everywhere; but the many millions of womb victims are seldom heard about. Womb life matters!

Here’s a watered down message: “Don’t choose to take human life unless, of course, it is still in the womb.” It’s also contradictory.

In the US a court decision; in Ireland a vote; and prenatal life suddenly becomes disposable. Doesn’t that devalue all human life?

Christianity goes beyond just respecting other people’s rights. It says: “in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Shouldn’t that also to apply to life in the womb?

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4 men, an elephant & the Bible . . .

4 men & an elephant can give you great insight into the Bible. Check this out!

When people tell you that there are contradictions in the Bible; think about an elephant. (To make sense of that statement, watch the first two minutes of this video!)

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“Sit & be told?” or “Go & be bold?”

The living experience of Christ is far more amazing than anything anyone can say about Him. To really understand the Gospel it must be more than preached. It must be personally experienced and lived. People learn what they do. To really learn Christianity we need to do Christianity.

When God’s inner rivers aren’t allowed to flow; God’s people aren’t able to fully grow. Let Jesus freely flow from within you! Once you begin to bask in the Spirit flowing from within you, it’s hard to be in a Christian meeting where He is shut down.

People come to church expecting to hear from a preacher. In early Christianity they came together expecting to hear from God. To hear your conscience is to hear from God. Listen! Pay attention to what’s going on in your heart and open the door when you hear Jesus knocking.

To hear a sermon, yet not personally experience what was preached, leaves a person with little more than fleeting head knowledge. However, the essence of Christianity is to know, experience, and daily obey the risen Jesus.

Let’s make church a Christ lab where we experiment with fresh ways of interacting with and obeying Jesus. Ekklesia is a faith-lab where Christians demonstrate the reality of the risen Jesus as they flow with the gifts of the Spirit.

Only you can manage your relationship with Jesus! If you try to delegate your responsibility to someone else, you may drift away. Christians have a responsibility to personally hear and obey the living Jesus, not just to go to church. Church’s message is “Sit & be told.” Jesus’ message is “Go & be bold.”

Sermons are available at church or on internet, TV, and radio; however, open, Spirit-led interaction in a body of believers is rare. If you want a sermon, they’re easy to find, however, if you want to meet with Christ-followers who practice 1 Corinthians 14:26; that’s almost extinct! (So why are modern churches almost universally sermonopolies?) Sermons are too often like retweets; merely repeating something a preacher saw, read, or heard somewhere else

How can Jesus be the Head of a church if the church meets under the headship of a pastor? Can a church have two heads?

Schools and colleges are graduating people. Why don’t churches ever graduate people and send them out to change the world?

Jesus promised inner rivers of living water. What clogs your soul? If you have no sense of sin, you may see Christ as an accessory, but you won’t see Him as a necessity. Without the idea of judgment, the concept of grace is meaningless.

Many emotional problems come from a reading disorder–the failure to consistently read positive, hopeful, uplifting material. (Like the Bible!)

What’s the world’s worst tasting mint? Discouragemint! Don’t put it in your mouth and don’t give it to others!

Oops! An atheist is a person who believes himself to be an accident. You’re too important for that to be true.



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Ireland declares prenatal human life to be disposable

Ireland has joined most other Western nations in making prenatal human life legally disposable. Irish activist, Cora Sherlock, put it this way:

“What repealing or replacing the 8th Amendment would actually involve, if voted through, is stripping unborn babies of all meaningful protections which in turn would inevitably lead to countless babies having their lives deliberately ended with the full sanction of the State. That is the simple and stark reality.”

But how can making human life disposable in one stage not devalue it in every other stage of life? If you and I had no value in the womb, it doesn’t make any sense that we would suddenly be of value now that we are outside of the womb.

By declaring human life to be worthless in the womb, it seems that Western culture has caused some people to follow the logic and to see life as worthless outside the womb. Perhaps the appearance and rise of random mass murders of innocent people in our Western culture is an example of this. The random killing of innocent people isn’t just crazy; it’s unbelievably evil

Society has lost sight of the value of human life. Each human life is of greater value than all the world’s great art works combined. The idea of disposable plastic is destroying our planet. The idea of disposable humanity is demolishing respect for human life.

Alice Paul (born in 1885) was an early, American suffragist, feminist, and women’s right’s advocate. She said: “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” (Half of its victims are female.)

A person cannot be lectured into godliness, that takes an inward, spiritual transformation. However, your life matters and so do all other human lives in all other stages. Disposable diapers are one thing. Disposables babies are another!

The yes vote in the Irish referendum illustrates this principle: When godly Christian influence is strong, society hides its evil — when weak, society openly displays evil and even boast about it.

Here is some godly influence: Mother Teresa sums it up with these words: “I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is ‘Abortion’, because it is a war against the child… A direct killing of the innocent child, ‘Murder’ by the mother herself… And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”


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