ONE is so good you want to mark it up!

ONE isn’t a book that you just browse through once and then are done with. I’ve been combing it over for months now, underlining, taking notes, sharing it with others; and I’m still getting so much from it.

ONE grabs you and holds your attention. You can go back to it over and over again and continually discover fresh insights, new inspiration, and practical ideas. It’s really a house church handbook that helps you understand small home groups, both practically and theologically, so that you can feel comfortable stepping out and starting a home meeting in your own house.

You can read ONE a little at a time, or you can study it like a textbook. Either way, ONE stirs up the heart with such a vision of unity in the body of Christ that you start believing that it can really happen and you want it to begin with you.

There are many wonderful things in ONE that you will want to quote, to remember, and to share with others. Many quotations from ONE are listed on Goodreads @

Check out a few of those quotes. Then get into ONE for yourself. It’s on Kindle and in paperback. Personally, I prefer the paperback so that I can work it over as I underline, fold corners over, and write notes in the margins.

ONE rag tag

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Cast out demons? Or sit through sermons?

Jesus calls people to be child-like; not to be scholar-like. It’s important that Christ-followers not just listen to preachers but also listen to and obey the inner voice of Jesus, or else they become preacher-followers. Jesus said that His followers would “cast out demons,” not “sit through sermons.”

You can’t hear enough sermons to empower you to follow and obey Jesus. That takes His presence freely living inside of you! Open sharing in church makes the invisible Jesus obvious as He prompts various people to speak and causes it all to flow in harmony.

To keep on preaching to people about something, but never helping them to actually do it; makes them sluggish and apathetic. The “let the preacher do it” mentality creates Christians who think that all they need to do is go to church now and then. In reality, Christians need hands-on, experiential training in obeying the Holy Spirit, much more than we need another sermon.

Church is like an NFL team that cuts out practice & instead has the coach give continual lectures. (How effective would that be?)

I believe church is slowly fading away because it won’t change from one-man lecture to Spirit-led interaction. Perhaps we need to return to the New Testament concept of ekklesia. “To each one (not just to one preacher) the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” -1 Corinthians 12:7.

People didn’t experience ekklesia in Greek cities until they heard and responded to a hearld. To experience ekklesia we hear and obey the risen Jesus.

The Holy Spirit has gifts He wants to release through various people when we meet for church. It would good if we would let Him. Let’s meet for worship and do what the Bible says: Allow the Spirit to distribute His gifts “to each one, just as He determines.”

Why should Christians have a human hierarchy? The Bible says that “the government shall be upon His shoulders.”

For many centuries church has planted seeds of passivity in Christians — just sit and look like you’re listening. However, Christians could become much stronger if we turned church services into ministry practice for all who attend.

If Christians in church are not free to hear Jesus and do what He tells them, where will they be that free? Church is content for people to merely sit and watch; but ekklesia calls for us to interact with Christ and with each other.

Don’t let the life of Christ wither in your heart like some dried up twig. Stir up your heart till His fire blazes within you! Christ’s power comes through His presence. If we bypass His presence, we bypass His power. Anointing flows through heart-connection with the risen Jesus and with one another; not through formal talks.

Have you heard what God is doing in the hearts of the people you go to church with? Ask them & let them tell you! To only allow one person to speak in church is like only allowing one channel on your TV. To have the same person speak in church week after week is like listening to the same TED Talk every week.

Christians are called to meet as the body of Christ; not as a classroom for Christ. When Christians meet to tune their hearts to, surrender to, and obey the life of Christ in their midst; Jesus shows up and shows out!

A sermon that doesn’t help people interact with the risen Jesus is just a lecture. It causes spiritual atrophy. That’s when members of the body of Christ just sit and listen in meetings, but aren’t actively involved.

Christianity is not a consumer product that you replenish by going to a church. It’s a radically transformed life.

Church allows Christians no opportunity to discover what Christ is doing in each other.
“Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Christians who haven’t been trained to share with one another what God is doing in their lives, miss out on many miracles!

Feelings fluctuate but faith is faithful. However, faith requires action and participation; not just being a spectator.

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Doin’ Da Crazy Bible Stuff–YouTube Channel

LET’S DO DA STUFF! — Miracles, loving your enemies, speaking in tongues, Dalton Georgia oil, salvation testimonies, giving thanks, healing the sick, gifts of the Spirit, virgin birth, hearing God’s voice, dreams and visions, and being crazy for Jesus.
–Jay Tyler & I talk about all that & more on our new YouTube Channel — Crazy Bible Stuff! — GIVE IT A LOOK N LISTEN.

crazy bible stuff

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Creative Christmas ideas

For Christmas, decorate your heart with the Light of Christ!

My favorite Christmas Clause: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders.”

Christmas pi — π: No matter how you slice it, let Christ be the constant in your life! π

Christmas pudding: Pudding (putting) Christ first in your life!

Christmas cheer: J-E-S-U-S! What does it spell? Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Let Jesus unwrap your heart and fill you with His presence!

While Christmas shopping, don’t forget to “count the cost” and then go all out for Jesus!

Have a Mary Christmas. Let Jesus live in you.

Many celebrate Christmas. Few daily surrender to, follow, and obey the risen Jesus.

Christmas! It took the entire Bible to explain it!

Enjoy the heart-felt ONEness and loving community that Christ came to give us. Have ONE very, merry Christmas! (Learn more about what Christ has done and is doing in the world by getting a copy of ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House by Henry Hon @

ONE Christmas


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TEDD Talks (“Train Everybody To Declare & Demonstrate”)

Let’s go TEDD and “Train Everybody to Declare and Demonstrate.” There’s no need for anyone to just sit and be passive!

Christians need to share from the heart with one another; not just to listen to an “expert” speak once a week. Churches let the same man talk every week. TED Talks let lots of different people talk. Ekklesia lets anybody present talk and declare and demonstrate Jesus.

In ancient Greek city/states a hearld called the ekklesia together. Hearld angels still call for Christ’s ekklesia to gather.

As messed up as this world is, there are amazing seeds of hope — a birth, a cross, a resurrection. Hallelujah! God’s looking for overseers who can see over the walls of religious traditions and behold the Lamb of God.

True theology is much more than the study of God. It is daily surrender to and relationship with the risen Jesus! Preach to me and I forget. Help me interact with the risen Jesus and I’m transformed and set free!

It can be difficult to experience Christian community in church when you’re restricted to passively listening to one man. Churches are full of ministers and priests — that’s what is meant by the Christian doctrine of “the priesthood of the believer.” So why is only one person allowed to speak in church?

Since the risen Jesus has promised to be present with and to personally lead His gathered body, there is no need for a hierarchy when we meet and we can practice mutual submission as we all submit to Him and to His working in and through each other.

TEDD Talks


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ONE talkin’ ’bout ONE . . .

The book, ONE, actually talks about itself. But what does it say? Here are some quotations:

“What is highlighted in this book is not just a vision. There are many practical actions that need to be taken in order to fulfill the heavenly vision of ONE.”

“It is our hope that the mater of ONEness among people and specifically among the followers of Jesus Christ becomes a major topic of conversation.”

“Let’s consider the Bible with fresh eyes without the distorted lens of historical Christianity. Let’s pray that the readers of this book will hit ‘reset’ and return to the beginning and become one.”

“The author is not advocating an ecumenical movement where all Christian churches work out their differences to come under one unbrella organization. Rather, the oneness among believers does not need to be organized. Loving one another in one body is innate in each believer, based on the life of Jesus Christ in each one.”

“The author hopes that through this book many more believers will be inspired and find real joy in the building up of the assembly from house to house; according to God’s eternal purpose. For those already practicing the assembly in a home, this book will serve as a way of trading notes so that believers can learn and network together in the one fellowship of Jesus Christ. Let’s pray and live expecting the next and last revival. Reset to ONE; revival next!”

“I have no doubt that after reading this book — if all the verses highlighted and the thoughts behind them are understood — you will be motivated to commit yourself to living and serving toward God’s purpose.”

“This book, ONE, is not intended to be a concluding word, nor a terminal definition of the practice of oneness among Christians. Rather, our hope is that it will be a catalyst for expanding fellowship that would allow the Spirit to move freely among God’s people for new and fresh discoveries, insights, and experiences.”

“Quote from this book and reference it through your social media postings. Use it to start and expand on the topics of ONE; life, truth, and glory.”

From the Foreword: “ONE! The simplicity of this title provides strategic insight into Henry Hon’s thinking and the contents of this book. It is a clear call for every believer, though God’s empowering grace and our inspired obedience, to become the answer to the prayer that Jesus prayed to our Father.  ‘. . . that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.’ –John 17:23” –Gaylord Enns, author of “Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus”

Learn more about ONE @

ONE on One

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Feeling Christmas

Check out this most unusual 55 second, Christmas video:

How I feel about Jesus’ birth.

It’s good to understand Christmas — it’s even better to feel it!

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