Care for soul-wounds

It’s almost impossible to convey the love of Christ to people when you feel hostile toward them. Be kind. Life’s ups and downs shouldn’t be a Ferris Wheel, endlessly repeating, but a mountain railroad taking you to a lovely destination.

Soul-wounds need care, treatment, and healing, just like physical wounds do. Don’t neglect your mental and spiritual health care. Many people are so busy that they forget to be soul busy, but true success comes from within.

Just because your brain is grey, your thoughts don’t have to be. Fill your brain with bright, positive, uplifting thoughts. God loves people so much that He wants to help us get untangled from our thoughts and behaviors that are hurting us.

The kingdom of God is not a human hierarchy, but the direct government of God in individual people’s hearts. Early Christianity offers a route to wildness that doesn’t destroy, but sets free, thru the noninstitutionalized Holy Spirit.

Don’t let your lifestyle choices fillet your soul and leave you empty inside. Learn to live so that you are enriched within.

I see partially. God sees entirely. I need to trust God’s viewpoint, not mine.

The real “Supreme Court” is the voice of God speaking in the human conscience. People who silence their conscience tune out the voice of God. Maintaining mental health is much easier when you listen to and obey your conscience.

A culture that encourages people to ignore their conscience (and criticizes those who don’t) will slowly fall into angry anarchy. Following your conscience produces better results than disobeying it. Try it and see.

Language and images are mental and emotional programming. The media you consume will gradually mold you into its likeness.

Instead of an audience of people dangling on one man’s words, church could be a web of people actively supporting one another. No one should be lonely in church. Church should be a living demonstration of Spirit-led community and supernatural caring. When God’s holy spontaneity is rejected by churches, He still seeks individuals who will hear and obey the Spirit way.


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Bland faith?

Christianity that fails to produce fire in your soul probably is something less that the real deal. Some people are afraid of blind faith, but I find bland faith far more frightening. Bland faith is powerless. Living faith opens eyes, transforms lives, & sets people gloriously free.

Over-planning quenches the Holy Spirit by eliminating the need for His direct leadership. Asking for and receiving forgiveness from God and from other people is much more powerful than trying to forgive yourself.

Unhappiness is a warning that you’re misusing your mind–an opportunity to readjust your thinking to produce peace and fulfillment. For emotional healing, learning and applying new coping skills is much more effective than merely taking pills. Everybody alive is shaping the future. Shape yours well!

Too many people want filtered water and unfiltered thoughts, but what you drink with your mind can be more harmful than any water. You got where you are by the roads you took. Do you like your destination or is it time to reroute?

Farm your mind; raise a crop of positive, uplifting, peaceful, and encouraging thoughts. Then harvest them daily.

It’s a dangerous thing to delegate your relationship with God to a pastor, a priest, or anyone else. When we make anything human “supreme” in our lives, we step outside of the kingdom of God where God alone is supreme.


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No need to be sad or boring–the Bible says, “Rejoice.”

No need to be sad, dull, or boring. The Bible says to “rejoice.”

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The “shocking” power of Christ in you

Christ-followers have an external power source living inside them that can be activated by faith-filled surrender. However, Church too often trains people to have a passive mind and accept whatever a preacher or priest says, not to think and seek God. However, church could meet to let people experience and apply Christian truth in ministry to one another, like 1 Corinthians 14:26 teaches.

If you put your hope in a priest or preacher, you’ll be disappointed. Put your hope in the risen Jesus and get to know Him. Human leadership can easily interfere with Christ’s leadership. Pastors should train people to listen to and obey Christ, not them. Our way of doing things can block God’s way. Jesus is the Way; let’s follow Him, not a tradition or a program.

The greatest blessing for a Christian is an intimate, ongoing relationship with the risen Jesus. Nothing compares to that!

Having Christ living in you is like holding on to a live electric wire. Both release a current that shakes up your life.

Experiencing other Christ-followers as family is an important aspect of being in the body of Christ. The Bible says a Christ-follower is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Are you continually aware of Christ living in you? You can be if you’re not disconnected.

When you feel attacked by negative thoughts, forcibly and continually think uplifting thoughts. Say them out loud if necessary. When your feelings and your conscience contradict, silence your feelings, not your conscience.

Continually train and exercise your mind to think thoughts that make it healthy and to strongly reject harmful or tormenting thoughts. A passive mind, like an inactive body, becomes unhealthy. Don’t let your mind atrophy and become weak. Use it for self-improvement.

Take a stroll with the Spirit
Step by step aligned,
Not just from time to time,
But every moment of every day.

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Lay it on the line!

How can we let God change us if we won’t even let Him change the church program? Take a risk like the chicken who went halfway across the road to lay it on the line. Lay your all on the line for Jesus!

Christianity isn’t a supermarket where you shop for what you want from God; it’s an army where you lay it all on the line for Him. Church should be a place of surrender, where everybody (including the pastor), let’s go and lets God! Programs, time limits, routine, and a controlled schedule don’t convey the concept of surrender to Christ

Talks about fire can never replace the warmth of a real fire. Talks about God can never replace His flames blazing in your heart. Christians should be like fire hoses, gushing with living water, not like dried up sponges lined up in rows.

Church is too often evaluated by the number of people present, instead of by the degree of surrender to the presence of Christ. Church without God’s supernaturalism is just a religious meeting.

Humble hearts are more powerful than huffy heads. The deception of self-sovereignty keeps us from the kingdom of God. To reconnect with your conscience is to turn on the light of God in your life.

Hearing sermon is like trying to follow a man’s directions but forgetting them. Listening to God is like following a GPS. Perhaps “to gather in Jesus’ name” means “to set aside human programs & instead meet under His personal direction.” –See Mt 18:20

If you’re not happy about your life, change directions. Alter your behaviors; adjust your thoughts; reorient your heart.

Calling adolescent language “adult language” or “mature language” is one of the great deceptions of our culture. It’s easy to be caught in the current of contemporary culture but it’s much more liberating to be caught in the current of Christ.

lay it on the line


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Temptations are life’s train wreckers

Temptations are life’s train wreckers. They attempt to steal your identity and to make you a prisoner of desires and feelings. People who always cooperate with temptation never realize what a strong force has control of their life.

If you don’t attempt to overcome temptation you won’t. Without self-control, temptation rules.

Every time you give in to a temptation you guarantee that it will be back again, even stronger. Instead learn to overcome it!

Before jumping into temptation, count the cost. Is the pleasure worth the pain?

Anybody can give in to temptation, but it takes a courageous hero to resist it and overcome it. Temptation is false advertising–lying desires that tell you a shady behavior will make you happy and get you what you want.

If you act interested in temptation, it will beat you every time. Don’t go there unless you’re sure you really want to go there.

When a temptation is brought into the light and shared with a trusted friend, it loses much of its power. Try it and see!

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No more boring church misrepresenting Heaven!

If a church service is boring, it’s not like Heaven. Heaven is the most Spirit-led place in the universe, so why doesn’t church train us to follow the Spirit to get us ready? Be led by the Spirit: Deliberately delegate the daily direction of your life to the risen Jesus.

Listening to a man talk about God instead of listening to God talk for Himself is an example of misplaced priorities. Unfortunately, people can go to church for decades and never learn how to listen to and obey God’s voice. Church can easily be a check-off item on your to-do list (done that), but faith, hope, and love can never be checked off the list.

It’s one thing to give a talk about Jesus; it’s another to demonstrate His presence in your life and character. The calling for all Christians is to lay down our will and follow the risen Christ instead.

People don’t need to be lectured — they need to be listened to, loved, and led by godly example. Christians are called to be prophetic people in what they say and do, not passive people known for sitting through sermons.

Perhaps lining people up in rows to acquiescently listen to a one-man sermon is a self-fulfilling prophesy of Christian passivity. Instead, check sermons with the Bible! After Paul’s preaching, the Bereans “searched the Scriptures daily” to see if it was true. Listening to sermons more than you read the Bible is dangerous. Jesus warned of “false prophets” so check preachers by the Bible.

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