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Both the racial divide and infanticide (post and prenatal) are on the wrong side of history.

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Racism discriminates against skin color. Abortion discriminates against stage of life.

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For a society to support both life-saving prenatal surgery & life-taking prenatal cruelty, contorts common sense.

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It’s good to avoid cruelty (both prenatal and postnatal)

If there can be prenatal care, there can be prenatal cruelty. If society can dehumanize the unborn because they aren’t “viable,” what’s to stop the dehumanizing of the unviable elderly? Both racism and abortion are cruel. Racism is postnatal cruelty. … Continue reading

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Going beyond misperception is the key to kindness

Misperception produces deception. Humble reception of truth gives clear perception. To overcome violence in society we must silence hostility and replace it with a culture of kindness and respect for all human life. Both accusations and denials of racism miss … Continue reading

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3 prolife facts

If homicide and suicide are wrong, so is prenatalcide. To be against the death penalty for the guilty, but for the abortion of the innocent, is inconsistent. When prenatal kill replaces prenatal care, ALL human LIVES are devalued.

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Fight within to win without!

If you’re looking for a fight, fight to overcome your attitude of hostility toward people. Real victory doesn’t come from arguing with and trying to overcome people. It comes from overcoming your inner enemies. Fight within to win without! When … Continue reading

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