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Insults & accusations give birth to fake news

To pride, all insults matter, but humility hardly notices them. When people call you a name on social media, don’t answer to it. Insults are seldom honest. Their goal isn’t truth, but pain. When people insult you, it reveals weakness … Continue reading

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Political idolatry

Some people believe that their political opinions are based on facts. They also believe that their political opponents’ views are built on fake news. When Christians are unkind and speak or act rudely, it doesn’t make people want to follow … Continue reading

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We desperately need heavenly politics

Forget Trump and Hillary–America desperately needs the living, resurrected Jesus. Here’s my paraphrase of Jesus’ words in Matthew 3:2: “Line up your attitude, thoughts, words, and actions with God and His will (rather than with your feelings, desires, compulsions, and … Continue reading

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