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Blog & books — I love to write

If you like my blog you will enjoy my books. Learn more about all 3 @ this link.

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The Joy Of Early Christianity

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Why all the talk about race?

WHY? WHY is race such a big deal? WHY the accusations of “racism”?

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Off the RACE Track book

Off the RACE Track–From Color Blind to Color Kind is available in paperback and Kindle. Tell your friends / share / thanks! https://amzn.to/2WRCATQ

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The illogical labels of “black” & “white”

In America, someone of mixed blood is called “black” instead of “white” or “mixed.” Isn’t that racist? The false labeling of mixed (black and white) people as “black” goes back to the slavery and Jim Crow racist lie that “one … Continue reading

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Discriminate in your reading–plant seeds of hope

All reading is not created equal. Discriminate. Find reading material that is hope-giving, uplifting, challenging, and healing. Read books that fill up your heart with love, compassion, and understanding, not books that trash your heart. Everything you read puts a seed … Continue reading

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ONE is so good you want to mark it up!

ONE isn’t a book that you just browse through once and then are done with. I’ve been combing it over for months now, underlining, taking notes, sharing it with others; and I’m still getting so much from it. ONE grabs … Continue reading

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