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Bullying & violence say, “I’m incapable!”

When someone uses bullying or violence to get what he wants, he tells the world that he’s incapable of getting it some other way. However, hurting someone in order to get what you want is cruelty. The desire to hurt … Continue reading

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I prefer America the beautiful over America the bully-full. Disagreements don’t have to destroy kindness.

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Immature language (unadult language) & politics

Inflammatory, insulting and vulgar words aren’t “adult language.” “Mature language” is kind, caring, helpful, and respectfully honest. Fighting insults with insults only increases hostility. Inflammatory rhetoric lacks wisdom. Words matter. Yours can hurt, harm, and/or harass, while hyping hostility, or … Continue reading

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Profanity is not a love language

Love language seems to be in decline. For example: Even medical care has evolved from the hands-on healing of wounds and diseases to paying a person to tell you what drugs to take. When it comes to love language, let’s … Continue reading

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What ever happened to the concept of “I respectfully disagree”?

Demanding that people agree with you is unreasonable and can only produce insincere compliance. Instead be kind to everyone. Anybody can insult, mock, and be unkind, but it takes amazing courage to cross color, ethnic, and political lines with ongoing … Continue reading

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Be a light of kindness

Everybody needs kindness; even the people who disagree with you. Why not show them some? Is there a relationship between forgiveness and kindness. (Jesus said: “Whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”) The slightest kindness you show can change a … Continue reading

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Christianity is a bully-free faith!

A Christ-follower’s focus should be on love. We should never try to force, coerce, bully, intimidate, or manipulate people. We are called to “speak the truth in love” and to “consider others better than yourself.” This Bible verse always makes … Continue reading

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