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It’s not unloving to kindly speak your conscience!

Love continues to care about people when they advocate and/or do things you disapprove of. When people are shamed and/or bullied into saying they approve of things they believe are wrong, freedom of conscience is destroyed. It’s not unloving to … Continue reading

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People’s approval is a poor substitute for a clear conscience

When your conscience approves of your behavior, you aren’t needy for people’s approval. However, it’s hard to be happy if you continually ignore the disapproval of your conscience. No one has the right to make you approve of something that you believe … Continue reading

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got a clear conscience?

got a clear conscience?  Without one life’s a pain. got forgiveness?  Guilt will tilt and wilt your soul. Want forgiveness and a clear conscience? The living, resurrected Jesus Christ is standing by, waiting to forgive you, if you will turn … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Think I’m Very Wealthy

A few days ago I began to realize how wealthy I am.  However, it is not a wealth that Forbes magazine will recognize. Nevertheless, if the world’s billionaires knew how much peace, contentment, excitement, clear conscience, joy, and sweet, moment-by-moment companionship with … Continue reading

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