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Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led?

Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led? That is the question for the church of the future. If church doesn’t train Christians to listen directly to God’s “still small voice,” doesn’t that make a preacher God’s middleman? If your insights and spiritual gifts … Continue reading

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Pastor control can be a problem

If the people in a congregation are as important as the pastor, why aren’t they allowed to say anything? Any organization that only allows one person to address its meetings, may have a control problem. Why is grace amazing? Because … Continue reading

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1 Speaker Church Is Like A 1 Channel TV . . .

If church has the same speaker every week, it is like a TV that only gets one channel. Maybe Christian ministry would be more effective at changing lives and transforming our culture if it flowed from one ordinary believer to … Continue reading

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Founder Of The Salvation Army Believed In Participatory Church

William Booth, co-founder (along with his wife) of The Salvation Army, believed that church meetings should be participatory and not just involve one person running the meeting and doing all the ministry.  Here’s what he said: “Some murmurs have reached … Continue reading

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