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Designer skin — a birth right

You’re wearing designer skin. (You’re looking good, because God, Himself, designed the skin you’re in!) For society to devalue people because of their skin, brands them with something they can’t hide and that sticks with them for life. When skin … Continue reading

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God’s not color-blind (no one is > or <)

God created skin-color, so you know He’s not color-blind. Of course, God sees our skin-color, but He doesn’t evaluate us by it. The color says nothing about the condition of a car or a house or a cat. The same … Continue reading

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You might be unracist if . . .

The vast majority of Americans claim (and believe) that they are not racists. However, in an unracist society, race isn’t an issue. You might be unracist if you look at faces and don’t see races. You might be unracist if … Continue reading

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