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Choosing choices worth celebrating

Some choices morph into regrets. Some produce reasons to celebrate. (Even if your past choices weren’t worth celebrating, your future ones can be.) The choices you choose to make will make or break you. Put the brakes on harmful choices … Continue reading

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Don’t follow your heart when it tries to lead you into bad choices. Choose to make your life a wonder, not a blunder. When you let your feelings make your choices, you’re in for a reckless ride. Choose thoughts, words, and actions … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong? (Winking At Sin)

Does anyone have the right to tell you you’re wrong? Or must the whole world wink when you do what you do? When everybody winks at wrong doing, soon nobody will know what is wrong. It’s not wrong to point out … Continue reading

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“The Right Side Of History”?

Christ-followers should strive to be on the right side of His story, rather than on “the right side of history,” following and obeying the living, resurrected Jesus Christ rather than popular opinion.

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Powerful Words From The Book “Viral Jesus”

Here are some quotations from the book, Viral Jesus — Rediscovering The Contagious Power Of The Gospel by Ross Rohde: “Read through the eyes of a modern Christian, the behavior of the believers in the Book of Acts seems a … Continue reading

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