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Easter Requiem For Church As Usual

Members of Christ’s body meet, Gagged and bound (hand and heart), By tradition, protocol, and hierarchy. They’re not allowed to be doers, But are lined up in rows as hearers only, Gathered to be restrained, Not permitted to freely speak … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday as it really happened (not as it’s talked about in church)

Palm Sunday wasn’t a lecture by a religious professional but rather spontaneous declarations of praise by everyday people. It was everyday people celebrating the presence of the living Jesus, not a religious talk about Jesus in the past. Palm Sunday … Continue reading

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All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket!

All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket Easter Week should EGG you on toward Radical obedience to The living, resurrected Jesus Christ! Easter Week reminds me That all my EGGS Are in one basket — The living, resurrected Jesus … Continue reading

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What Do People Hunt During Easter Week?

It’s Easter week!  What should we be hunting for? 1) Eggs? or 2) The risen Jesus Christ? Well, if the resurrection is merely a myth, then I guess the only things we have to hunt for are eggs, or fancy … Continue reading

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