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Some desires are bad!

The strength of a desire isn’t the measure of its correctness. Every desire isn’t desirable. Desires that defy your conscience should be resolutely refuted, resisted, and repulsed. Letting desire, rather than wise deliberation, lead in decision making seldom results in … Continue reading

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People’s character is as important as their beliefs. Integrity matters. It’s dangerous to support bad character.

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Can love & ethics go together?

Having strong moral character used to be appreciated and called integrity. Now it’s often condemned and called intolerance and judgment. Ethics is about doing the right thing, not about doing whatever you want to and then calling it the right … Continue reading

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Love & grace have moral backbone

Every person has the right to believe that some things are morally wrong. Love respects that right. It doesn’t accuse someone who disagrees with their moral principles, of “hating” them. Grace sensitizes the human conscious. It doesn’t silence it. If our … Continue reading

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Telling the truth about lying

Truth is you might wanna watch our new Crazy Bible Stuff video about lying . . . (AND DON’T SAY YOU DID IF YOU DON’T LOL.)

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Who’s responsible for evil?

When you speak out against evil and wrongdoing, don’t ignore your own life and heart. If you watch evil, think evil, are entertained by evil, you’ll have a hard time not embracing evil and being influenced by it. If we won’t allow … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures release the g-word in your life

When you’re behaving badly, you’re buying tickets for lots of future guilt trips. Guilty pleasures release the g-word in your life Guilt is not the source of your moral pain. Your unethical thoughts and behaviors are. Guilt is like speed bumps. … Continue reading

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