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Replace your tormenting thoughts with these hopeful thoughts

If churches gathered like Heaven, with people from “every kindred and every tribe,” their example would make the world better. Rather than “follow your heart” train your heart to follow Jesus. Jesus can make the rest of your life the … Continue reading

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A repentant heart follows conscience, not whims

People who follow and obey the living Jesus experience ongoing, personal and spiritual growth in Christ-likeness. Christianity that fails to produce Christ-like character and behavior in its adherents falls far short of biblical Christianity. Where there is no Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you (don’t follow your heart)

  We humans continually hustle to hide the hurt and hideousness of our cheatin’ heart behind religion, self-righteousness (self-justification), and/or rebellion. We deny the scathing seriousness of our sin and the evil nature of our heart, even though the Bible … Continue reading

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