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Scruples seem scarce

Scruples (inner desires to avoid doing wrong) seem scarce in today’s society. Without scruples, people do whatever they want with little regard for ethics or honesty. This basic principle of life, “Don’t do things you shouldn’t do,” seems to have … Continue reading

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It’s not unloving to kindly speak your conscience!

Love continues to care about people when they advocate and/or do things you disapprove of. When people are shamed and/or bullied into saying they approve of things they believe are wrong, freedom of conscience is destroyed. It’s not unloving to … Continue reading

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Follow the Holy Spirit speaking in your conscience and through the Bible

Christ’s presence in the present moment is life’s most neglected present. When Christian’s meet, God wants to take control so He can manifest & demonstrate His kingdom (government) in their midst. Messages about Christ are good, but actual demonstrations of … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures release the g-word in your life

When you’re behaving badly, you’re buying tickets for lots of future guilt trips. Guilty pleasures release the g-word in your life Guilt is not the source of your moral pain. Your unethical thoughts and behaviors are. Guilt is like speed bumps. … Continue reading

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