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When racism is gone, America’s slave plantations will be seen to be as horrific as Auschwitz. Search: Off the RACE Track book.

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Red and yellow, black and white–there’s no color supremacy!

The idea that one skin color outranks another is myth, manipulation, and madness. Skin-color has nothing to do with the quality of a human being. Absolutely nothing! To call a certain skin color unacceptable and use it as justification for … Continue reading

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Every American should read At least one slave narrative, The personal account of someone Who courageously escaped The brutality of human trafficking inflicted By men history usually considers honorable, And get the other side of the story of slavery. There … Continue reading

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Remembering some of America’s forgotten mothers on Mothers Day

We’ve forgotten the millions of mothers in America who were brutalized by legalized human trafficking. We’ve forgotten the 4,000+ American mothers whose son or daughter was murdered by racist lynchings. We’ve forgotten the millions of American mothers treated as inferior … Continue reading

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The illogical labels of “black” & “white”

In America, someone of mixed blood is called “black” instead of “white” or “mixed.” Isn’t that racist? The false labeling of mixed (black and white) people as “black” goes back to the slavery and Jim Crow racist lie that “one … Continue reading

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Why America needs to say, “Black Lives Matter”

Why America Needs To Say “Black Lives Matter” In its early years America said That black lives don’t matter By subjecting millions of black lives to: Human trafficking and abuse; Lifelong bondage and work without pay; Cruel separation from their … Continue reading

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Has human trafficking ever been honorable?

If human trafficking is cruel and evil in 2015, how can we call it honorable in 1776?

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