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Fresh & practical thoughts about love overcoming hate

Love is a better way to disagree than hate. Let’s disagree better. Persistent love can transform a foe into a friend. Confronting evil with love is a great weapon against evil. It doesn’t escalate the evil, but exposes it in … Continue reading

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Agree with me . . .

There’ so much disagreement today. Here’s something simple that maybe we can agree on. Agree with me, please. When the skinPeople are inIs allowed toDefine who they are,We’ve gone too far. Race is a maskThat keeps people apart.Unmask the past. … Continue reading

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Do we really need all the anger?

Anger is an acid that eats up peace (both inner peace and peace in society). Anger paralyzes both reason and love, tricking people to act from impulse instead. Anger is contagious. Don’t allow other people’s anger to make you angry. … Continue reading

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Love Chapter — fresh glimpses of 1 Corinthians 13

“Love your enemies.” Be patient and kind to them, without envy, boasting, or pride. Don’t dishonor them. Refuse to be easily angered with them. Keep no record of their wrongs. Love “is not self-seeking.” Being controlled by our own desires … Continue reading

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Being polite is easy, inexpensive, and makes people feel good. Try it today. Thank you.

Bold ideas can be communicated in a polite way. Here are two samples. “Sitting under the ministry” of a man (or woman) when you could be ministering yourself seems to be misplaced priority. Church tells people that attending to receive … Continue reading

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Can love & ethics go together?

Having strong moral character used to be appreciated and called integrity. Now it’s often condemned and called intolerance and judgment. Ethics is about doing the right thing, not about doing whatever you want to and then calling it the right … Continue reading

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Seeing beyond a hoodie . . .

If you have trouble seeing beyond a hoodie, perhaps this can help. https://amzn.to/2ENVjos

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Rearranging words for heart-sight

Even with a full mind; without heart-sight we are emotionally & spiritually blind. The soul-fire that gives me light is Jesus! Christ’s body isn’t a statue. It’s an assembly line of many parts working together. What’s heard in church is mostly forgotten. … Continue reading

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Sometimes love loses . . .

Love wins has become a popular slogan. However, love doesn’t always win. Sometimes love loses. Love loses when bullying becomes a political strategy. Love loses when a child in the womb is viewed as an object to be killed and disposed … Continue reading

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Meeting “to do the 2” — the ekklesia 2-step

Ekklesia meets to do the two — to give people hands on practice, training, and experience in living out Jesus’ two greatest commandments. This is the dance of the body of Christ — the ekklesia two-step. Step one: “Love the Lord your … Continue reading

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