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Content that can make a heart content

Human hearts are very relatable & connect in community when they are drawn out of hiding by authentic content. To be content is to step beyond torment, anxiety, & turmoil & let peace settle in. Quantity & contentment are unrelated. … Continue reading

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What The Church Can Learn From Restaurant Concepts

When someone wants to open a new restaurant, she/he must first think of a concept. Restaurant concepts are various ways and means of operating restaurants. The term restaurant concept means the service style, operational strategy, theme, cuisine, and culture of a restaurant. The goal … Continue reading

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A Way (Besides Politics) To Change Your Neighborhood, City, & Country

God told Joshua:  “I will give you every place where you set your foot.”  We can change our neighborhoods, our cities, and even our country (without using politics).  But how?  One way is to prayer walk with The Salvation Army … Continue reading

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