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Why all the talk about race?

WHY? WHY is race such a big deal? WHY the accusations of “racism”? Advertisements

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When racism is gone, gone, gone . . .

When racism’s gone, skin color will be like eye color, noticed, but not definitive of people’s behavior or character. When racism’s gone, the idea that human value can be determined by skin-color will be seen as absurd. When racism’s gone, … Continue reading

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Finding hope in America’s racial problems

Through Christ, all walls of division have been torn down. Believers from every tribe and tongue are united by the blood of Jesus. A former Engaging Missions guest, Steve Simms, comes to talk about racial reconciliation. As ministers of reconciliation, … Continue reading

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You might be unracist if . . .

The vast majority of Americans claim (and believe) that they are not racists. However, in an unracist society, race isn’t an issue. You might be unracist if you look at faces and don’t see races. You might be unracist if … Continue reading

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