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Beautiful people

There’s something beautifulIn every personI encounter.Sometimes it’s hiddenDeep down inside.My job isTo find it. Search for: Off the RACE Track–From Color-Blind to Color-Kind.

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Making “race” an irrelevant matter

The lie that “black lives don’t matter equally,”Permeated America and its institutions,And was used to justify human trafficking,And/or forced separation and isolation,Supported by terror and threats of lynching,Until it was legally refutedBecause of the Civil Rights Movement.Unfortunately that lie still … Continue reading

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What is a person?

A human being is amazing,Making individual choices,Having feelings and thoughts,Able to comprehend conceptsAnd communicate ideas and information.Learn to appreciate this creature,For you are oneAnd so am I.

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Word dancing writer

I’m dancing nowAs the wordsMove aroundBefore my eyesAnd my fingersGlide with themOn the keyboard —My writing dance floor. Everyone’s a writer — writing their life story by the choices that they make as they dance through the years.

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A breath is an invisible gift Gusting into your lungs Time and time again, Seldom even noticed And never fully appreciated.

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Jeepers Creepers (a light-hearted poem)

Jeepers Creepers (a light-hearted poem)People trend to beSpiritual spelunkers, Cave creatures, Creeping through darkness Avoiding God’s light.

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The mystery of your beating heart (life’s poetic meaning)

Discover the mystery Of your beating heart, Why it keeps you going Day after day. There’s no bill For your heartbeat. It’s a free gift. Awe and wonder Shout out meaning Beyond logic, Comprehended by the heart. Point to sadness … Continue reading

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What’s it all about? Life’s meaning . . .

If the universe was meaningless, nothing would mean anything. There would be nothing of meaning for our mind to apprehend. However, without a sense of God’s presence, life can feel like meaningless existence. Drunkenness celebrates life as meaningless. Faith in … Continue reading

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The body of Christ grows, nose to nose!

Jesus said: “The light of the body is the eye.” So let’s turn around and Look into each other’s eyes With unveiled faces, And experience Christ, The hope of glory, Living in other believers. Oneness in Christ Is a matter … Continue reading

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Surrounded by voices from another world

We’re surrounded by another world That most people seldom notice; However, when we listen quietly, We can hear inner voices from there. One torments and seduces towards evil. The other comforts and steers towards love. The voice we learn to … Continue reading

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