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Why all the talk about race?

WHY? WHY is race such a big deal? WHY the accusations of “racism”? Advertisements

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Inciting hostility prepares the way for violence

Insight appreciates diversity. It doesn’t incite hate or violence. To incite hostility is to prepare the way for violence. Bullying and negotiating are not the same thing. Bullying coerces. Negotiating collaborates. Words motivate. They can be used to inspire kindness … Continue reading

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Would Americans say, “It’s in the past, forget about it,” if . . .

Would American’s say, “It’s in the past, forget about it,” if . . . . . . If another country had claimed for centuries that the Bible teaches that all Americans are cursed by God and then used that claim … Continue reading

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Learning from a black bus driver . . .

Sitting in a parked bus alone with a black bus driver, I began to tell him about my book, Off the RACE Track. After more than an hour, he began to open up to me. About that time a white … Continue reading

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COGIC Pastor’s review of Off the RACE Track

My friend and Church of God in Christ (COGIC) pastor, Larry Britton, reviewed my book: “Steve Simms’ book, Off the Race Track, is thoroughly informative and creative in its approach to sharing many of the details of the African American … Continue reading

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Playing the erase card

Play the erase card. Forgive people who have hurt or offended you. Disrespect makes fairness difficult. People who disrespect others reveal their own insecurity and fear. Two or more people won’t ever agree on everything, but their disagreement never needs … Continue reading

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A fresh, non-political look at race

Talking about race doesn’t have to be political, stressful, or confrontational. It can be encouraging and healing. Check out my new book — Off The Race Track–From Color-Blind To Color-Kind at this link.

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