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To focus on a man’s talk (called a “sermon”) rather than on Christ’s presence is to settle for a 2nd-hand account instead of a 1st-hand experience.

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2 pods about church without sermons

Here are two podcasts about how God will break out of the traditional church mold (if we let Him). He stopped the sermon. Hear how a church in Nashville, Tennessee has been meeting for 8 1/2 years without a sermon. … Continue reading

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The Right Way To Have Church

Is there only one, correct way of doing church?  Sometimes it seems so. For five hundred years there has basically been only one, right way of doing church. Regardless of denomination or doctrine, church has almost universally contained a central, … Continue reading

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Real Church = The Real God, Real Power, His Real Presence Through Real People

Do we go to church to be taught a religious lesson . . . or to encounter and surrender to God’s presence?  A listening mind can learn lessons about God; but it takes a hungry heart to head wholeheartedly into … Continue reading

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Good Sermon Or Burning Words?

When people hear a sermon they often go up to the preacher and say:  “Good message,” or “Good sermon.”  However when the early disciples heard the word, they said:  “Didn’t his words burn in our hearts!” When Peter preached on … Continue reading

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3 Questions For The American Church

1:  Which set of words bests describes a typical American church service: A) Lesson, lecture, liturgy, program, study about God, sermon, ritual, religion, boring, dull, routine, passive, solemn, humanly controlled; or B) Experience, encounter, presence of God, demonstration, manifestation, awe, … Continue reading

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The Voice! Hearing It Transforms Your Life

Have you heard The Voice? The Prince of Peace said: “My sheep hear My Voice.” Listen . . . Hearing Jesus Personally speak to you Is life transforming. I once asked God why He spoke to people in Bible times … Continue reading

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