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John Doe Ministries (Is that biblical?)

Why do some ministers (even some God-anointed preacher’s and teachers) name “ministries” for themselves? That common practice in modern-day independent ministry doesn’t appear to be biblical. I can’t find an “Apostle Paul Ministries” or a “Philip the Evangelist Ministries” or even a … Continue reading

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What does the contemporary American church have that the early church in the Book of Acts didn’t have? Here are some possibilities . . . Christian tradition, ministries that people named with their own name, hierarchy, money, church buildings, self-confidence, freedom, one person in control of a church, denominations, laymen, the separation of life into sacred and secular, Bible schools and seminaries, conferences, religious TV networks, televangelists, tax-free status, clergy, a high level of organization, the fear of witnessing to others. Can you think of more things that we have that the early church didn’t have?

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