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Football players celebrate in their struggles, Christians can, too.

Early Christians, like football players, knew how to find joy in the middle of struggles and pain. They knew how to celebrate! Sometimes God just wants us to get our ego, our traditions, and our stuff out of His way … Continue reading

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Did Jesus establish a democratic *Theocracy?

I believe that what we call church was originally intended to be a democratic *Theocracy — an organic body of Jesus’ disciples, ruled and led directly by the living, resurrected Jesus. Jesus established it by saying, “On this rock (of … Continue reading

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Letting Heaven’s culture freely flow

Jesus revealed Heaven’s culture. His disciples wrote it down. Now let’s follow the risen Jesus & the Bible and daily live it out! Son-gazing will release God’s flow. (Hebrews 12:2) It’s not enough to be in the know. We also … Continue reading

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got a clear conscience?

got a clear conscience?  Without one life’s a pain. got forgiveness?  Guilt will tilt and wilt your soul. Want forgiveness and a clear conscience? The living, resurrected Jesus Christ is standing by, waiting to forgive you, if you will turn … Continue reading

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If we allowed the living God to do whatever He wants to do (this is called the kingdom of God) would He change the way we do church meetings or would He simply stick with the routine of our bulletin, “order of worship,” and program?

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